Three a Light???

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    Better step up you game
    I'm doing 43% THC
    N it's only 500 Canadian
    So about 40 bucks USA
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    pics or it ain't so.........


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    And I want to know how good is that bud? More doesn't equal good....

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    how high are those lights???


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    Take a look at my harvest thread

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    Anyone got pictures or pDF of the book?

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    Page 8
    hot cheetos

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    We had 2 seperate plants growing here. Neither of the members posted the end results. What happened???

    And wheres the fkin PDF fellas!? If I bought this book that shit would have been on Pirate Bay on DAY ONE. Simply out of principle for that ridiculous price tag!
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    hot cheetos

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    Also, I'd like to add to this debate about defoliating/not defoliating. 2 grows ago I did light defoliation. My last grow, I pulled almost zero leaves. I noticed that ALL the buds that were covered by leaves stayed small and lime green and essentially unripe. I thought that if a leaf receives the light, it will send the energy and growth to the buds. I witnessed that to not be the case AT ALL. For the buds to get bigger, the BUDS had to have DIRECT light on them. Not the leaves. So if all those leaves that were blocking the buds were trimmed off, the buds would have ripening up and grew in size and maturity/THC concentration, and theoretically...yield. What do the leaves do if they don't send all the energy to the most important part of the plant, the flowers themselves.

    I thought the leaves were like solar panels that take in energy and send it to the flowers. But if a bud is not receiving light it does NOT grow. So what the fuck is the purpose of these fucking leaves if they dont help the flowers?!

    I don't know which is better, but i witnessed first hand that buds dont grow without sunlight no matter if all your leaves are getting light. Light on the leaves does not make buds grow.

    At the same time, I don't doubt that pulling leaves stunts growth. So I'm on the fence about this and unsure of which way to lean. Any yet, all these people trying to prove with science that pulling the leaves will hurt yield, and you have these guys put up a timelapse video of completely defoliated plants getting FAT colas. Wheres the conspiracy?

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    You have buy their book and nutrient line to find out.
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    I tried it out on a plant last run and had mixed results.

    Just helped a friend take down a 12 light gravita room that blew me away though. He bought the book when we were discussing it and followed everything except the nuts. He ran his own strange mix.

    As mentioned above, the extra weight came from leaving all the bud sites on the plant. There were golf balls all the way to the dirt.
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    That's pretty much been my experience also except when I did the extreme defoliation I got small colas and minimal side branching. My best compromise is letting the plant grow with minimal or no defoliation while bud sites and side branches are growing, then do selective defoliation of big leaves to allow enough light into the plant and the lower buds develop and get hard.

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    I have . Yield is improved, haven't seen much difference in potency

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    To fully schwazze , you gotta take EVERY leaf with a stem on it. That's bb#3 day 1 and day 6

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    thatsthe day you strip em and then 3 days later?

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    It's Bruce banner #3 the day I stripped and 6 days later. I'm doing the 3 wk strip now, will post pic tomorrow
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    I also have a scrog of gorilla glue #4 I will post pics of tomorrow.
    I did very light defoliation with exact strains last grow, the bud sites r far closer and more dense this time
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    Here's the 3 wk strip on that. Pic quality not great but it was 4am, didn't feel like screwing with it at the . Moment

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    This is following 3 wk strip on gorilla glue 4 scrog

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