Making Tincture with Medshed - 2013 Recipe


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lol...I am finding that out :) Been here for over 2 years and never ventured to the other state patient areas. Killer info here too


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If you have no experience with edibles I'd recommend starting with 3 drops and work your way up from there. If you are familiar with edible dosing then a dropper full is about 100 mg THC so use that as your guide. There are about 20 drops per dropper.


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I'm back to utilizing tinctures. Sadly, I only had 4g of high CBD bubble left, so I picked up 12g of....... trash hash from a 220 bag. Lol no kidding, I mixed the two together and made a 3 fl oz batch. It's very tasty and potent.

Also, on the subject of the leftover goo, I've been stuffing it into 00 capsules. I take a couple through the night.... otherwise the back wakes me up every time I roll over. I took one during the day and was pretty drowsy.... I wonder it it has a CBN boost from the process. I should get some tested sometime.


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if 95% ethanol is saturated at 27.4 mg/ml how are you dissolving 3 times that into glycerine(a horrible solvent) which only holds at most 50% with the cat scientific homogenizer keeping a stable solution. normally it holds about 30% of its weight
if its not in solution it won't be absorbed sublingually

to anyone else, you should just watch it decarb over a double boil, also that graph has been deemed inaccurate by the good folks at ncbi.. these processes are non linear. the lower temp you smoke or decarb the more efficient.
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when decarbed at 500(your lighter) 50% or so makes it as intact thc when decarbed at 210 70% makes it..when decarbed at 170 something like 81% when decarbed without heat its in the low 90's/high 80' that point light and air oxidation will play a factor and limit you, also decarbing will never give a 100% return as the cooh group is missing..
thca converts to active thc now a smaller molecule, the rest is degraded to delta 8 and to a lesser extent some cbn is formed...
A natural decarb at room temp about 26°c will take about 4 will lower exponentially based on its half life of 35 days..


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I am gonna give this a try for my mother Med. I know its been here forever but thanks for posting it


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