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Hello everyone.

I just joined and this is my first thread. This may have been discussed several times here for sure but I wanted your personal opinion and advice.
This is my first time trying to grow Cannabis. Attaching some pictures. I have very little knowledge that I gathered from the internet and managed to start growing the plant. This is my first time growing any plant for that matter. So I put some seeds into this pot as you can see, there are 5 plants growing in the pot.
Later I found two more rogue seeds lol and I got another pot and planted them in that one. But as you can see one of them has grown differently. Planted at the same time, it has grown faster. Its also wide and stem is thicker than the rest. These are just 2-3 weeks old. Do they look healthy? They seem very small. About 4 inches.
Another very important reason for this post is to know the sex of my plants. I have no clue. All of them look similar except for that one big one. Do I need to worry about separating them this early?
Also, Can I grow them this way ? like 4-5 in one pot? I intend to get more pots once they grow bigger. In pics, the first few ones (or the pot with only two cannabis plants) are of the pot with one 'differently' growing plant as I said before.
Both pots has unwanted grass and some random mini plants growing everywhere. They just grew automatically from the soil ! kindly ignore.
Please advice.

P.S. I apologize for the noob mistakes that I may have done that may look like cringe to the eyes of the experienced . ( if the pictures are unsatisfactory to determine the gender, let me know! )

Also, these are just random seeds that I collected from the weed I smoked last time. I thought Buds are from female plants, how does seed get in there, idk ! But I used it to grow. (Weed is illegal here and I take a risk growing these). It is commonly known as Ganja in my country. No clue what strain it is. Weed here is generally very bad quality because its done illegally and in hiding. (hanks to the dumb government, Liquor and pharma mafia) .Soil is just regular soil found here. The temperatures are usually high but since its already a hot country its about 28-30 degrees Celsius. Humidity is always high except for this time of the year. But its still about 70-75% rh. No Grow lights or anything of that sort. I keep them on the terrace and it gets good sunlight for 6 hours a day.

Although I started using this magical plant very recently( maybe a year or so), I'm convinced Cannabis is a gift of God. Helped me get over alcohol addiction and smoking. But since the drug bust of some bollywood celebs, scoring has become almost impossible these days. Hence, started growing but I'm a noob and don't know much. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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None of this will matter really soon. Growing more than one plant per container is ill advised.

Plus you have a bunch of other weeds growing in there as well.

I know this is your 1st time but what you have done is not going to work well.

It also seems you planted them is some kind of mud. Thats also not gonna work well.

Start over. Go to your local hardware store and get some organic potting soil and containers for each seed you plan to plant and start there.