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    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    Yes, its trippy and I think the paranoia enhances the trip. It settles into a long lasting energetic buzz that keeps me going for hours. Noids are gone within a half hour or less.

    Well, some of us like the feeling but i understand your point of view. At the wrong time, in the wrong place, I don't like it either.
    But, some of us are actually searching for it and Im very happy i found it with the PR.
    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    The holidays have really used up all my time lately. I'm starting to get caught up but it will still be a few before I get the smoke report written. I have to still collect info from my testers and then I can finish.
    In the meantime, I can tell you I pulled just over 10 ounces from plant 1. The others had a smaller yield but not by a lot. All told, i pulled about a pound and 3 quarters.
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    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    Sorry folks, the holidays were a busy time and I am a little late with an update. So, in the meantime, here is photo of one of the many reasons I'm running behind.

    Christmas Cannoli.......

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    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member


    Final Weight

    Plant 1 - 11.33 oz

    Plant 2 - 8.35 oz

    Plant 3 - 9.71 oz


    Tester Name:

    Dr Gruber and friends.

    Dr Dhaktar and my old friend from the MMMA website, Bisheroo, helped with the smoke test.


    Panama Red


    Dr Greenthumb


    Dr Gruber

    Method Smoked:


    Glass Pipes



    Promix Potting Soil-(Drain to Waste)

    Flower Time: 98-105 days

    I didn't follow Doc's advice on flowering so this could finish somewhat sooner if I had. There is also a early pheno that I didn't get. Luck of the draw.

    Grow Comments-

    It's a different ballgame growing a long flowering Sativa like this but I didn't have any problems that couldn't be addressed with a slight change in feeding habits. I used a foliar feed throughout the grow which I've never done before and it helped when the plant was prematurely going yellow. The plant stayed healthy early in the grow with minimal effort, the hard part was maintaining that health for the long term. Based on advice, I also tried something different for me. For the last 2-3 weeks I fed only water, letting the leaves yellow and die on the plant. I think this is the closest to the old days when it was grown outdoors in Panama. From what i see, they don't need excessive nutrients, and I ran them fairly low, (300ppm) every feeding.

    For this portion of the report, I enlisted the help of two friends. I made my own notes while they made theirs and I put them together to write the report. Their comments are in "quotes".


    Dr Dhaktar- "nicely fragrant but does not stink up the whole room. A definite smell of pine-ish/turpentine that is smoothed out by a natural hay/grass scent."

    My comments-- Sweet grass and hay with dankness underneath. Don't let this fool you. Its not like a shitty homegrown smell.

    Associated smells of bud:




    Dr D -"Can't quite put my finger on it...kind of like pine, a touch of spice, a bit floral. Also caught a note of dish soap."

    Bisheroo - "Like a warm, early summer evening, walking in the pines, with the scent of honeysuckle, lilac, and lavender, in the air, near a cabin that is burning a kerosene lamp."

    Very sweet and floral with a touch of spice. The grass type smell comes through in the flavor and it is actually delicious. Not like smoking hay or grass from badly grown marijuana.

    This is not like the terpene loaded MJ of today. Not greasy or oily in the same way and it shows in the taste and feeling of the smoke as it enters your lungs. Hard to describe but definitely different and welcome.

    Associated flavors:


    Flavor Intensity-(Sour Diesel or Bubba Kush would be a 9 or 10.)


    Harsh/smoothness: (1-10, 1 being extremely harsh and 10 being extremely smooth) --


    This one seems to cause a bit of dry throat. Not harsh but not exceptionally smooth either. Burns a bit hot.

    Flavor Comments-

    This is completely different from todays big terpene strains and its a good thing. The flavor really brings me back many years as it is very different than anything I've tasted in a long time. The sweet grass and spice is very nice indeed and shouldn't be confused with "bad" flavor. The hay smell is not found in the flavor at all.

    It's such an old school flavor that it brings me back to the 1970's and the good times associated with it. I love this shit!

