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    is this Black Magic organic or contain miracle gro chemical formula nutes like their potting mix?

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    Cherry bomb and lsd
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    Cool bro. I mean Sativa or Indica? :bigjoint::bigjoint::bigjoint:

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    Lol sorry, the cherry bomb north americaindica and hawian sativa indica\sativa and lsd is indica hybrid mazasarif and skunk 1
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    Cool guy. Personl speaking, my favirote sativa.. lol lol :blsmoke::blsmoke:
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    I got hooked on Peters/ Jacks Classic decades ago. I rarely run full strength, 1/4tsp to 1/2 of 20 20 20 and then do that with bloom 10 30 20 couple weeks into flower. A few cups of the stuff will last an entire grow and cost a couple bucks. Grow literal pounds for pennies on the dollar compared to those watered down mixes.

    I like using mixes like Sunshine Mix #4 and add dolomite lime to the mix, and then top dress with lime again in flower usually about 4 weeks in otherwise your ph gets out of whack and your green plants go to hell fast a couple weeks after that.

    I know guys who use like 20 bottles of things like Fox Farms and get the same results. To each his own! I just like dumping a few cups of the nutes into my mixing drum and then watering them all down at once. Some strains are Nitrogen whores and gotta crank up the 20 20 20 mix a little during the middle of flower but I've really enjoyed how consistently so many strains grow together without plant needs varying much from pot to pot.
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    the plants need about 20 things but they can come in 2-20 bottles. in the usa there are lots of mixes that overlap with part a , b and more and i hear that in the Netherlands it's common to have everything separate. nutrients of the gods here has almost everything separate with some redundancy. having living soil tho can regulate availability of nutrients so your glutens can grow next to your skimpers for the most part. i like organic powders for a feed twice every 6 months type a grow, works best with amended soil but gives you little control and hard to flush
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    Check these nutrients out.


    Hydro-Gardens has been blending CHEM-GRO custom hydroponic nutrient formulas since 1965. We believe them to be the best and most accurate for each type of plant. Try it for yourself and see why we have been selling them for over 45 years.

    If your running chemicals its pretty much best to have the Nitrogen low, and add extra Potassium Nitrate, and Magnesium.

    Weed likes alot of Potassium. Almost 2:1 vs Nitrogen.

    Weed likes 20 on the Nitrogen, and 39 for Potassium. 20-20-39.

    4-20-39 SDS

    CHEM-GRO 4-20 HYDROPONIC 4-20-39
    Mixing Instructions for 100 gallons of water
    (For full strength working solution)
    For standard 12 week cycle (4-Veg & 8-Flower)

    4-20-39 Recipe 2017

    Designed for Hemp/Cannabis growing hydroponically

    How To Mix Chem-Gro Fertilizers
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    Boo this man! Boooooo

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    This may not be the right place and am not trying to hijack a thread. I'm having issues with botanicare pro soil line up. I have it set up with a circulation pump. Make sure everything is mixed thoroughly. Tweak ph to 6.3. But over a few days the ph starts to climb. It hasn't caused any obvious signs to the plants but must have an effect somewhere in the grow cycle. Any tips on how to keep her stable?

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    For Organic I like.

    Peruvian Seabird Guano.
    Both Veg, and Flowering formulas.
    Kelp Meal
    Calcitic/Dolimitic Lime
    Sphagum Moss

    Havent tried the Living Soil ( Coot Formula ). Sounds interesting though.
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    No humus? :roll:
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    Hey guys! So, allow me to begin, by stating that I've always been a "General Hydro" customer. Well, due to extenuating circumstances, I've been compelled to make the transition from "Hydroponics", to a soil. As ready as I am to embrace this new endeavor, I have been hesitant as to what nutrients I will be using. I'm running a perpetual harvest, with commercial productivity in mind. So, after some thorough research, and some recommendation from fellow growers In my area, I've decided to use the "Advanced Nutrients" (Sensi Grow-Bloom), as well as the entire "Hobbyist Bundle" Line. Im open to suggestion for supplements, as well as any other aspects that I may have overlooked. So, are these nutes a solid choice, or is there better choice that better coincides with my ultimate goal. Thanks guys and happy growing!!!

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    I use cutting edge solutions and love the results but thats my opinion and im sure others have theres
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    They're just another bottle company using fertilizers that you could get for cheaper on your own and putting their label on it. I'll be posting my updated intro to organics guide later it'll save you a ton of money and help with your learning curve into soil. I'll keep you posted friend.
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    Why not use @GreenleafNutrients megacrop ?? I am in no way working for them just using it ...I am a very happy customer with it it’s a All in one supplement u can even ask @whytewidow if u want even look up his grows on here or even on IG he is a very good grower and he uses it as well.. @MR.NICE.GUY.1990

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    Lets say your compost is swarming with fungus gnats and you want to cook it to kill them. Do you know if baking/heating the compost destroys the humic acid?
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    No humic acid is created by organic matter as it breaks down. Your compost will actually release humic acids into your soil as it breaks down and releases nutrients into your mix.

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