Terpenes enhancement and manipulation

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    GrowerGoneWild Well-Known Member

    Ive never observed the so called flavor transfer.. at our house down south we have Capsicum annuum next to the Sevil Oranges. Never had spicy oranges or citrus tasting chiltepin.
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    I still have to "try". I mean, "spicey" tomato's - Mmmmmmm! I'll put some betwixed my big potted Ghost - Reaper and Scorpions and some between the in-ground Thai finger hots... won't hurt to see! Got some 12 year old Tobasco plants,,,,,those are hotter then the sauce Mc makes - big time!

    greasemonkeymann Well-Known Member

    Just keep "la latina" on the downlow man...

    shorelineOG Well-Known Member

    These were all in the nightshade family, peppers and tomatoes. I was skeptical until I read some other people's posts. I have also had land race strains with hollow, segmented stalks that was like bamboo.
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    shorelineOG Well-Known Member

    Sulfur and uv light increases flavor. It is odd that islands have tropical tasting herb, northern cali has grape strains and Oregon has blueberry. Afghan weed is grown near poppies and gives a narcotic high, equatorial strains grown near coffee have a stimulant effect. Maybe just a coincidence.
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    GrowerGoneWild Well-Known Member

    Interesting, I'll ask the horticulture department at the university.. I have some raised veggie beds I'm designing, since they have to be within the same bed for the cold frame.. I have doubts, the same family, just too much differences.. the same genus is more likely..

    I have my doubts.

    GrowerGoneWild Well-Known Member

    I've never had a single poppy near the indica strains I've grown,

    I dunno man.. I think you're just messing with us.. ;)

    shorelineOG Well-Known Member

    I also have unanswered questions. Native people and old farmers sometimes know things that can't be explained. This sounds laughable and then gets dismissed but I have seen it happen to the nightshades, first hand.
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    GrowerGoneWild Well-Known Member

    It is laughable when you cant explain the process behind it.

    shorelineOG Well-Known Member

    It would be laughable to dismiss things we don't understand. I never presented this as fact and the other guy with spicy carrots got me thinking. Plants are fast evolving and Marijuana had the potential for having more terpenes than any other plant. It has the same terpenes found in other plants, that we know. What we don't know is how all these terpenes appear.
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    GrowerGoneWild Well-Known Member

    Why support a concept that is questionable, or something you dont understand yourself? You're willing to accept things without proof of concept.

    "Native people and old farmers sometimes know things that can't be explained"

    Come on now..

    [QUOTE="shorelineOG, post: 12449358, member: 920117"}What we don't know is how all these terpenes appear.[/QUOTE]

    Sure we do, its called genetics, Cannabis spp. has evolved an interesting set of terpenes to attract, or defend from biotic or abiotic factors. Even a pine tree has developed terpenes as a form of defence from insect attack or an attractant. Some of the Thai genetics have different aromas from say Afgani.

    There's been lots of selective breeding for various sets of Cannabis cultivars.. DJ shorts blueberry?.

    Joedank Well-Known Member

    this has been proven with basil . as listed eriler
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    superbak3d Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure a plant's terpene profile is hard coded into it's DNA. You can't change it.

    The best you can do is try to the most terpenoid production as possible

    flowersforfree Member

    But over time with strict regiment could for say evolve the: flavor, medical value, really anything height-flower time. Isn't that why folks breed, to make things better?
    I think as our stock evolves so will the terpenoid production and quality.
    Can we add (koala bear oil and think bed bugs are gona stay off us because we smoke, NO. that takes time with adding oils and messing around with different combos until one of us gets it.) lol
    Over time it will be vary interesting to see what folks come up with though.
    But hey what do I know, older I get the more I know- I know shit, could just be having a flash back!

    superbak3d Well-Known Member

    With decades of cross breading and evolution of the plant, it's not uncommon for these plants to carry multiple terpene profiles.

    White Widow for example carries humulene and caryophyllene terpenes.

    So even if we increase terperoind production, there's no guarantee we boost the right profile.

    K seems to have the biggest impact on terpenoid production
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    Joedank Well-Known Member

    you are close but science has yet to prove your "k" theroy

    here is a patent for light modulation a snippit of it shows light can affect gene expression and overall plant expression :

    "Specific wavelengths of light provide discrete information to the plant leading to particular responses. For instance, blue light (400-500 nm) controls phototropic growth, leaf expansion, stem growth inhibition and accumulation of anthocyanin pigments. Red light (-660 nm) controls many responses including germination, functions of the chloroplast, stem and petiole growth. Far-red light (>700 nm) is an important signal in a shaded environment, and has a central role in modulating red light responses. All of these light wavelengths have effects on flowering and gene expression."

    now if light has that much to do with expression . could pest pressure be the key to modulaion of terpens . like the expression of the SAR response on oil producion in plant *HINT*
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    superbak3d Well-Known Member

    Well we do know K promotes resin production which is where majority of terpenoids reside.

    For now, it seems like a good source of potash combined with UV lighting is the most direct and effective route to maximizing terpenoid production.

    That and reducing the use of synthentic nutes. Synthentics have a negative impact on terpenes
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    Joedank Well-Known Member

    i agree on the top points BUT to add conjecture to the fire . a buddy that make extractions for a living tells me organicly grown buds have less terrrps...? weird ... might be the growers he works with though...
    loving your input ...
    do you use sulpomag?? or crab/shrimp meal??

    superbak3d Well-Known Member

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    oswizzle Well-Known Member

    Methyl Jazz works... but your yield suffers in a HUGE way

    It all comes down to Genetics.. you cant make a Hobbit into Shaq and vice versa

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