    BUZZ Profile—

    Dr Dhaktar- "Immediate, pleasant, euphoric high. Sometimes causes paranoia and confusion for the first 15-30 minutes but then levels off to a very enjoyable, up and active buzz. Extremely positive, energetic and intense high."

    Bisheroo- "Great daytime strain. Strong head buzz that is highly motivating."

    Agree with everything they said.

    I love the paranoia feeling and think it turns into the best high imaginable. My favorite buzz type.

    This is truly different from todays MJ and it opens up the range of possibilities in buzz profiles. After years of smoking the top buds of the day, my range of possible buzz profiles had shrunk without my even knowing it.

    This is an eye opener.

    I had forgot the extreme, clean, energetic, buzz types, and just how different they can be, even from a really nice Sativa hybrid. This is so much different that I cannot express it enough.

    It's, almost all head with very little body buzz.

    It starts with a few minutes of no buzz at all. Then creeps in and rocks your shit.

    I find myself tripping out and forgetting where I am, or what I'm doing. Very visual and psychedelic.

    This creates a slight panic feeling and could cause some extreme paranoia but i find it to be fairly mild and not disconcerting but rather enjoyable. It takes me on a journey to never before seen landscapes in my mind.

    Dr Dhaktar, finds the paranoia a bit unsettling so be careful, it's a matter of preference and sensitivity. He had an experience at the bank where he couldn't remember how to fill out the deposit slip because he was so paranoid and felt he was being watched. This happened to him more than once at different locations.(supermarket, etc)

    But, even with that, he still loves this strain and enjoys it more than any I've given him before.

    After the confusion/paranoia wears off, you want to get up do something. I find myself thinking of too many things to accomplish all at one time but I still want to try. It makes the mind race with creative possibilities. "Should I do this, or should i do that, or, should I do it all?"

    And, to top it off, it lasts for a very long time with no burnout whatsoever. This could actually be the longest lasting buzz I've experienced. Period.

    I have no idea how this will test out at a lab but if the numbers are low, this proves that it's not all in the numbers.

    It's trippy, its creative, its energetic, and it lasts a long, long time without any crash.

    Love, love, love it!

    Potency: (1-10, 1 being extremely weak and 10 being extremely potent)


    Duration: (length of buzz, from first hit)

    3-5 hours

    4-6 hours

    Munchies: Yes/no----

    My friend says …no

    I say yes...




    Turpentine (x)

    Metallic ()

    Ammonia ( ) - urine () - vinegar ( )

    Bleach ()

    Lotions (x) -

    Plastics ( )

    Glues ( )

    Fuel ()

    Rubber ()

    Eucalyptus (x)

    Menthol ()


    Grass (x)

    Fruity ( )

    Berry ( ) -

    Black/Blue/Raspberry ( )

    Citrus ( ) -

    Orange () -

    Lemon ( ) -

    Lime () -

    Apple () -

    Mango () -

    Grape () -

    Cherry () -

    Tutti Fruity ()

    Floral ( xx) -

    Perfume () -

    Blossom (x)


    Spearmint ()

    Peppermint ( )

    Caramel ()

    Pineapple ()

    Sugar ()




    Lemon -()

    Lime-( )

    Vinegar ( )


    Woody ( )

    Incense (x)

    Hardwood ( )

    Sage ( )

    Juniper ( )

    Cedar ()

    Pine (x)

    Basil ( )

    Garlic ( )

    Dill ( )

    Clove ()

    Parsley ()

    Pepper ()

    Hash ()

    Tobacco ()

    Chocolate ()


    Lavender Spice ()

    Toasted Almond ()

    Gunpowder ()

    Camphor ()


    Earthy ()

    Loam ()

    Dirt ()

    Musty ()

    Dusty ()

    Alberta spruce ()

    Gamey ()

    Sweet skunk ()

    Skunk ( )

    Botanical ()

    Hay (xx)

    Autumn leaves ( )

    Trees ()

    Tangy ()

    Manure ()

    Moldy ()

    Cheese ()

    Final Comment-

    It should be noted that one of the 3 plans had no paranoia to it at all and one of them had a bit of a crash at the end where the others didn't.

