Terpenes enhancement and manipulation

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    Trichometry101 Active Member

    Bump to say:

    Op fuck you and your fake terps. Youre going to kill somone spraying essential oils on weed, or soaking it into the roots. Go run some on your nuts and tell me how it feels. Thats how my lungs feel after vaping your fake weed.

    Its not the same people! You can't soak your shitty waterbud in fruit rind extract and tell me its more natural like it's suppossed to be. No, its bitter as fuck. Terps are smells, not flavors. You are doing Cannabis a horrible disservice. Some essential oils can't even be used for open air aromatherapy, they are POISONOUS TO THE LUNGS, and here we have dipshits on the international web spreading the shit globally to other idiots, fucking dripping the shit in your res, soaking it into the plant fiber. All because youre a hydro growing moron who doesn't want to get his hands dirty growing real plants with medicinal and nutritional value. Thats how you get plants to smell and taste like what theyre suppossed to.

    Your hydro is WACK. All hydro is wack, all greedy growers weighing their airy oilless bud down and looking for gimmicks to add smell. Youve ruined your already shit weed, and given your customers healthy issues, you piece of shit. I bet you also think feeding Brix+ is magically feeding your non existent micros, rather than soaking right up into the bud. I know how you fake weed growers are. Dousing bud in simple sugars for weight and frost. And plant extracts to fool rookie retard placebo smokers, the only people who buy your shit.

    If you want your weed to smell like a real plant, like it's suppossed to, stop growing it with an iv bag and vitamins! God damn its that simple. Pick up a book. Teaming With Microbes is a good start.. You admit your weed sucks but blaming it on not using essential oils? Im fucking through, I'll never bite my tongue to water/air bud growers again.

    Your weed is BULL SHIT before and after you contaminate it with unsmokable oils and sugars, like every single one of you seem to do. Fuck that fake shit. Your weed-shaped lettuce soaked in Pineapple Express terp blend, lol what a JOKE!
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    since1991 Well-Known Member

    Lighten up...Francis

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    respectfully have to disagree, with a simple example.
    feed mj with 1/10th strength as directed and the plant will finish, but lack nose and effects. Add some composted items, or feed full and they will finish great.

    I am able to compost items(year) and grow in them, like lemons, pine needles, etc, and seriously influence these profiles, if they already existed.
    notice apples on an old tree are always better? maybe because the apples are composting beneath it like nature intends? or a garden plot of chemdog over a course of ten years will grow much stronger smelling plants than the ones previously if those plants are composted beneath it? I have....I'm on to something too. try it for a blast.

    you cannot pour something in the dirt to change the flavor. but you can use a water soluble flavoring or color to immediately influence a hydroponically fed plants' color and flavor,(remember food coloring in a carnation uptaking?) so......believe me people are all over this with their otherwise shitty produce. we know though, and thats why we grow our own
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    companies are infusing terpenes back into their oils. some for medical benefits some for the flavors etc.
    dlimonene breaks the blood brain barrier immediately delivering compounds to the brain affecting a cannabis oil user with quicker onset for instance. dlimonene cannot influence the flavor of a plant when mixed in water or dirt though. composted whole lemons are a success though I've done this, still do. it wont make a plant smell like lemons but will strongly influence one with the existing profile. old grape plants make tastier grapes right? maybe from all the linalool composted beneath it?
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    GrowerGoneWild Well-Known Member

    I already explained that polar compounds could be transfered via pholem or xylem to other parts of the plant if the stem is cut as observed in artificial coloring in carnations. I dont see why you cant transfer flavor compounds this way. But its artificial and misleading for the consumer.

    There is a lack of evidence showing terpene transfer to flowers via root uptake. Or have I seen any abstracts showing such transfer. I'll say that plants react differently in soil via the symbiotic relationship of exudates and microlife, leading to different aroma qualities in soil vs synthetic systems in doing my own side by sides. If there is such evidence I'll gladly change my viewpoint.

    Fruit quality from mature apple trees in my opinion is related to tree pruning and a well cared for mature tree has properly exposed fruit, and doesn't have much to do with terpene production.

    keeron Active Member

    There is even a blog posted on this, i cant post the link though..
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    keeron Active Member

    I actually have a theory, just like the OP.
    OP actually might have got his big theory from a blog which was posted on 2015-08-28 ,
    A few months before he started this thread, Which clearly states, putting essential oils into the feed, water or foliar.

    Someone give me 2 likes so i can post the link.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Sorry, but using compost made from the plant you are feeding, is asking for diseases.

    QtrNdaPuss Well-Known Member

    I've been reusing my soil for over 6 years now. I don't think that's true. but everything I've grown has been propagated in house. Maybe that is more of an issue if you use clones from outside sources. All i do is break up the rootballs add some dry fertilizer and water and let it sit in a barrel for a month or so. I've only had fungal attacks (bud rot) on like 3 plants in all that time and it was during a cycle that had horribly high humidity like 75% during lights out for the last 3 weeks.
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    keeron Active Member

    I actually have a theory, just like the OP.
    OP actually might have got his big theory from a blog which was posted on 2015-08-28 ,
    A few months before he started this thread, Which clearly states, putting essential oils into the feed, water or foliar.

    Here is the link LOL :

    It clearly says what the OP said, a few months before this thread was created.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    what? you know ALL plants and their fallen parts including fruits and fermenting seeds etc, are a very important part of cultivation.
    all of our organic soil is made up of composted materials ideally, if those are mj leaves or oak bark I see no difference once their composted, related to deseases. cite examples please I am interested.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    Father Ramirez

    Father Ramirez Well-Known Member

    Your use of the word 'sorry' is loaded with attitude that loudly conveys to readers, 'sorry, I'm right and you're wrong', which is dickish at best, and contrary to the natural process of vegetative growth, death, and decomposition. You.have personal anecdotal evidence to suggest your claim, but it is more likely you introduced those diseases inadvertently yourself, as it does not concur with common experience.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Ok, Freud, go back to sleep.
    Don't read shit that isn't there into stuff. That is how psychosis starts off.

    We speak like the English over here, and it is not uncommon to start with an apologetic sorry.

    When you don't properly compost diseased/infested plant material and then go and apply it to the same species, things can happen.
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    Jimmy Verde

    Jimmy Verde Well-Known Member

    Listen to this guy lol he knows his shit
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    dabbindylan Well-Known Member

    Higher altitude effects terp content! Acids n ph n microbes will directly effect total content. Light n temperature are also critcal... Some terp voltile as low as 72f°. Vaccum sealing while curing or freezing will preserve all thc n terp content. Anything else is wack..
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    dankness19 Well-Known Member

    Will using Alpha-Pinene terpene with notes as a supplement work?
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    mr. childs

    mr. childs Well-Known Member

    might, i currently use lavender epsom salt, i thought of adding caryophyllene to a foliar spray...

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