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    t's-buds Active Member

    what is a good ph level for my plant? my moister/light/ph 3in1 meter said that most indoor plants like the ph to be slightly more acidic than alkaline. is this true w/pot plants too? it also sais that if the soil is to high in alkaline the plant will lose their color and stunt the growth of the plant, but if to much acid in the soil willcause the leaves to wilt and drop. is this also true w/ pot?

    what plant does pot most resemblevin growing if any :leaf:

    harvester Active Member

    Indoor for hydroponics is 5.8-6.8

    Yes an acidic soil can lock up nutrients and they won't make it to the plant.


    Tanya Active Member

    in case your short on cash.. use vineger & baking soda to adjust the ph level..
    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    They say the closest plant to mj is a tomato plant.

    I try to keep my soil at 6.2-6.5.
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    yeah what they said...
    : )

    soil is so forgivng that as long as you can get the PH of your water between 6-7.. you will do FINE!!

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    [email protected] Active Member

    for hydro it says ph should be 5.5-5.8, but at the top it say 6.8 . Witch is best?

    cirrus12 Well-Known Member

    Vinegar to lower, baking soda to raise

    Koabear Well-Known Member

    dude control kits are dirt cheap and can e order online maybe 16 bucks at the most and usually they come with a strips to test it out
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    smithy Active Member

    is this the same with clay balls?

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    hydro 5.5 - 5.8...soil ..6.2 - 6.8....

    H2H Active Member

    Ive been using nitric acid to bring the ph down . . . any one know if this is good or bad.

    It works for me in lowering the ph although it is a nasty chemical to work with.

    dutcharbor Active Member

    actually ph for hydro should be between 5.4and 6.8 no lower no higher but if its between that it dont need to be adjusted
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    bdan Active Member

    I got a ph level tester today from walmart for $5

    lvpete Active Member

    5.8 is perfect

    CaliKushSmoker Active Member

    :joint:5.8 is the best for some dank buds:joint:

    mcalegolas&bonq420 Active Member

    I like to keep my water for spraying a nuetrul 7, u can pick up cheap fish tank products that can determine ur ph and adjust ur ph up and down, for a lil under 20$

    Marimaschiac Member

    If you are serious about your growing DO NOT use baking soda. Baking soda is Sodium bicarbonate. Salt. Go to the grow store, and spend seven dollars to get a hydroponic Ph adjuster. If you still want to cheap out, only use Apple cider vinegar to bring down the Ph.

    Marimaschiac Member

    I think you would do better with cider vinegar :idea:. Its also a natural estringent for a good flush. (just a few caps in with fresh water flush) Its got to be better than strait Nitric acid. :fire:

    NLNo5 Active Member

    Now I've heard that vinegar (organic kitchen acids) works just as good as inorganic acids (HNO3, H2SO4, HCL).

    Sombich told me that the vinegar looses its acidity due to breaking down in the soil? I think this is a little bit fetched because the protons will still stay in the soil causing the acidity.

    Sombich told me that if you use nitric HNO3, the nitrate ions will contribute as a nitrogen nutrient. But I think adding a few ppm of nitric to get my ph down is not going to do much as a grow nutrient.

    Sombich told me that H2SO4 will add sulfate to the soil. I know it's a damn good acid for downing you pH because it's a dual proton acid and kicks in really good. Also, I seem to remember that sulfate is a good trace mineral for the plants.

    Sombich told me that HCL (hydrochloric, muriatic) adds chloride ions to the soil and causes it to get salty. I think its no big deal because its only a few ppm to change the pH and that will never cause a significant saltiness to the soil.

    I'm using H2SO4. It's a very effective pH down and it's useful to put a little bit of sulfate in the soil. The only proplem is I get my H2SO4 from my lab at my university in a very concentrated form. (one drop in a gallon of water will change your pH by 0.5). You've got to use a pH meter with concentrated acids.

    Following the same theory I use NaOH, sodium hydroxide to change the pH towards alkaline if I need it. I actually us the NaOH quite frequently because my nutes make my feed water about 4.5 pH. So I'm constantly raising it.

    cmate Member

    Ok, so watching the video and reading up, I understand how to measure ph, adjust ph and so on. But, my question is - what about the MEDIA?

    Does it not have an impact?

    Media such as Pro Mix, or Miracle Grow, or even hydroton / perlite - do they not have a ph?

    So wouldn't the water have to be adjusted according to not only the starting ph of the water, but also what the ph is of the media?

    If my water is ph 8, I need to drop it by 1.5 points approximately, but what if my media is ph 6? I would think I do not want to drop is as much since the media actually needs to come up. ??

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