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    I just received my order from cannapot (first time ordering from them). I ordered Grand Daddy Bay Dream seeds but received Grand Daddy Purp seeds (which I already have). I emailed them letting them know and they replied saying it was a mistake in packaging and said they are more expensive than bay dream and if I would like to keep them that it would be okay with them and asked if that was okay with me. I replied letting them know I would like the Bay Dream seeds as I already have and don't need anymore gdp, so we will see what they say. Hopefully they will send out the correct seeds as I was looking forward to the Bay Dream.

    Frajola Well-Known Member

    Got it Stay away from seedsupreme. Thanks

    justataylor Active Member

    What do you think about Nirvana guys? Currently growing something from them, has anyone ever had bad experiences with them?
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    Frajola Well-Known Member

    Never dealt w then but never heard anything bad about Nirvana. I got a order from Herbies and came out nice no probl, but they r in the original package still. Next grow.:leaf:
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    memnoch Well-Known Member

    I've grown ak 48, chrystal, blackberry. And all there free seeds. So far ive had good luck. 1463708298127.jpg
    The one on the right is chrystal been keeping he as a mother for years now. She still hasn't lost her vigger. And here is an ak 48
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    Woyaboy Well-Known Member

    I know this is OLD but I can't stop laughing at this dude's paranoia that you were answering to. Haha. 2 posts here on RIU and thinks his mails being tampered with! I'm dying over here rn.

    Orangeeye Member

    Hi guys im thinking of growing some Granddaddy purple but am not sure from where i should order them since im in Europe. Could any body give me some kind of info about growing the strain and where they got it from. I'm only interested in feminzed seeds.

    breadboy Active Member

    Got most my genetics through southern Oregon seeds bank this year- love em. Got the rather extensive order in full within two weeks, and they had many specific seeds that were sold out on all the bigger seed bank websites... like archive seeds 'grape smugglers' and 'Oregon lemons.'
    They also had the 'blueberry fuel' from sour seeds that I was searching for.... They stoked me out big time.

    Fuck Cannazone... they ignored me after charging my credit card and not sending my seeds (pending shipment, by their own admission) for over a month and a half. Finally called them to let em know I filed fraud charges against them with my credit card company... then they finally sent my shit, but didn't give me what I had ordered, cause it took so long they were sold out of almost everything I had picked by the time they shipped it. Screw Cannazone.
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    Grenier5413 Well-Known Member

    Anyone use attitude this year for auto. I got eight auto three different strains mostly Dutch passion and they where all a flop. Very small and low yield. The only decent one was ak from blimburn auto. And that still only gave a little over a quarter. And all my Dutch passion purple number one photos are stretching like a bastard.

    thewanderingjack Well-Known Member

    Overall, how do you guys feel about the pricing?

    To me, it seems ridiculously high ($5-$15 per seed).

    I appreciate the relative "guarantee" of quality and all that, but considering how many seeds one plant can produce... seems like a business to get into ;-).
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    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    If you live in the U.S., it's absolutely crazy to buy seeds from out of the country anymore. There are numerous resellers located around that will ship reliably, and at reasonable prices. I just got an order in 5 days, priority mail, you can't beat that!

    I'd like to mention as one of them.....
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    pin head

    pin head Well-Known Member


    Seeds Here Now are friends of mine. Real nice folks. I second that for sure.

    It is def NOT necessary to deal with customs when acquiring cannabis seeds in the USA anymore. Sux for anyone that is still dealing with attitude, etc and doesn't realize it..

    What was the name of that song by again? :bigjoint::leaf:

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    GroDank101 Well-Known Member

    I grew a fem chronic x nl and got seeds with it somehow, but it was dank. Now I'm thinking about growing those seeds. Are the seeds going to be fems, and will they be worth growing? Will they all be the same phenotype?

    Same thing goes for my Durban poison from reserva privada. Wondering if the seeds will turn out as good as the original plants.

    Budddha Well-Known Member

    I've order gdp seeds from herbies. I don't think grand daddy purple offers fem seeds. If you get them make sure that the packaging is original. If it does not have the original packaging they're probably fem seeds they made themselves.

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    For GroDank, the seeds will be fem's but more than likely hermie plants again. They will have more pheno's out of them, but it's too long and difficult to explain why and it's been written about 1000X. And, more than likely, the quality will be poorer than the original plants. Sorry for the bad news.......

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    And Buddha is correct, no fem seeds on GDP........

    bartow Well-Known Member

    I got tired of paying prices like that so one month I left a male in the flowering tent made my own. There are enough seeds to last me the rest of my life except that they stop sprouting after about 5 years. Of course I like the strain.
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    sgrowdum Well-Known Member

    can anyone recommend a great seed bank in the US? im tired of dealing with customs.
    Dark dive

    Dark dive Member

    What happened with you and customs. I didn't know you could order seeds in the U.S. Until I started reading this thread.

    Grenier5413 Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for some Redbeard seeds if anyone knows.

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