    It's not a good bag appeal strain as the buds tend to be wispy and thin when grown indoors. Some will be disappointed just by the look of it alone before even smoking it.

    I found that the smokers over 50 loved it and the younger peeps didn't. Some people had a hard time as soon as they saw it and I think that has a lot to do with their lack of enjoyment.

    As someone once said " too many people smoke with their eyes these days".

    I couldn't agree more.

    This goes straight to the top of my list as one of the three or so most enjoyable strains I've had the pleasure of sampling. I still love the high terpene strains of today and wouldn't give them up but this is such a different thing that its almost a different drug.

    It has great raw potency but its different then the more narcotic buzz types that I enjoy from todays top strains. It will leave you confused but not glued to the couch or burnt out.

    Fucking Awesome!

    Medical qualities:

    Mood enhancement

    Depression relief

    Some pain relief form distraction

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    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    wow thanks @Dr Gruber

    nice report, definitely on my list, right after my MTF seeds, lol.

    what is the terpene responsible for the soapy taste? i have tasted it in other strains. do you know?
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    RichRoots Well-Known Member

    That buzz sounds like a great time! Those buds look nice & sparkly. I would love to spark up an OldSchool sativa & get the giggles!
    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    No, i dont know. I didn't really notice the soapy taste but i have in other strains. Usually, when i taste test a strain, something specific just pops in my head, like say "Juicy Fruit Gum", or, "Lemon Head Candy", but nothing came to mind like that for me this time.

    That's the spirit!

    I put the PR aside for a few days and went with ECSD and Turkish Cookies so i would have a clean slate for a final test before the report.
    It's so very different!

    I could see myself having the PR as my main smoke and only spark up the others form time to time.

    yesum Well-Known Member

    Got my seeds today. Was around 6 weeks total I guess. Greenthumb did not communicate much at all by email so keep that in mind.

    Hoping for that old time 'lost in space' effect from this strain. Will grow at least one in the coming grow.
    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    Just be careful as it can get huge quickly. Follow Doc's instructions for best results.
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    Hagbard.Celine Member

    One of the best smoke reports I've seen on this site, definitely makes me envious. I really love the old school sativas, and hope to get some PR in the vault at some point.
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    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    Thanks Hagbard!
    I've always been partial to Sativa hybrids but havent had much chance since the 70's, to smoke a pure sativa.
    This was eye opening.

    One more thing about the smoke report that i didn't get to test until recently.
    I finally got the time to re-start a music project I've been working on and the PR is a fantastic creative tool. It's like rocket fuel and I feel like I could spend hours and hours working on it without any burnout.
    That's really important to me so i'm pretty happy about it.


    yesum Well-Known Member

    Was the no paranoia plant a little lacking in 'the trip'? Too often the trip comes with some noids, I know from experience. It would be nice to have it all in one plant but might not happen.

    The no noids plant more of a plain vanilla high? The original Panama Red was supposed to taste of earth and some pepper and also hash. It was grown in the reddish clay of Panama so that may have caused a different taste than what we will get in potting soil.
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    SageFromZen Well-Known Member

    I'm a little late catching this thread but a very fun and interesting read. I was fortunate enough to have lucked out as a teenager in Los Angeles in the late 80's and had exposure to real Thai, real Panama red, real Acapulco Gold and real Guatemalan. My Mother worked in the phone company in Southern California for years and the splicers had connections. I used to go through my Mother's closet looking for her infamous Tupperware container which always had something exotic in it thinking back from where I stand today.

    I took the Panama Red for being dirt weed and just went for it and I will tell you... that it almost wasn't fun at all. I mean, I'm all about anxiety attack ridden cardiac arrest and chapel perilous served up on a platter but Jesus. To this day there aren't many that do to me what that one did. I turned my buddies onto it in junior high just to see if they'd have the same reaction I did. Well, they did. Maybe it was laced or maybe that's just what the high was like.

