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    bongface Member

    These are the kinds of plant food I've used my whole life. I'm only 19 but whenever my mom would plant stuff she'd use Miracle Gro. That said, I was wondering if this would be okay for certain types of strains, or if it would work for all strains. I'm planning a relatively small (five seeds to start) indoor grow, and I've already planned out most of it. The only concerns I have are related to nutrient problems, like what types work the best to get a high yield. So, is Miracle Gro a good choice for the cultivation of mj (not medical grade)?

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    yeah i use Miracle Grow its pretty strong for cannabis, but i would use 1 teaspoon of the MG fertz, but im more go for organic blood meal, bone meal that made by MG its powder stuff...and the organic fertilizer that works well for cannabis grow that most stores will sell is alaska fish 5-1-1.


    Motherhugger Well-Known Member

    Dear god no. Don't use Miracle Gro. Ever. It's for potted plants, not designed for MMJ AT ALL.

    Instead, make sure you pick up a nutrient lineup that is specifically designed for MMJ.

    Personally, I use the Expert Grower Bundle from Advanced Nutrients.

    Sensi Grow/Bloom A&B
    Voodoo Juice
    Big Bud
    Bud Candy
    Final Phase

    You have to use the nutrients together for the best results because they are specifically designed for growing and working with each other. While I've certainly forgotten a nute here and there, there's a dramatic difference between growing with everything and half-assing it. LOL

    Good luck - and get away from MG. It sucks. And anyone who says it's good for MMJ is lying, or just doesn't have the right information. I'd bet a million dollars that any MMJ provider in the healthcare system isn't using MG.

    boneheadbob Well-Known Member

    MG works great. It has the same nutes and micro nutes that everything else has. The only difference is the buffers and salts that make up the rest.

    Many Cannabis strains dont need a lot of nutes, manty people overfeed them and a lot of their money goes to waste, Use MG sparingly at first, The green liquid in the yellow bottle works great. I think its 12-4-6

    Good luck!!
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    laserbrn Well-Known Member

    Man, the guy at your hydro store must have seen you coming.
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    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    420 001.jpg

    ^^^ that i used with MG fertz...its pretty good enuff for me :D


    KushDog Active Member

    If you use any kind of nutents Wrong , you will not have good smoke, most people that have bad luck with MG are first time grows and give the plants way to much fertlizer (if there ferts costed %100 more, wicth is how much name brand bottle nutes cost), they would not over feed them, I have used MG products with great tasting resalts.....
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    KushDog Active Member

    look for there african violet 7-7-7. it will help your cannabis plants thrive in the veg phase. for bloom look for there 15-30-15, use it at a mixture of 2 - 2.5ML per gallon 6.2ph h20. keep them healthy and then FLUSH the medium with Ph'ed water for the last 2 - 3 weeks depending on strain, the longer the flower time the longer the flush.
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    jockey673 Member

    hey i use MG M0ISTURE C0NTR0L i put them in as seedlings n never had t0 adjust anything ph stays at 7-6.8 always and im fl0wering n0w shits g00d paid 8 bucks f0r 2 big bags

    brimck325 Well-Known Member

    go to home depot, look for espoma brand in garden section. bloodmeal, bonemeal, greensand are all there.way better for you then mg.....peace

    growgreengrow Member

    avoid MG - too hot and not growth phase specific. and the AN is not a lot of bang for your buck. i know a few guys that are using "growology" and are happy. it's water soluble fertilizer - good nutrient ratios, huge bang for your buck and easy.

    CanBud Well-Known Member

    I used it in the beginning of my first outdoor grow and it worked very well, not saying its superb but the plants grew like mo fo's!

    bamfrivet Well-Known Member

    I use MG Seed Starter Soil. It's great for seedlings. I've never had a problem with a seedling it in. I used MG soil for a while. It's great for growing MJ, you just have to watch how often you water since the nutrients are water soluble. The MG all purpose fertilizer is fine for fertilizing, as long as your not using an organic soil. You can also use the powder nutrients that you mix up as a foiler spray. I recently am trying my hand out with organic soils, just so I have a little more control over what I have in the soil, mostly for learning purposes.

    lime73 Weed Modifier

    It depends on who is using it? :-P Yah I use Mg ... avatar too!:leaf:
    109.jpg 036.jpg 056.jpg 047.jpg 068.jpg 096.jpg
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    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    My only real beef with Miracle-Gro is that the nitrogen comes from urea, which the plant has to break down to ammoniac nitrogen. I would advise using no ammoniac or urea ferts at all for the last two weeks or more of the plant's flowering phase. These two forms of reduced nitrogen can and do get stored in green plant matter ... this could easily acount for tales of harshness and crackly burn in the finished bud. cn
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    aftershock Active Member

    Im a noob at this, but heres 2 cents for you. I used miracle gro for tomatoes and MG bloom booster on a purple arrow in soil with cfls. one month veg, 46 day flower and got 1/4 oz. of smokeable bud. Nothing to write home about. Ive ordered fox farms and techno flora, so trying them next. Im in a perpetual grow so I'll finish out those flowering with miracle grow....see which strains I like, then figure out which nutes ,they like. Oh....and I've been using MG full strength, every other watering.

    Tonedef1 Well-Known Member

    I have used diluted MG in soil and it's OK for growing, if that's all you have access to. For hydroponics I tend to use Hydrotek's line. Low priced and great results.
    Bonzo Mendoza

    Bonzo Mendoza New Member

    MGQS seems to be working great for me right now - just started flowering 16 square feet of canopy.

    I use half recommended dosage and mix it with a haalf ounce of kelp extract and a table spoon of corn syrup (all in one gallon of distilled water - I pay 25 cents per gallon for the H20. Pot garden looks great now - no problems. I used to have all kinds of funny looking sick leaves - now everything is green and nice and the flowers are blooming.

    grapesnowcone Well-Known Member

    i agree with the person who said alaska fish emulsion 5-1-1, alaska also makes a 0-10-10 fertilizer for flowering, not sure if its organic or not.. Could someone shed some light on this for me?

    GetNice Active Member

    Thanks for looking. Attached are beautiful photos of what appears to be preflowers. I have learned from extensive research that this may be secondary growth, However these have been there for 3 weeks and have not grown like i would expect a new branch to develop. If you could or are sure, please give me some insight.


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