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    Josch Edgington

    Josch Edgington Active Member

    ok my fellow peeps here we go. I will make this short as possible just to get the ball rolling. I have a theory about terpenes. I'm not just making this up. I have ran 12 different strains and helped others with a couple more. Trying to figure out why strains with similar THC and CBD profiles affect you differently and how cannabis is medically beneficial. I researched everything the web has. Everyone says it is the THCs or CBDs and finally some think there might be correlation with terpenes. Upon reading this I had an idea that the terps actually are the directors to point the cbds and thcs in the direction you need them to work. Like I said this is all theory and needs further research. The reason I think this is some strains that react differently to your system have close to same thc and cbd profile have different terps. I started studying original landraces and found they actually smelled and tasted like the indigenous plants fund in the region they grew. I also found that terpenes not only have the smell and flavor but they are also used in medicine since the beginning of time. The terps in cannabis have matching terps in nature found in the essential oils of certain plants. To make a long story short. I thought maybe I can increase the terps in my cannabis and make it more affective. It would beat eating mangoes every time you smoke or rubbing your self with lemon grass. So I ran a few tests and found you can increase the smell and flavor with the right oils or completely screw it up. I found that you can match the terpene profile of your strain with the terps in nature and get a better smelling and tasting plant by adding a few drops of the correct oils to your water during flower. It was just highly expensive to do this and you manipulated what the plant actually tasted like. To find a way to make it more economical I devised a spray with purified water and a few drops of essential oils commonly found in sativa strains in a spray bottle and misted the air. To my surprise this made every strain smell like the breeder described every seed grown. Wow no more looking for that elusive smelling and tasting pheno. So if this works with smell and flavor it should work to increase the medical aspect of your plant. Charlottes Web a well known strain used to fight seizures is low in thc high in CBD and high in Linalool. Linalool has an anti seizure affect. Could the correlation be that the thc cbd and terpenes work together to create a common goal. Orange oil is also high in linalool If you added that to your water would you increase the Linalool even higher? Would it make a better medicine that is more affective, so you could use less and get the same results? If so then you could match terps to medical and terps in cannabis and make sure your meds are what you need. The implications are endless. you could personally make sure your cannabis works for you. If this is possible BIG PHARMA will have a serious competitor.
    Josch Edgington

    Josch Edgington Active Member

    This theory could be the way to bring the outdoor influence to the indoor grow and also a way dial in your medicine for your specific ailment.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member


    thats why terps are added to newer pharmaceutical preparations

    GrowerGoneWild Well-Known Member

    No, you have it wrong, you are adulterating it with your "oils".

    I'll have to look into it but you cannot transport those compounds through the roots.

    The only way you can influence terpene and psychoactive compounds is light selection and lower temps to prevent terpene cookoff..

    I see now why you were kicked from ICMAG.
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    Josch Edgington

    Josch Edgington Active Member

    Thank you for your reply. You will not find any info on this unless it was written by me first. I have talked to very high people in the industry and no one is doing this. Even though it will harm your plant in no way you use pure essential oils and yes the roots will pick them up I have done the tests. I gave a Afghan Kush eucalyptus and it increased the eucalyptol made a oil with veg glycerin that took away a ganglion cyst and reduced the affects of carpal tunnel without surgery. It is possible to add the terps. In nature plants put terpenes in the air to seed the clouds for rain. Also they use essential oil of basil to create synergy in the flavor of tomatoes. Also essential oils of indigenous plants are found in soil thus the reason the soil puts what region it is from on the bag. Cannabis absorbs things from the environment try spraying febreze in the air and see if it don't affect your plant.

    VTMi'kmaq Well-Known Member

    I'm sure higher altitudes play a significant role too?
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    Josch Edgington

    Josch Edgington Active Member

    I'm not here to argue. I have spent the last three years working on this theory. The possibilities are limitless. There are three types of limonene used by the flavor and perfume industry. Tangerine grapefruit lemon. This theory is sound as far as smell and flavor I am just seriously interested in the medical implications. There is proof of correlation of terps and what their smell and flavor are. I just can't believe no one else has put the puzzle together.

    tropicalcannabispatient Well-Known Member

    Kicked from icmag? Damn thats cruel..
    Josch Edgington

    Josch Edgington Active Member

    I guarantee altitude has a lot to do with Thc one of the strongest strains on the planet come from Colorado.
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    Josch Edgington

    Josch Edgington Active Member

    what is your handle on icmag

    GrowerGoneWild Well-Known Member

    Your putting an additive in the plant. You're not manipulating the terpene profile.

    Look this is basic botany here.. if you want to flavor the flowers.. the concept is the same with carnations as well as cannabis. Make a cut like your flowers and put them in a water solution with your flavor that is cut with a solvent like alcohol soluble in water like.. vanilla.. or whatever. That will eventually move into the flowers, its a cheater way to flavor your flowers.

    I see why you were kicked from ICMAG...

    GrowerGoneWild Well-Known Member

    Proof please..

    The only 30%+ strains Im aware of are not from colorado. They are chiquita bannana and GG4.. from RB26.
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    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    you havent discovered anything. and adding eucalyptus oil to your plant isnt the best idea as its a fairly potent herbicide like most secondary plant metabolites
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    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member

    Lol - learn something new everyday.

    Well, not yet - it's early. :cool:
    Josch Edgington

    Josch Edgington Active Member

    sorry tropicalcannabispatient that was not for you. it was directed to growergonewild. sorry hit the wrong key
    Josch Edgington

    Josch Edgington Active Member

    Yuck there is nothing natural about that. This makes your plants naturally use the terpenes in their genetics you can force flavor but yuck. I am talking about giving your plants what they already have terpenes which are all that is left in essential oils. You are confusing what I am talking about. With something that will ruin your dope.
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    Josch Edgington

    Josch Edgington Active Member

    the werc shop adds essential oils to their concentrates after making them to match the plants natural profile. This does it during the flower stage so if you cold process your oil using live resin extraction and purge under 85 degrees you lose no terps. Thus there would be no reason to add the oils afterwards.
    Josch Edgington

    Josch Edgington Active Member

    You need to do some research eucalyptus has many health applications. Also cannabis has many insect fighting terps in it already. And adding terpenes that are found in cannabis with an all natural oil that only contains terps is adding terps.

    bict Well-Known Member

    - germinate seed
    - plant seed
    - give plant optimal conditions
    - profit

    Advanced cannabis 420 grow book
    By bict

    That will be 50 dollars please.
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    Josch Edgington

    Josch Edgington Active Member

    I challenge you all to take one plant and try it. If you are just into smoking then mist the air not the plant if you need medical benefits you would want to add it to your water.

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