    I've had Mandala's Satori and a very rare Scott Blakey(Shantibaba) Super Silver Haze that was very psychedelic as well as a Kali Mist that could've powered the city that I live in for a half day with its energy discharge. The red's in a league of its own.

    The Panama Red I'd experienced had seeds. What I wouldn't do for those bad beans today.
    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    Perhaps a little but still very visual. Wouldn't really call it vanilla but I understand what you mean.
    Yes, I assume the flavor and look will be different when grown promix, and not in Panamanian soil.

    Thanks for sharing that story. I love those kind of memories.

    bigfattone420 Well-Known Member

    Nice grow Doc from a Old head who smoked those Strains back in the day up in New London, CT. right between Boston & NYC (3hrs North & 3hrs South) ...So all that stuff came through off I-95...You would always buy as much as you could buy or afford..We knew it wasn't going to be around for long....PR,Acapulco Gold,Colombian Gold & Thai Sticks...Those were insane crazy times (getting loaded) hehehe..Easy 5/6 people hitting a joint everyone is stoned....Also they had this lime green weed nice buds with seeds/ It wasn't price like the PR ,AG etc;etc..It wasn't price too high at all..Lot of people didn't like it the smell they said was horrible,i on the other hand found it fascinating & a nice smoke.I would always buy that over the other crap we had,hehe.I wonder was that some type of skunk.. .Those were the days...You definitely inspired me. One day i will take it on....Thank you kindly sir... Fire a joint for me

    yesum Well-Known Member

    I have two plants going now. Really looking forward to trying these. I missed the PR back in the 70's. I knew a guy that was a 'criminal' back in '77. Bookie, sold speed pills, a hustler I guess. He was older and had money and connections. He was importing 30 tons of PR. I lost touch with him before he got the deal done.

    I guess I said it before, there was lowland red and highland red. Both Colombian and Panama. Highland is what was superior. 90% was lowland which was not bad but not the soaring tripped out high. More stony. Real Panama Red or Punto Rojo was a trip. The Dr. may have found the real thing here. I will know more soon.
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    bigfattone420 Well-Known Member

    You doing a journal or posting pics time to time?...

    yesum Well-Known Member

    ^^ I usually just post a pic when I harvest. Then a smoke report. Both PR are doing good, a vigorous strain. Just a couple weeks veg. Have Snowhigh's PR going too. They are vigorous as well. Vigor is indicative of a strain not inbred.

    Not sure if the two PR's are related or the same. Lots of 'Panama Red' back then. Hard to pin it down. If it is trippy and strong, close enough.

    That close call with PR back in '77 was likely just lowland Colombian Red. The guy I knew had no idea of pot and wanted me to verify if it was quality. Panama Red was the OG Kush of that era. Colombian Gold was another. The Colombian Gold was often just regular Colombian bleached in the sun. Then sold for premium prices.

    The premium highland grown pot was not mass produced as the lowland was. Punto Rojo was flown out of the mountains in 3 ton lots. The lowland Colombian Red was shipped out in 30 ton lots at a minimum. Most people of the 60's-70's never had Panama Red. Never had Punto Rojo. They thought they did though. hehe
    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    You made my day.

    I have about 2 oz's of PR sealed and vacuum packed.
    I'll brake out a J and blaze it up for you!
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    Dr Gruber

    Dr Gruber Well-Known Member

    That could easily be my experience. I was told it was the Red but who really knows at this point.....

    I should probably mention this....
    One of my patients is a little older than I am and says he for sure smoked PR back in the day.
    He picked up a large portion from me for testing and finally got back to me a week ago. He says this is the real deal as he remembers it. He was very skeptical at first but was almost giddy when he called to tell me. He was as positive as a person can be in his decision as to its pedigree. It was actually a very fun phone call...we laughed a lot just thinking about the PR buzz.

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