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    Gypsum and other rock dusts have trace amounts. Always wear a painters mask when dealing with rock dusts and mixing soils. You don't want to breathe in those particles.
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    This is late but..
    Great white / plant success/ og bio war /
    Whatever is local to you
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    much appreciated brother! this is a great community.
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    The very bottom little leaf is yellow and dried. What caused this? This is clackamas coot's recipe soil topped with bagged ewc and mulched with barley straw.

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    It's fine. That's the cotyledon. Those almost always yellow early on. When plants yellow over night, that's usually caused by the soil drying out.

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    Some AEM Bokashi thats drying

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    Where to get the ingredients

    Wheat bran or rice bran can be purchased at any co-op or grain/feed supply store. A 50-pound bag of wheat bran usually costs about $15 (plus tax). The molasses can be purchased at a feed store or in any grocery store in the baking section (near the sugars). A quart of molasses is usually about $5. Blackstrap, cane, or feed molasses are what you want. Other sugars can be used, but require recipe changes to accommodate for lack of sugar and minerals and are not as stable during fermentation.

    Ingredient _______________10 lbs___________________ 50 lbs_____________ 2,000 lbs

    EM•1 or AEM _____________4 Tablespoons_____________ 3/4 Cup___________1 Gallon

    Molasses_________________4 Tablespoons_____________3/4 Cup ___________1 Gallon

    Water____________________10 Cups __________________3-4 Gallons________75-100 Gallons

    Bran (carbon material)______10 lbs ___________________ 50 lbs____________2000 lbs

    Bokashi Recipe & Bokashi Bran

    1. Ingredients
    2. Large black plastic garbage bag or airtight container(s)
    3. Something to mix the materials in or on

    1. Mix one gallon of the water with the molasses to dissolve the molasses. Mix in the EM•1 or AEM
    2. Mix the liquid thoroughly into the bran.
    3. Squeeze some of the bran into a ball. If it holds shape and no extra liquid comes out, it is the correct moisture. Put into bag or container. If it is too dry, add more water and mix.
    4. If using the bag, tie the bag tightly, squeezing out excess air. If using a container, press down mixture and cover container tightly.
    5. Place mixture somewhere warm and out of the way. Let it ferment for a minimum of two weeks. Longer is fine.
    6. When fermentation is complete, you may notice some white mold on/in the bokashi. This is good. Black or green mold means some air got into the container or it was too moist and is not desirable. You can use the material as is without drying, stored in a closed container, for up to 2 weeks, or dry for long-term storage.
    7. Keep airtight during storage, whether dry or wet.
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    Hey there Hy, How are tings?

    Couple questions for ya if you dont mind!
    1. First off, um, Did you happen to forget about this one by chance (citrus foliar), or did I happen to miss it? :bigjoint:hah bongsmilie

    2. Also, so you did cut out alfalfa meal in the end, hey. Was it causing too much leafage or what are your thoughts there? Do you still endorse using TRIA at all, whether foliar or otherwise, or is the malted barley its replacement for ya?

    3. Can you elaborate on the difference between Karanja and Neem, if you don't mind, quickly, and why you choose both exactly, that would be cool! I know they are super similar but nice to hear your thoughts too.

    4. Have you ever experimented with higher kelp amounts beyond 0.42% of the mix (1/2 cup per CF).. I see that (up here anyway) producers say to use 2 to 3% especially when in pots, so just curious there, mostly cause I had a really potent round when pushing the limits a bit!

    5. Lastly, I see your rock mix has gone back to using basalt and gypsum, so no more GRD in sight, nor Oyster SF, nor bentonite volcanic RD, why the change and progression, mate, if you may?

    Have a great day, thanks in advance, and keep up the good organic work, look forward to smoking some of your flowers someday when down in the US to see how they compare.



    hyroot Well-Known Member

    I was going to make a tutorial video but experimenting withh othe recipes first. Here is the recipe I started with.

    citrus ferment recipe

    2 cups of citrus peels
    1/2 cup of brown sugar
    1 tsp dry yeast
    4 cups of clean water

    ferment in a sealed container with an airlock for 2 1/2 weeks then strain. Add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar.

    use 3 oz per gallon of water and only spray at night. It will burn plants during the day.

    I'm currently testing out 2 other recipes. One without water and more sugar. water reduces osmostic pressure when using sugar. Another using labs and water like the flower power

    Labs breaks down organic material. Sugar relies on osmotic pressure to pull juices from fruits and plants.

