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    fatboyOGOF Well-Known Member

    no. my lightest run was 1.5 oz. i was taking 10 capsules to get high. that's 7 too many. :)

    Kimb New Member


    Kimb New Member

    I loved the results of the canna butter from my MB2e machine but I'm going to try your quick wash for tincture………for real? Sounds 2 good to be true but I thought the same of the MB2e. Has to be more….no lecithin and the alcohol / MMJ mixture doesn't need to sit a while?

    nickers Active Member

    Does useing this Machine smell?, I do all my work in mason jars to not have the smell in house....

    Jayt0625 New Member

    Just received my MB2 machine (and my 4-bag set of bubble bags too-hee her!) so when I get home in a couple hours I'm gonna try to make some oil using coconut oil, lecithin powder and use a high amount of old trim, popcorn buds, etc that I have left over that ain't good enough to smoke and vape so gonna try using that for my first experiment. After I get my oil I am gonna just try some brownies and see how it goes. Also thinking after that I may try some glycerin tincture too. Anyone having good luck with vaping the glycerin tincture in a sub ohm tank and box mod? I would love to be able to vape discretely if possible. Not looking to get "stoned" but a nice mellow high would be great. I have ADHD and medicating with cannabis is far better than any of the pharmaceutical drugs they are giving me and way cheaper!!!
    Vermont Sarge

    Vermont Sarge Active Member

    Let me know how you liked the MB2 machine as I've been also thinking of buying one. I currently use The Little Dipper Warmer to make my coconut canna oil.

    cbdprospector Active Member

    It's true. Once the decarb in the oven is done, your weed is ready so just a quick wash of alcohol and the tincture is ready.

    I've taken this a bit further and have been reducing to oil and add a small amount of coconut oil to make a sublingual mixture. 4 drops under the tongue and I'm good within minute.

    I do use lecithin and premix it using MB2e

    Slimjimham Well-Known Member

    I love mine, was just reading to see if anyone had any new and exciting recipes for this machine... I usually just make infused coconut oil but interested in making soups/salsa and whatever else... I didnt see the $25 off coupon link posted here, and we all know sticker price is sucker price ha
    ^$25 off link to the magical butter machine

    anyone have any good vegetarian soup or other recipes for this that aren't listed on their website?

    Mr.505 New Member

    I made my 1st batch of CannaButter with my MB2 machine and it was wonderful. I would like to make chocolate bars so is it better to use Coconut infused oil or is butter OK??

    mason-aussie-green New Member

    For anyone who is stuck with getting a magical butter machine in Australia like I was - just visit the link at the bottom. They stock the 240V with the Australian Plug. Got mine in two days - works a treat. Already made some butter and now the wifey wants to make her hemp face cream. Still new with the machine and testing different recipes. Getting my recipes from here - does anyone have any other sources for recipes?
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    bubblenut Well-Known Member

    Mate I picked mine up yesterday. After googleing where to get in Australia, turns out they sell them 40klms up the road from me in Rockhampton Qld. I made first batch of brownies lastnight out of 14grams of trim and 7 grams heads. Killer ass shit!

    mason-aussie-green New Member

    Sweet as bro - I used some of the local bubble gum and got an awesome batch as well. I made some cake on the weekend and had a wicked tea party with some of our mates haha. I also found another place that sells them cheaper now as my brother wants one too - They're at The Hippie House for $240 -
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    bubblenut Well-Known Member

    Yeah mate! Tea party, nice 1s! Got mine from The Happy Herb in Rockhampton Qld. Im gonna make some 8 hr tincture then reduce to oil in a rice cooker next run. Cook it right down, nice n thick like tree sap then dot on top of cones! Should = blasted.....

    bubblenut Well-Known Member

    Magical Butter Users United is a facebook group dedicated to the cause n you can find hints and tricks plus tonnes of recipe ideas!

    Michiganjesse Well-Known Member

    No heat 180% for about 90 min is what I do. Works great my edibles kick butt

    billybee New Member

    I know for cannabutter using the mb2e it says cook for 2 hours at 160. Is there a benefit to cook for 8 hours at 160

    Michiganjesse Well-Known Member

    They say the longer you run it the more is extracted but i don't know for sure my way works and I'm not sitting over the stove for 8 hours stoned lol

    S&J New Member

    I have had the MB2 for 6 months now and absolutely love this mechine as I love edibles. I have made tinctures, brownies, banana bread, canna sugar from tin, canna coconut oil etc...make the bases of cannabutter, canna oil, tinctures and u can infuse anything...

    just a couple of things I have implemented not the MB2 I thnk r a must to get good potent results. First use bud not trim..u can use trim but I find bud is better. 2nd Yes decarb ur flower, even manufacturer suggest doing this to activate the THC and get the most out of ur flower. Don't just rely on the mechines to do this trust me it better to decarb first. Now if ur making cannabis coconut oil use no less than 20g per 2 cups oil. First put coconut oil in mechine with recommend lecthin no flower yet, then turn on machine to lower heat and cook for 20-30min...then add flower to oil and lecithin mixture and cook for 4 hrs or 8 hrs option..... and oh boy be careful eating ur edibles...I use 25g-28g for my MB2! Use this method and u won't go wrong...oh one last thing u gotta use a strain that has a higher THC level for body high.One brownie bite take 30-45min on empty stomach to kick in and gd for 3-4 hrs...I put tinctures in peach tea and sip on it for 30min and gd for hrs...u gotta get an MB2 that's all I can say
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    TedeBoy Well-Known Member

    I have success without heating the oil and lecithin first. Why heat them first?
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    S&J New Member

    I don't understand the science behind it but I got this recipe from a very experienced cook who says that the potency increases if you do this first... yes I believe you're okay with not doing this first but it seems like the last four or five times that I have done this ive got more out of my infusions.
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