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    cbdprospector Active Member

    I see where on these posts people are decarb'ng before using the MB2. Is is that you don't trust the decarb function built into the machine? ...because I don't.

    It's my understanding that you need to decarb at 240f for at least 20 mins to fully remove the acid. Since boiling point on alcohol (what I use) is at 160f, I use that setting for 8 hours. Then I transfer it to an induction burner at 240 until it reduces. It works for me!
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    Texas(THC) Well-Known Member

    fuck mb2 they make it seem like they have the decarb cycle covered but they don't

    @cbdprospector unless you want a chlorophyll rich alcohol than there are much better ways of making a tincture than the mb2

    cbdprospector Active Member

    I agree, I really think the MB2 decarb is off. I use 190 proof grain and at a 160f boiling point - it's not enough to decarb properly. The only place where we differ on opinion is the way I want my tincture. I want the whole plant - well all the plant that is covered with sticky trichomes! I properly cure my medicine before processing to eliminate the chlorophyll, but I do use the whole plant material to maximize the entourage effect of my CBD rich strain. It works well on my dad with ALS, it has stopped his downward progression and actually has increased his hand dexterity - unheard of in ALS patients.... and he is 2 years into the 3 years his docs gave him to live.
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    Lysemith, Lowkey

    Lysemith, Lowkey Well-Known Member

    You must tell me more about your weed mead! I've been doing stuff like this for years but haven't got a good soft alcohol recipe.

    Texas(THC) Well-Known Member

    have you ever tried a frozen quick wash method (qwet)?
    and decarbed your oil over a double boiler?
    this is the best way, next to a natural decarb

    you would be able to accomplish everything you are already doing but with a more efficient decarb process and less degredation

    pm me if you want a walk through
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    Slimjimham Well-Known Member

    THIS THING IS THE SHIT, made 80 strong ass cookies off 1 oz trim

    Here's the link they sent me so my homies could get $25 off

    This thing has by far been my best purchase of the year

    TedeBoy Well-Known Member

    My MB2 is on the way and my harvest is soon. From what I've gathered this is true?

    Decarb first in oven when making FECO (cannabis oil extracted with grain alcohol) or other oils and tinctures to be ingested straight from the MB2.

    Decarb will take place during the cooking of baked goods with infused coconut oil so no need to pre-Decarb.

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    Slimjimham Well-Known Member

    Just saw this, decarb in reynolds Turkey bag sealed up in the oven at 250° for 30 min. Its like the keurig for making butter/oil/tincture. It's that easy! And everyone says the edibles I gave them are the strongest they've had.

    As always start slow if you don't know the dose yet, you can always eat more ha no going back.

    That's why I love this machine I know the ratios for me, 2 cups coconut oil with 4z sugarleaf trim (from trim machine) makes 320 strong edibles, 80 per half cup (each half cup is infused with 1z trim)

    So if I just want to just make 20 edibles I just use 1 ounce of infused coconut oil and the rest of whatever the recipe calls for in pain coconut oil to "water it down"

    If you don't already have one, I'm sure Ted can vouch, its legit.
    ^$25 off link they sent me after I bought one for my buddies

    If you use the link they send me rewards too, but either way I paid retail and wish I'd seen a coupon first

    Doobius1 Well-Known Member

    Save your money. Dont buy one of these. Mine sits in a closet and my crockpot is the star edible maker in my kitchen....not this thing.
    Quit PMing me slim jim the MB schill. Its damn obvious you work for them.
    Every time you bump one of these threads...I will be here with a real ripped off users opinion. DONT BUY A MAGICAL BUTTER!
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    fatboyOGOF Well-Known Member

    I've made a few batches of oil with the MB2 and I highly recommend it. you should decarb in the oven first. some people like to watch over a stove for 12 hours, some don't.

    i never would have made oil without the MB2. 2 caps and i'm good, 3 i'm high and 4 i'm thinking, SHIT, i should have only taken 3.
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    Slimjimham Well-Known Member

    Just seeing that now, I definitely don't work for them... But think what you like. And it's funny you have bad experiences with this yet others agree it works great and is super convenient.

    It's put your stuff in and push a button. Not sure how you screwed that up but don't accuse me of anything just because you clearly can't figure out a simple process.

    I never get into lame sidetracked arguments on here so sorry to everyone

    obeyposse_ New Member

    Hello every one!
    So ive been wanting a MB for way to long now.. living in the LONE STAR STATE, its difficult to commit to this machine unless you are willing to "invest" in the right dank to get this whole process going.. however I have just purchased one!
    Now I need some help from every one here who is way ahead of the game...
    First, I also own a volcano.. should i just vape untill i have the amount needed? or a quick run in the oven will yield a more potent product..?
    Ive seen a video or two where people throw about 10gs in with a cup or two of everclear for tinictures.. what are your thoughts or two cents on that?

