Mars Hydro 2020 Black Friday Giveaway starts now

PJ Diaz

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Dear RIU Growers.

This giveaway are available for all the RIU Mars Hydro growers and Non-Mars Hydro Growers who are interested in Mars Hydro. Good Luck for your guys, and happy growing:hug::hug::leaf::leaf::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed:

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I'm not interested in this giveaway, but thank you anyway.

Mellow old School

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Well ok,



TS 1000 would be grand

What time does it end today, hence time difference, in China its now 17.58 afternoon.

Here eg. 10.58 in the morning, just to clarify:)


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Let's congratulations the 4th coupon lucky winner of $50 coupon @evergreengardener lucky number is 6326 please DM us for using!
Coupon validity period: 2020 Nov 27-30th


Like, Share and Comment this post ! the 4th coupon winner will picked up later which hope it is good for you guys to use them on time.
Mars Hydro 2020 Black Friday Sale has started,check here to buy
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PS: Don't forget Mars Black Friday Giveaway is still going on, good luck to win free TS600 full grow kits


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Entering the #MarsHydroBlackFriday giveaway! The ts1000 is my favorite so far.. I have a friend smashing it in a 3x3 with one! I'm running hps at the moment and hope I can switch soon!

I'm in USA and my number is 7295