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    Dr. Who

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    I feel his strain looks like a possible 12 week one. That would be to "my" harvest point. +/- a few days either way.
    Green says 95 days as his top listed.... Way too many variables to make "my" comment as a guideline, or his too.

    11+ is a safe bet.....

    Do look nice!

    Has my attention! Back in the "day", I had some real nice old school PR a few times.....Dark, gooey and dank....Made riding a bike down a steep grass hill, sort of scary..:roll:
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    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    looking at this one..i think 12 wks is possible for harvest..especially if one does the 10 hr..on

    however there really is somthing said for not using any time limit and letting a greatsativa ripen on the vine while its still alive

    i think his 95 day could be a good one..

    when i was younger
    i let a haze x nl5 from nevil i got in 1989 go for two cycles [16 weeks]

    i was very happy i did..i had not planned to..i just waited out the second 8 week cycle.
    it made a difference..the extra time made it basically kill itself with a good way
    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    Yes i do.....more than one.
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    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    Thanks for taking interest and for the advice.
    I have some other stuff in the flower room so i don't think i will switch to a 10 hour cycle but i do recognize the benefit.

    To my eye I don't see it finishing in 11 but I suppose 12 is possible. I think i will go with the ripen on the vine technique OMS suggests. The pistils are very white and don't seem to be dying back at all yet so it looks like 4 more weeks to me but you never know.
    Thanks again folks!
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    There are more then a few Sativa's that do not amber..... Be aware of that.

    Long run times as OLD MOTHER SATIVA says, can be seriously improving to end results.

    I run longer then most. It pays back nice dividends...On everything.
    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    I will look at trichs but I won't be judging by them for harvest. Will pay less attention to them and more to pistils and overall look of plant.

    I have patience so running for a long time doesn't bother me, but I have also chocked out a few plants by running them too long as well. Looking for balance.
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Took me time to "see" the end properly - in non ambering strains.... Lot of the new "uber" potent strains don't.
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    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    Plants 1 and 2 day 84 update-
    Plant 3- 77days

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    yesum Well-Known Member

    Good looking plants. I have a Snowhigh Panama Red going now, will compare to yours when I flower.
    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    please let us know.
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    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    Hey you know who Nicolas Pegg is?
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    Dr. Who

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    An actor who has played in several episodes (by voice), He wrote and directed episodes too (I'm pretty sure)...... Thinking........He was a voice in the SHADA series of episodes.....can't quite remember what his voice was to.....Now I have to get that out and watch it to see....:bigjoint:

    Know the guy or sump'in? OH, wait, wait,,,,,He's the voice of the cyber leader too! (Wife gave me that one)......Yeah I'm one of "those" people who read all the credits after a movie....
    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    I don't know him personally.
    He is/was a Dalak operator on Dr Who and a writer. He was just let go from the show for writing an article that had a hidden message in it that badmouthed the BBC. The picture at bottom of your page looked familiar and i think it was used in the article about his firing.
    I know of him because he wrote a great book on David Bowie.
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    Dr. Who

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    Well, he's right about the BBC, in a way.

    They left handedly implied that they were considering to cancel the show again. They stated that ratings were falling.
    The real problem was the BBC was moving it all over. Days and times of broadcast would change at their whim. The show had lost it's regular, predictable broadcast spot.
    This is part of why the new Dr, change came about, and why supporting actors moved on. I'm kinda glad the old writer/producer is out though.
    When the people on the show made comments on the BBC's actions. They too got lined out. That included Capaldi !

    Kinda harsh for a show that's been the most loved show on the BBC networks. Including the increasing fan base here!

    David Tennent and Billi Piper are reprising their roles in the audio series this year.

    This years Christmas Special. Has Capaldi and David Bradly as the William Hartnell's first Dr. together. Seems as though the first Doc isn't impressed with the current one.


    Here's our new Dr. Jodi Whittaker - She's paying tribute to the 4 th (by the colors) and to another TV alien. Mork, by adding suspenders.

    D. Bradly, being a longtime fan of the show and now having acted with Jodi on Broadchurch, and now of course the last episode of Capaldie's tenure (How ever briefly she's appearing at the end).

    Insist's that the Dr is in good hands...... Hell, Moffet wrote into many of the last season's episodes, a rather forward hint that the next Dr. was going to be female anyway.

    To those that say, "It's Doctor Who, not Nurse Who."

    Yeah, funny that I know plenty of female doctors and Male nurse's..Eh?

    Piss off then!
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    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    Piss off indeed!
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    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    P1 and 2- 91 days (13 weeks)

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    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    P3 84 days....

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    DeepToke97 Active Member

    Those look fantastic, just in time for christmas, I am going to start my Panama Red this year in the greenhouse in Feb then let it finish up from june onwards outdoors to see what kinds high quality yeild I can get, thinking about making hash out of one of the plants.

    Doc, these look truly awesome, congrats on a great grow can't wait for the grow report.
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    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    Thank you.
    I'm thinking about making hash or a concentrate out of the lower portions of these plants. The buds are a bit thinner at the bottom but im sure they are just as potent.

    when i started these in flower I thought I would be smoking by Thanksgiving but its a going to miss that by a couple weeks.
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    Dr Gruber

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