Non-terrestrial vs. Alien vs. Indigenous Aliens

Bear with me on this approach. If what you say stands then maybe these 'non terrestrials' are just people that have a different view of the world. Just their own personal view that encloses all the outside stimuly. A totally sober view. Nothing major ufo like. Maybe they re just loyal, credible individuals that show us ways of just being, existing. Ways to survive, you know? It has nothing to do with money.

I really think that after all the various mainstreams and any kind of stream that takes your focus for too long, we re all the same. And thats where people lose their faith in this. Of course we re not the same..... in our choices that shape us.... BUT WE ARE, simply in what we are as a mechanical matter. Its the fixed levels of consciousness that keep you in a fixed state of mind. Something that i always avoided in my life.

Be open fellas. Open to the good through the bad. You just have to want it.. meaning BELIEVE in it. So you could say religions are like a training ground to believe in yourself. Truth hurts you just gotta accept the responsibility of yourself to the max. The max is all. All.... why not?

And one more thing... when you think you know it, it becomes something different. But its still/ all/ us. All is ourselves and in our heads ONLY. If you know this prior... many modern day problems become pointless and your soberness really counts. The whole comes from individual and its all part of life.

Now thats an alien behaviour in these terrestrial bulged up societies. I went all in with this, hope i wasnt tiring. All the best :peace:
Indeed, I am right there with you... I try to align my perspective on the "Good" side of things, it helps keep me calm and open. Time will tell and I hope we as a race are ready to join the others in our galaxy. Peace to you and thanks for the interesting responses. INDEED!