    I only use alfalfa meal in veg tea's and I feed it to the worms. They love it. Yes when it was in my soil mix it did promote more leaf. Too much N from the alfalfa attracts pests and changes flavor.. I do not know what you mean by TRIA

    Neem oil is cold-pressed from kernels of fruit from the Azadirachta indica tree.The cake is made from the Neem tree seed residue . Karanja oil is cold-pressed from seeds of the Pongam tree. Karanja Cake is the residue obtained from Karanja seed kernels which have been crushed to extract the oil. Neem has Azadiractin and Karanja does not. Both are pest inhibitors. Both rich in npk and other minerals and elements

    I have done more kelp with plants that are potassium hogs. No ill effects

    Gypsum seems to work better than oyster shell flour for cal mag and it has sulfur. My blueberries outside love gypsum. Most rock dust is essentially volcanic rock dust excluding glacial. Basalt made buds denser and increased brix levels quite a bit. It's soluble and works almost intsantly. The bentonite rock dust seem to clump up and it takes a while to break down.
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    Awesome replies, man. Big thanks.
    By TRIA I just meant Triacontanol, the active ingredient in Alfalfa meal, which I find a bit over rated as well, in a mix at least. Alfalfa seed sprout tea in flower, if stretching, I might endorse, but cool to see you agree about the leafage. I got a 4 to 1 calyx to leaf ratio on a plant when I cut it out the mix and haven't looked back, since!

    Ah, very nice. So if choosing just one, you would go for the Neem and its Azadiractin, eh?

    Beauty. I too have pushed the amounts, as high as 2% of total volume, with no ill effects, so just thought I would ask about your experiences. Right on. I also see that the numbers vary quite a bit for most the meals, so thats something to consider (for Hy's readers here)

    Yeah I only mess with glacial rock dusts, myself, as thats what Canada is abundant in, hence Gaia Green setting up shop up here, but since we like to drop Oyster Shell Flour too, I agree gypsum is great. Sulphur also helps terpene development so we love it. The clays do seem to be a bit tricky so I think you went with a good little mix. The basalt making buds denser, that's interesting. Any idea what that is attributed to, by chance? Again, thanks for the replies, man. Progressive.
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    keepsake Well-Known Member

    Well I just mixed up 6 cubic ft of soil with this recipe:

    3 cups (1/2 cup per cu ft):
    neem cake
    crustacean meal
    kelp meal

    12 cups (2 cups per cu ft):

    2 cups (1/3 cup per cu ft)
    oyster shell flour (just cus I had some left)
    grounded malted barley seeds

    Watered down with em1 diluted water and generous sprinkle of gro kashi to top it off.
    Sitting in my garage covered with a tarp. 4 weeks?

    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    I have no put my no till sip togeather..

    Reservoir filled growstones
    The mix is 4:1 parts of growstones size 2 / the medium..
    GROkashi to get Mycelium going..
    My food left.. Redd Wiggler food right.. Oh yeah I have those too:rolleyes:.. and barely straw at the top..

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    Are you going to cook the soil in the bed. You should add veggies to the worm bin not your pots. It can end up being too hot and attract other pests into your pot / bed.
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    @DonTesla use both neem and karanja oil and alternate. You have to switch up foliars for ipm for them to work. For the cake / meal, build a soil sells a mixed bag of neem cake and karanja cake.

    When buying neem oil or cake make sure it's Ahimsa Indian Neem. Not that watered down crap like einstein or dyna gro. The down to earth brand neem seed meal isn't organic. It's sourced from farms in China with low to no quality standards.

    For my ipm I spray every other day. neem, citrus ferment, labs, karanja, essential oils, repeat.

    Predator insects are good too
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    Tyleb173rd Well-Known Member

    Wow....i just saw some of your flowers on IG. Well done!! I just started incorporating more rock dusts in my soil mixes, specifically basalt and GRD. The change is really exciting.
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    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    When speaking to Mountain organics He said I had it right on point. Add a few patatoe skins / carrots skins through the mix so your worms could have food.

    Screenshot_20171110-081950.png Screenshot_20171110-072157.png
    I mean do you disagree with Mountain Organics. I'm doing the same process?

    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    I have a few VEGAN / goodies mixed in...


    And not FILLERS HA.
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    RandomHero8913 Well-Known Member

    Why not just buy those ingredients in bulk for less than the cost of that jar?
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    That Tea Lab bubbler rocks!!
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