    Also the biggest part.. can you guys help me with making small runs..?
    i.e(10-15 gs) max runs + whatever amount of coconut oil or everclear needed on the MB .. Being from htown and having all dank "taxed" its difficult to get full zips on the daily... so i try to just keep around 15gs at all times..
    but in all i will not ever be doing any more that 1ozof total bud at any time because im college kid poor.

    please any tips trick and helpful advise on these needs or any to a first time MB user and oil maker.. lol Wish me luck!
    looking forward to your replys!

    obeyposse_ New Member

    Have you ever tried a light run on the MB? any thing under on OZ?

    cbdprospector Active Member

    Hi there,
    Being that the MB needs a minimum amount of liquid to run. I would use 190 proof ethyl alcohol fill to the minimum level then reduce the mixture to a level that works for you. I use 1gram per 10ml, so in that scenario 15g would make 150ml of tincture.

    DECARB FIRST! Alcohol can only take a 160 degree setting, it's not enough to fully activate the cannabis.

    obeyposse_ New Member

    thanks for the info!
    so its really as simple as
    1. load 10mL of 190 (190 proof ethyl alchohol) to every 1gram of bud till you reach fill line
    2. set it for the tinicture setting
    3. strain
    4.use under tounge/on top of food/ in vapes?

    also check out this video and guide.. what do you guys think from using this...
    10gs for 2 cups? sounds potent or not.? lol

    cbdprospector Active Member

    You have to use a minimum of 16oz of liquid to process in the MB machine. So in your case, you would have to process with 16oz (480ml), strain, then reduce the final mixture down to 150ml. There will be a reduction in the alcohol from the heat of the processing itself (set it to 160 degrees), but you will have to reduce it some more.

    As for uses, 190 proof under the tongue feels like sulfuric acid under the tongue and I've never had it work that well like that at all. it's wont vape, the alcohol wont let it. You can put it on foods, sure! What I do is measure out an ML or 2 and squirt it in apple juice and down it.

    Understand it will take up to an hour to come on, so don't make the mistake of taking more until you have given it time to kick in. The buzz you get can last 4-6 hours.

    obeyposse_ New Member

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    cbdprospector Active Member

    As for the video, that's how you do it....except. 160 degrees for 4 hours is not enough - in my experience - to fully decarb (activate the THC) the weed. This is why you need to decarb your weed in an oven (I use a sous vide cooker). Secondly, for 480ml (2 cups) of alcohol I would use more like 48 grams. You can use 10 grams, but it will be that much weaker.

    To reduce is to boil down the alcohol until it reaches the reduction you are looking for.

    Never ingest PG.

    To make it in glycerin is a separate procedure and glycerin, coconut oil, etc.. will not reduce, so you will need the right amount of weed before you start the machine.


    Honestly, I don't really use my machine for tincture. I used to, but only when I wanted to include the plant material for a "whole plant tincture". I now have incorporated the quick wash method to make a good tincture. I know you bought the MB machine, but to make a clean potent small run is as easy as:

    1: Decarb your weed
    2: Crush it up and put it in a small jar
    3: Pour the measured amount of alcohol and shake the jar
    4: Strain through a coffee filter and enjoy.

    Kimb New Member

    I just bought a MB2e from the MB co., not ebay or amazon. It didn't cost much more to buy it from the source and have a warranty in case something goes wrong. I keep reading that folks don't think the decarb function is very good. If you got the same manual I did, it tells you to decarb in a covered dish for 25-30 min before putting the ingredients in the machine, after cooling it off. They even tell u the refrigerator or freezer will speed up the cooling process. How can y'all miss the instructions on lecithin? It recommends sunflower, rice, or soy lecithin to make butter or oil. 1 tablespoon added to your mix whether you're making the min. or max. amt. of product. Use granules,powder or liquid form, just not capsules (too much other crap in those). Also, it reads; for best results, DO NOT PRE-GRIND BOTANICALS. I used some stuff I had that had a lot of powder and so I can tell you that stuff doesn't get stirred in the machine enough and can scorch, especially if u extend your cook time for stronger product. Lesson learned here!

    Kimb New Member

    I researched it and I wouldn't buy the magical butter either. The original was too small and too good to believe. I don't work for them either! I'm an old disabled, retired zookeeper who just bought the Magical Butter 2e which they've wk'd the bugs out except the decarb process which they own up to in their manual and explain how to easily do it. I used a corning ware dish w/ lid and it worked great! Have u tried the MB2e or are u just being a dick because this co. has made the process of making cannabis products easier? W/ my arthritis, it's a god send. My only problem is getting all the product squeezed out of the filter w/ my weak hands. Where'd you buy yours? If u bought it from amazon or ebay, you probably got ripped off by an unscrupulous individual and the co. won't refund your $. That's life on the internet, eh? Some of us are truly medicating, not just getting high.IGNORE GRUMPELLA, FIND A $20 - $25 OFF DEAL FROM THE CO. itself and buy it ! It's awesome!
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