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    Hope it isn't that prefertalized Miracle grow, if it is I hope you got Goggles for the snap crackle.
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    That is true ...Lol

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    When watering autos in a 7 gal. Pot plants are (two weeks old ) I am only watering around stem do I need a run off from it like if I was watering a big plant in a 7 gal pot????

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    your weeds are amazing

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    The last time I used Canna soil products I only used the vega and flores.

    The folks I shared bud with, some friends some strangers, all liked the smoke very much and a few said it was the best they had in a long while.

    So my question is for Canna product users. Is there significant benefit in using more of the Canna product line?

    Indoor is all I have and I want to be cost effective and simple. No need to spend more for only minimal gain.

    I don't sell and no one knows it's my crop they smoke on the rare occasion I share. So
    as I'm the primary toker will adding more to my line up of nutes be worth the extra $$

    Thanks for your input.
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    Im using the Canna flores A and B in flower. I use Seasol power feed red in veg. Bloom cal/mag.

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    I mix one gallon of nutes at a time. I’m new and use the beginner 3 pack Advanced nutrients package. I know what people have said about what I use but I’m vested in it now. Anyway, how much molasses should I add to each gallon?

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    I've always used the fox farm trio for my soil and flora nova for my hydroponic. Recently have been using the flora nova in my soil, along with terpinator and some cal mag.
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    No - you are doing it right. Don't start fully saturating until the plant is larger. I water in a circle around the plant.
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    The fox farms trio works, but it's overpriced.
    You could do just as well (probably much better) with something like SeaGrow Bloom dry fert + DynaGro Protekt and a box of crab meal (top dressing). Costs about 1/3 as much as FF trio. Extra calmag not needed.

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    2.5 oz off that one sorry for that late response I needed to feed more and stronger lights

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    I'm setting this up now it's a 4x4x6.5 on its side with to 600 watt Bloomspect and 2 300 led 400 and something cfm exhaust fan and a 240 cfm fan a 240 intake fan 81°f during running hrs 18/6 off 76 humidity is high 70 ill add the dehumidifier today plus lights need to go up 6inches

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    I'm not really a no till guy, but since I switched to super soil I don't need liquid nutes for the most part. I do use nutes in early veg, but that's because I start from seeds and use a seed starting mix (no soil, no nutes).

    With the super soil and occasional use of worm casting tea, I'm making it all the way through flower without having to supplement.

    Not for everyone, but easy as sin once you mix up the soil, and that was with a mix I got from super soil. Much cheaper also.

    Again, I'm not anti-nute. I'm an accidental organic grower. If I saw a deficiency in week 4, I'd certainly feed, but I haven't. And it makes my life a lot simpler. I use SIP containers, and once a week or so I fill the res's with un-Ph'd water and some mammoth p. Then every 10 days to 2 weeks I'll top water with a tea. I also do ipm, but I'd do that either way.

    I go days at a time without even opening the tent (it has windows, and I have a security camera in there, so I get my fixes no matter).

    But even when I used FFOF, I could go to week 4 or 5 without nutes. They were getting what they needed from the soil.

    Just a thunk. Better soil, fewer nutes.

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    Go info do have a journal or a recipe for me I've been doing a lot of reading into that so far and need a little help I have this list but its a lot of stuff to type out Wonder if your list is this long??
    greg nr

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    I don't have a grow journal. I spread my grows out on the various breeder pages I grow as well as a mass group page.

    For the soil, I took the easy way out. I ordered a kit of amendments from and added it to my own peat, compost, and perlite.

    Basic proportions are 3 parts peat to 4 parts compost and 4 parts perlite (or whatever you want to use to aerate the soil).

    I got all the bulk from big box stores. Added the kit (which weighed about 50 pounds btw), and mixed it all up (and mixed, and mixed....).

    You could probably get all the mix ingredients much cheaper (they tell you whats in it), but my time was more important.

    Here is a pic of my current grow, ninja fruit, ~ day 28, 4 plants, 2 SIP containers, 3x3 tent, Quantum LED's......

    20171009_172159.jpg nf.JPG

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    Very nice looking girls ill search for that mass group page ad wrll
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    Day 28? Damn bro you’re on a roll! Looks great!
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    greg nr

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    Day 28 after the flip to 12/12. Not day 28 from the start.
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    That looks tasty. Where you get the seeds?

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    I got Nate's Strain I'm using Nova green, Fox farm tiger bloom, and Ez-bloom.
    20171021_230755.jpg 20171021_230727.jpg 20171021_230735.jpg 20171021_230656.jpg
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