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Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by rollitup, Dec 28, 2008.


    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    Please use the following template for posting a smoke report.

    Bag Appeal:
    The High:

    If you have pictures please post them as well.
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    mared juwan

    mared juwan Well-Known Member

    This is great. Good idea to organize all smoke reports together. May I suggest adding "grow medium" and "avg flower time" to the template?

    Hooker New Member

    yield? is it a smoke or grow report? I wanted to write a report on ak47 and how good it is, but all i can do is the smell, the taste, the high, and some crazy comments.

    joeyjoejoe Well-Known Member

    the staff should delete and or move anything in this sub forum that does not use the smoke report template. there not many people using this sub forum the way it should be. just my two cents:peace:

    SpruceZeus Well-Known Member

    I agree, its getting a bit cluttered.
    I must say i'm a little disappointed, there is a huge community of accomplished growers here and yet the smoke report section is pretty short on smoke reports.

    Oh well, i'll have a couple more new ones in the coming weeks, hopefully others will follow suit.

    gogrow confused

    i've taken it upon myself to clean it up.... think this could be one of the better tools for growers who order seeds. keep the reports coming bro, it will build up
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    joeyjoejoe Well-Known Member

    nice job gogrow. although i feel your efforts shall be thwarted very soon by people who do not read this thread before posting.ohh well good job anyways. + rep:joint::joint:

    gogrow confused

    already have.... but i have been on top of em.... but you are right, its gonna be a fight to keep it the way it should be......... if people would just read:evil:

    hitch420 Well-Known Member

    Strain: G-force
    Growth: month and a half veg time 9 weeks flowering
    Nutes: bionova organic fertz
    Yield: 4 plants, 16oz
    Smell: Stupidly stinky skunk aroma.
    Taste: Fruity,
    The High: Powerful,full bodied stoned
    Comments: This Strain of weed is very popular where i live in the uk. and is known as the best in the west :)
    Also a very easy strain to grow and is very forgiving.

    (this was a friends grow he had running for years, just growing the same strain)

    ismokebomb Active Member

    looking forward to posting when i harvest my plants :eyesmoke:

    dew-b Well-Known Member

    stoners are too lazy to do that

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    Too bad this is not enforced whatsoever... the Smoke Report section is such a clusterfuck because stupid people can not read the fricken sticky.

    gogrow confused

    sorry... been really busy with life lately and got sidetracked on this mission....

    someone coulda sent me a message ;) , regardless, its better nowbongsmilie

    NewYorkweed Member

    strain: fruit automatic (its an autoflower grapefruit)
    growth: 21/2 to 3 months seed to harvest
    nutes: sctotts time released potting soil (3 month feed), and suger daddy in the flowering stage (1tsp per gallon of water)
    yield: about 7 grams per plant
    bag appeal: nice
    smell: fruity grapefruit
    taste: it realy has a grapefruit taste
    high: its got a nice high
    comments: its a very forgiving and fairly potent plant, great if your just learning (2 thumbs up)

    NewYorkweed Member

    I found these seeds on attitude and they r called the doggies nuts: BIG BAD JOHN, they claim to be perennial. If anyone knows anything about them please let me know, especially if they realy come back in the spring, and if they r worth my time and money. THANKS

    imthezookeeper Member

    Strain: Kong [Holy Smoke Seeds]
    Growth: 4/5 foot
    Nutes: BCuzz
    Yield: 3.5 oz
    Bag Appeal: rediculous deep funky fat and coated in crystalls
    Smell: Sweet sharp and strong skunk
    Taste: Sweet sugary floral
    The High: More buzz than most my friends could handle ! Very strong
    Comments: Grew really easilly hardly any nutes flowered real fast 7 weeks..Amazing !!

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    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    I would prefer that people would use something more like what is found below. It tells more.

    So & So’s Strain X

    Overall Rating: 8
    Potency: 9
    Ease: 6
    Odor Level: 8
    Taste Level: 10
    Grower's Tilt: 9
    SI Rating: Not Listed
    Effect: Somewhat couchlock
    Stature: Somewhat tall and lanky
    Phenotype: Sativa
    Yield: 7
    Indoor: 70 to 75 days
    Outdoor: Oct 15 to Oct 31
    Odor: Light musky/ fruity Appearance: 10
    Taste: Nice earthy fruity mix.
    Sexes: Feminized
    Vintage: Not Listed
    Bloom Wattage Used: 2100w to 5000w
    Average Plant Height: 36
    Plants per Sq. Foot: 1.00
    Average Yield per Plant: 2.00
    Pruning or Plant Style: Vertical
    Fertilization Method: Organically fed

    doc111 Well-Known Member

    I would also like to see the size and type of lighting used.:weed:
    LAX Skunky BwS

    LAX Skunky BwS Well-Known Member

    nice plants.. pic 5 looks like a X-mas tree... hahaha.. good shit
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    i have to comment that i DON'T like that statistical style of smoke reporting, ESPECIALLY in those "forget me EVER reading them wall of check boxes" ones.

    bag appeal? i HATE sticky, skunky rock hard nugs! fluffy & easy to break apart columbian gold is what i like. that's too subjective to even comment on. in fact, it FORCES a bias towards indicas which only equal bag contempt for me

    yield? how are you expected to know the yield on a bud you buy on the street or wherever? i can't even say what the yield was on the gear i grew as i didn't weigh it. haze skunk is a lot bigger and has a lot more buds than LSD is about as specific as i can get there.

    it's a regimented and abstract way to define a strain's qualities that doesn't agree with me at all. it gets in the way of defining the SUBTLETIES of strains. it's to mechanical. my mind is allergic to abstractions. i ONLY speak in plain english and my favorite smoke reports do it that way too. i don't care how interested i am in a strain, if someone posts one of those HIDEOUS wall of checkboxes "smoke reports" you can't skim in a minute & get the idea on, i IGNORE it!

    i like just reporting on "the high & comments". as hard as it is to find good lowdown on strains even when you beg & plead for it as i did for literally a couple years looking for "best indoor thai" at overgrow, are you REALLY going to toss out reports here when people do them their way in their own words?

    i can SEE why the "format" would be needed for those, like so many, that don't know what an adjective is and that think "best shit i ever smoked!" or "this is some serious DANK!" is all the comment needed . as someone who can't stand couchlock one bit... THAT should be the one category mentioned in every strain report, but it gets overlooked in that list as well as in many of the reports i've read here. i read a ton of raves for jilly bean until i FINALLY stumbled on one that mentions it's stoney.

    all those stats on "growth"... on the gear that i DID grow, i don't take any notes on flowering times etc. and could only tell you that LSD (well... flumpy's lowdown mystery actually) was the shortest strain i grew and that highland thai was the slowest & fussiest. all i care about is how a strain SMOKES. anything else is spam in my book.

    all that other stuff belongs in grow reports and i hate grow reports because they never deliver the goods on the smoke reporting. smoke reporting is just that... telling how it tastes and how it affects you. yield has nothing to do with smoking. again, THAT too forces a bias towards indicas and there's all ready too much of that on the streets that it shouldn't be here too.

    personally, i'd like to see the reporting split up by indicas and sativas. then i wouldn't have to waste so much time wading through crap i have no interest in looking for rare gear that gets you high.

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