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    sgrowdum Well-Known Member

    Just the usual BS. Sometimes they would get caught up and the breeder would tell me "sucks for you" I don't know why it has taken me so long to realize you can just buy domestic..
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    Pig4buzz Well-Known Member

    Anyone know of a bank with gorilla glue seems other than elve8. Thanks

    facelessFFS Well-Known Member

    There is a gorilla glue auto but I think gorilla glue is a clone only strain? Might be wrong

    facelessFFS Well-Known Member

    Fast buds I think do the auto

    Pig4buzz Well-Known Member

    Gg seed can be feminized seeds.

    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    chk doc's dank
    I think he's working with some gg crosses
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    Pig4buzz Well-Known Member

    Yeah got a couple of glueX from doc Would love to get hand full of true fem gg4 from a good clone.

    MauieWoowie Well-Known Member

    Does anyone has experience ordering from Nirvana website but into country where marijuana seeds are considered illegal? They have options of sending seeds in some toy like souvenirs and i am very tempted to try.
    gold lion

    gold lion Well-Known Member

    anybody know if all mephisto genetics seeds are auto/feminized? about to order some but there's literally no information on the seeds, from what i gather on their site they should be auto/fem but doesn't come out and say it anywhere lol

    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

    gold lion

    gold lion Well-Known Member

    are all autoflowering seeds feminized? i guess that's part of my confusion.

    dargd1 Well-Known Member

    I ordered seeds from Crop King: they don't have a large selection but they are good to deal with. I received seeds in about 6 days. So far all seeds I ordered from them germinated in just over 24 hours after soaking. 3 strains: White Widow, Crown Royal and Purple Kush all Fem. All plants from their seeds are doing very well so far. They also sent me 2 extra seeds of each strain I ordered free, which was nice; my order was very small. only 15 seeds total. So the extra free seeds were nice.
    Additionally I ordered 3 different strains from MSNL I will update if and when I get the seeds. When I ordered seeds from MSNL, I received items shipped with tracking in less than 24 hours.
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    gold lion

    gold lion Well-Known Member

    ordered from herbies: 2.5 weeks and still on their way or held up w/customs
    ordered from seeds here now: took like 4 days to get here lol

    Mullumbimby Well-Known Member

    I'm in Australia, where lots of buyers seem to have struggled with seeds not arriving.
    Someone I know locally, who ordered some illicit goods from overseas (not seeds), had his shipment intercepted by 'Border Force', which used to be called 'Customs', until the recent paranoia. They sent him a nice note telling him that they were going to hang on to his stuff and no further action ensued.
    I ordered some seeds from ILGM and nothing happened, after three months and a few notes back and forth, they have agreed to a refund but again - no action. Not a word from Bastard Farce either :/ so I don't think anything was intercepted.
    Placed an order with Midweek Song for some feminised White Widow x Big Bud and they sent me a beautiful, discreet parcel and everything is going well. Half-a-dozen freebies too, which I was able to select from a shortlist.
    If I ever get my refund from ILGM, I'll let you know, but I'm not holding my breath.
    So, after a bit of a false start, I'm a happy Aussie and three cheers to MWS.
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    GardenOrganics Active Member

    archive seed bank

    maxamus1 Well-Known Member

    While I agree with you for the most part the US seed banks don't carry some of the brands I like, so yes UK seed banks are still needed.

    brake New Member

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    mackey Well-Known Member

    To illegal states?

    maxamus1 Well-Known Member

    Why does it mater if the states at legal or illegal? Most domestic seed banks will ship anywhere in the us so. Do you know of any domestic seed banks that sell white label or sensi? Nope I don't and I've been looking. So until domestic seed banks start carrying all brands foreign and domestic people will still buy from foreign seed banks.
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    mackey Well-Known Member

    Just want some good autos quickly, moving & don't want to order after I move. Any recommendations.

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