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    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    Well I've been kicking around the idea of starting a thread, so here we go.

    This will be a transition garden from vegamatrix for the first few runs, into all living soil once i have enough in house. I was growing with Age Old Organics before, plus a few other things and thought i was growing organically... you know... cause of the labels. WRONG! So i got rid of all that crap, and picked up the vegamatrix to get me by until i have my own living soil for every plant. I'll be doing no till vegetable containers indoors too, but that will be a month or two still.

    Strains I have in house currently are:
    TGA's Jacks Cleaner 2, Querkle, Dr. Who, 9lb Hammer
    DNA's Confidential Cheese
    Unknown breeder Black Domina
    Unknown breeder (local) Brainwreck (supposedly a blueberry x trainwreck)
    Unknown breeder Sour Diesel (10+ year old genetics)

    3 lumatek 600 HPS with oversized hoods for flower
    1 lumatek 400 MH for veg and some T8's for the little ones

    anyway to the grow.

    here was my old tent i was using...


    here is the space the tent was in.... gross....


    and here's the remodel that was just completed....


    here's some 20 gal no till containers cooking. 2 have living mulch, 2 with straw. the straw ones are my biochar challenge with char i crushed and charged myself. i expect the bed with char to get better as grows go on. i'll be planting the living mulch ones soon. just need to make some wheeler carts for them to get them into the veg room lol.


    all air that comes in is filtered... and all air that goes out is filtered :) the furnace filter box is my invention, not sure if anyone else employs a method like this. just change them when they're dirty! they slide out on the outside of the room.


    the first two confidential cheese to hit the brand new flower room. just staked and lightly defoliated to open up the canopy more.


    I must say i'm proud of this one. 14.5' x 6'. did the floor correct: acid wash, prime, paint, flake paint chips, and sealed. SO EASY TO KEEP CLEAN OMG. the tent was such a pain in the ass to keep clean, glad it's gone!

    anyway that is all for now. just wanted to get the ball rolling. i'll have some updates in a few days. See you all around.
    Joe Blows Trees

    Joe Blows Trees Well-Known Member

    Sub'd. I also am transitioning to living soil with both vegetables and medicines so this will be very informative! That room looks like a palace for the ladies! Congrats!
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    Richard Drysift

    Richard Drysift Well-Known Member

    Nice upgrade. I built a dedicated bloom room myself last year & it is a great investment. Will be intently watching your progress -Good luck & happy growing!
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    DonPetro Well-Known Member

    Looking good bro. I'll be watching intently.
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    Vnsmkr Well-Known Member

    Pulling up a chair ShLUbY
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    DonPetro Well-Known Member

    Have you run any of those strains before?

    daloudpack Well-Known Member

    @SPLFreak808 how many pounds should they be pulling out of a 1000w hps if they are doing it right !!!

    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    LMAO! 3lbs dry! Were talking 10 fucking pounds of wet bud under 1 hood and FAT undergrowth cola's too!

    I still cannot believe he told me that. Like the fucking single 1000 will penetrate through 10 pounds and still grow massive undergrowth cola's in the dark haha

    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    oh boy here we go...!!!

    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    some of them yes. the Brainwreck and Black domina i am very familiar with, been running them for a couple years now. the 9lb i have done about 2 runs with as it was started from seed not that long ago, and the Dr. Who i have 2 phenos of that were started not long ago either.

    Con. cheese, JC2, GG#4 (forgot to mention i have that too), Sour Diesel, and Querkle I have not run before.

    I have 2 9lb hammer, 4 black dom, 1 sour D and 3 JC2 about to go into flower. I may need to get my third light up a little sooner than i had planned. i'll make it with 2 for a couple weeks, but the third is gonna be necessary soon. the nice part is these will all finish at different times, so all the work wont be around the same week, it'll be nice and spread out.

    daloudpack Well-Known Member

    i got 1 black domina x ak 47 cross growing (aka black destroyer) im growing under 1000w hps should be harvesting my 3lbs in about 8 weeks

    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    are we really gonna do this? i mean i already said yes that was an exaggerated comment. let it go. i suggest you watch and see how nice this domina is. gonna throw 4 of them in about a week from now. I'm pumped about it.

    daloudpack Well-Known Member

    relax im just having fun and good luck with ur grow....

    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    i'm relaxed for sure, my friend! thanks for takin a peek. be seein you around for sure.
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    nvhak49 Well-Known Member

    Awesome grow man I'll be watching this one pretty cool set up. I can't wait to get my no till going too!
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

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    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    Ok got a few pics in for tonight...

    working on this PM issue with a few plants. PM was SOOOOO bad outdoors this year. i think that's how my 9lb hammer got it, just drafted in. the Con Cheese i got from a friend, who also had PM and didn't know it. however the two cases are not linked IMO, because i saw no signs anywhere on the con cheese of PM the entire time i had it. i learned my lesson enough, if you don't watch what's going on, sometimes you don't notice until things are too far advanced.

    So this is my PM treatment after reading an article about PM and the use of a bicarbonate product. it must be applied with a horticulture oil, so i'm using neem/karanja oil mix. i'm using 1tsp / qt. of the NaHCO3 or baking soda, and the neem/soap i mix per their recommendation, but just put 1tsp / qt. of the whole mix.


    I used this about a week ago when i saw some early signs, and it worked the best of anything i used to date. then, the other day i applied an aloe foliar and within 36 hrs i am having PM signs starting. i think the aloe washed away the effective neem/NaHCO3 which allowed the PM to come back quickly. good thing i have an eagle eye for PM lol :)


    sweet neems Con. Cheese.

    I added the 2 9lb to flower room; tonight will be their first night of darkness. Here's one from today... check the stem in the 3rd pic...
    IMG_2203.JPG IMG_2210.JPG IMG_2209.JPG

    and here's what's still in veg and will soon be making their way into flower as well. just gonna give them some more recovery time from transplant...


    black dom back left, dr. who up front, JC2 on the right and one little sour d. about to take off in front of the 5 gal cloner on the ground. this space is my temporary veg room, i'll be working on getting a new one or a new veg tent in the main part of the basement. this room will turn into my no-till vegetable garden for the winter! thinking about doing a 3x4 bed with some T8s or T5s or LED above it... more thought will go into that once the rest of the basement is remodeled, and veg room is figured out for cannabis.

    Here's the little ones... GG#4, S.D., Querkle, JC2 and Con Cheese. Brainwreck is in the cloner, and i'll have some roots to show soon!


    That is all for tonight! Thanks for joining along everyone. I liked the thread idea better than the journal because i think it's cool to let people get involved and post and share. I'm gonna finish this bowl, and work on some dinner. I'll probably have some food porn on here from time to time lol. love to cook.

    oh i'll get a better camera soon, but iPhone 4 will have to do for now!

    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to following your thread.
    Nice job.
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    ShLUbY Well-Known Member

    nothing to do with the garden... but if you live science, botany, biology, chemistry, whatever.... Latin and Greek are used throughout these fields. I think it's a cool thing to understand how the terms in these fields came together by breaking them down to their root forms. I dunno, maybe I'm a nerd lol. anyway, here's a link i found the other day...
    Grandpa GreenJeans

    Grandpa GreenJeans Well-Known Member

    subbed- Looks very nice. I love the transformation from the old tent.
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