Spider Farmer led grow light--less watts, more light

I have a 200mm exhaust fan and a 150mm intake I have no idea why you are bringing this up. I am not sure if you read my post? My issue is with the aluminium heatsink on the back of the led boards.

Again i have no issue with the performance of this light. Ill post up 2 plants i recently harvested under this light.
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My issue stems from the fact i needed an extra fan ran against this heatsink to keep it at adequete temps.
Ok was not sure and yes I did read post sorry man and best of growing,IT just seems that the air has extreme cooling As I have had no issues. And your ladies look like the are very happy! Great Job


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Shit that looks pure fire bro ,im not having no issues with heat ,but i still have the exhaust from 2 x 600 hps in there and 5 inch inlet .If anything its running a little cool,I have added a speed dial to the exhaust,its running on low for time been.but I am gonna increase soon ,there starting to smell .All 3 strains i have in there are super loud ,so we will see .


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Really happy with these two plants ,seems the last two days they have really jumped into flower.I was told to expect stretching but aint gone none of that .There may the odd flower on the out side that have strectched a little.But nothing to worry about,there gonna be a nice weight coming from the exodus to.I will try and get some photos of it .Its tucked away in a corner ,so im struggling to get photos that look any good .But I will try ,exodus disco biscuit 20201013_123904.jpg20201013_123848.jpg20201013_110328.jpg20201013_110254.jpg20201013_110145.jpg20201013_110134.jpg


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The SF2000
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Here's the finished product from the first my round under this thing in a 2'x4':
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I am very pleased with this light. I'll be looking into another one when I expand my grow space. :-D
Thanks for your support and share.
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Few better photos,Im well happy with the growth the room .The funny thing is you will be suprised just how much heat hps lights do pump out .Because the cob t5 and this room are pretty much bang on temp wise,well depending on outside temps .I'm bringing air in from out dide always have.Apart from winter ,we have high humidity in winter so I pull from a void in the loft space then.I did that yesterday ,but temps and humidity aint changed much yet .But it is a little early,for the out door temmps to effect indoor yet .I'm using 3.50 a day in juice to run the full house ,so it has pretty much made the full grow and housr use 1/2 what it used to 6.20 2 hps cool hoods .Now a lot are saying that electric does not matter to them ,they get it back at harvest .I do my self ,I sell friends whats left over for that reason .But its about leaving a smaller foot print while sti producing all the bud i need for meds and smoke. This will all be put into jars ,the minute its dry and cure ,sealed not opened until the Christmas week. I like to have a few strains in jars under tree.So family and friends can smoke what they want and enjoy the holiday.Chufffed that it's fell that its going to be the 3 strains i love the most ,that was not planned by the way ,i picked some clones up and it was these 3 .Greenhouse sent me some beans for some pbotos I did them of some exodus auto .A few stats
canna a/b
Big bud
pk 13/14
60/40 coco clay balls
System hydro
Auto pots 3 pot system
Ec week one veg 1.1

Week two 1.2
Week three 1.3
Week four 1.3
Week 1/6
Ec 1.4
Week 7, 1.5 ec
Air rings in the bottom of each pot ,connected to fish tank pump
Large ball air stone in res
Root barrier mats going up the side of pots,from the trays just to stop roots getting into the ball cocks.
Next set are the exact same has whats in now,Because I got all clones (future mothers) at different times .There all over size wise ,so after this one .Next sey go in ,then they all get cloned and mothers will be built from them for uniform growth.Cant wait to run that jaffalatto and lemon kush,had a small piece last night of it nice . At the minute the weed situation is not great local its thin on the ground,but that's a good thing.Soon we are gonna get hit with the Christmas growers ,that shit bud that's sold for next to nothing .But saying that a few do nice bud ,and still charge next to nothing for it .So just have to hope that the bud still keeps its price when mine drops,170 on a oz aing known that for about 6/7 year.20201016_110549.jpg20201016_110525.jpg20201016_110514.jpg20201016_110503.jpg20201016_110454.jpg20201016_110444.jpg20201016_110434.jpg


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Why did ya have light at this height ,interested in this tbh .I been using it at 18 inch in the short veg they had under this light.The nodesgrew lovely and tight,the odd one did stretch but ya always get odd one.
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Love this ,looks pukka


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