Quiet. The Neighbors Can Hear You (Sound Control Thread)

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    It is legal in my state a lot of people smoke. I handle my plants in front of the neighbors(not on purpose) when I move them into the sunlight outside. The po po doesn't really care about weed in my area. I know of people who grow in their backyard where the neighbors can see their plants.
    However if your state isn't legal and neighbors are nosey, there is one way to fix this. Wait to see if your neighbors are going to call the po po. If they do wait until your out of jail or the po po or gone. Then walk to the neighbors and drag them out onto the street and handle your business. That's what I would do I don't care about getting charged. I bet they would move or not call the po po again.
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    many AC units are on wheels.with a hose going to the window and since it's through a carbon filter, much less stench.
    Big smo

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    They work but all the air your blowing out is replaced by air coming back in. This creates a negative pressure and you'll end up cooling slot more than a 2 hose unit. Plus u won't be able to keep co2

    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    hmm so what's a better setup? like run the fan in a recycling way? I'm still growing outdoors so i haven't had to put an extraordinary amount of thought into the negative pressure detail. i always heard it was a good thing cuz it keeps the air fresh. i would've guessed there's enough CO2 in the house just from breathing.
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    Big smo

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    Air exchange is good but if your going for a sealed room any exchange that's not controlled isn't good. I'm sealed, run 1500ppm co2, Ac and dehumidifier. I hate to see air going out unless I want it to. I set a fan to kick on for 15 minutes every 2 hours. During colder temps I have a photo cell/ thermostate controller hooked to a fan that just dumps air when temps hit 80 degrees. Saves a ton on energy but can't increase co2 like I'd like.
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    I got told i was being too loud. Middle of the night.

    Anyway i got my hands on some high density polyethylene panels.

    Let's see if it is a sound blocking material.

    Pretty nice stuff. Chemically resistant, heat resistant, super sturdy, super light Message_1468979157133.jpg Message_1468979180685.jpg
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    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    plexi and pvc skeleton. pump muffler.

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    iHearAll Well-Known Member

    Its not terribly suppressive. I think i need to seal it up completely and just run hosng in and out. These damn commercial motors get real hot though. In this design, there is a 1"×5.5" gap on the exhaust face. It kind of projects the sound in that direction. Eh i have more 1/2" HDPE panels i can use. Also mounting the motor to the side is sturdy yes but vibrates the panel like a crummy speaker. Quieter yes but i found that suspending the motor by bungee in a box also suspended by bungee does a much better job at dampening the sound.
    Collect THC

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    Yeh man bungee cords, a box and a ducting silencer and you'll be great
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    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    Panasonic Whisperline 6" fan blowing into a 6 x 16 phresh filter and you can stand right next to it and talk on the phone without a problem. I posted this years ago.
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    smokeingdog Well-Known Member

    I purchased a PHRESH SILENCER, for my 6" it sounds like a jet engine starting up till i put a phresh silencer on an WOW what a huge difference it takes like 70% of the noise of the rushing air away.
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    I've discovered that I'll need to silence my circulation fan. That's noisy as shit. My new intake fan has a bit of punch too.
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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    The only solution that really worked for me was to buy a
    professionally damped fan. I got a Whisperline but there
    are fans by Soler and Palau as well.

    (I thought to scan up and see that this theme repeats here,
    but it seem reasonable to allow this to happen)
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    Damplamp Member

    Ok so here's a rather funny situation

    So I have two wall mount 16" fans in my room, lately they started making this loud creak when they went back
    And forth , my room is outside in my shop ,any way they where loud last night so I figured it had to be the moveing parts in the assembly so In rather of a panic.ps I was high at time went to other side of shop to find some sort of lube all wd40 had no spray tips of corse, couldn't find Greese but did find a bottle of vasaline so I went back to room with bottle . Had great idea to try and get it in while on, well my finger slipped squirting it out but missed and it fell in to moveing fan blade . Well what happens after that you ask ? Well it rocket sprayed over probly 5 plants and my face I think that's a grow room blooper
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    Nugachino Well-Known Member

    If it's noisy. It could be that the fan has rattled loose inside. Could also be contacts inside motor itself being worn.
    Also. How are they mounted? Rubber or foam feet are the best for vibration damping.

    thebonzaseedbank Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    just move out to the country and you won't have to worry about noise

    Damplamp Member

    They are rubber foot ones with the pull cord
    It was the rod that is attached to the fan that makes it go back and forth but putting that vasaline hit the spot and they are absolutely silent now haha

    Damplamp Member

    I would if land wasn't a million a acre where I am
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    facelessFFS Active Member

    My fan ain't too loud

    Rrog Well-Known Member

    Foam doesn't block airborne sound well. It's rigid and conductive

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