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    I just want to know how long it takes to get 3 pounds per light. Does it take all year, it looks his plants are supercroped to much so he has to take leafs off to prevent mold. I think I can do the same thing without taking leafs off in less time. I meet these guys and they can't answer these questions. I even asked them what type of light and they said doesn't matter. I was like wtf so a 400w bull crap. Anyways assuming 1000w it takes a long time to grow a plant, take all the leafs off, grow again and again. I have done this and I makes some sort of sense but a lot of work.
    I would be happier with 1 pound every 3 months vs. 3 pounds every 9 months risking pests and theft
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    If you're running plants that finish between 8-9 weeks, small'ish grow, separate cure area, then you can take down 3 per every 8-9 weeks. Larger grow, drying in the same space, large crew, ~every 72 days.

    No reason to remove leaves unless they are dead.

    Lighting is crucial. 3 per 16sqft is possible under a 1k SE, under DE I believe the "per light" amount can be increased due to their larger footprint. Haven't played with DE's yet.

    ... and even happier with 3 every 9 weeks.

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    3 a light is possible with gavitas bulbs, 7gal pots and fimming your plants a few times in veg.

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    Where's the pdf out did u decide not to

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    No it doesnt prove anything. . he PROBABLY did it during bud and didnt switch ppm to replace nutrient loss and also the other techniques insode of the book. U guys wanna be roght so bad.. But are u getting 3 a light how about 2 lol surely not. The ego is a terrible growing partner.
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    U did it wrong

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    My hippie logic hypothesis. Most plants are used to being eaten. Not a problem for our plant in particular. Few people have a problem with topping a plant multiple times. Because the plant says fuck you and doubles it's growing tips. Now, an animal might eat the leaves and not the flowers. Eating dense resin will put off most critters but leaves cant get that densely covered. So, they get eaten. Plants have more leaves than they need because they need to survive. Stripping the leaves may signal to the plant it is being eaten and put energy into flower production which wont be eaten so easily.
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    Where does your hippie logic suppose the plant gets it energy to put into flower?
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    Topping works because you're cutting off the apical meristem, that produce auxins inhibiting lateral growth of everything below it. The real name of it is apical control.

    Have any links explaining how or why plants grow to many leaves?
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    This is hippie-logic sources are for the man.

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    Nah busy my first post out.

    Gonna give it a shot on a nice big GG#4. I'll post the pics soon.
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    Save yourself the money on the book. This works 100 percent however its strain dependent. If you are growing say og or diesel this method is for you. Not autoflowers. Contrary to popular belief flowers will grow just fine without leaves. Yes energy is stored there mostly carbs. But in a plants surivival when you remove all fan leaves the plant goes into almost an over time nuclear option. It starts looking for the carbs and it will get it anywhere it can. Under this method from my own experience i find the plants drinking at double the speeds. I also have to up my levels of pk in the 6th week a dash more than usual. You only get bigger yields if you have left bottom growth. This is because normally this is cleaned and removed with this method you leave most of it on. This method also requires a nutrient line that loads up on humic and magnesium. I can post pictures. Ill say this i dont do 3 a light but i get very close without sacrificing quality. No you dont need leaves to make buds.
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    Royal purple brings out the colors. No chilly nights meeded
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    "It's got what plants need"

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    I like grasshoppers, spider mites, thrips, and caterpillars indoors and deer, rabbit, and panda bears for all my outdoor defoliation needs. Panda's can be fussy little pricks but they seem to like mandala seeds crops best. Plants blow up like chernobyl.
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    Do you have any threads about huge plants in small pots ?
    I've never seen a plant that big in a pot that small.

    I'm using 10g smart pots , fabric pots , whatever u want to call them. I finish my veg in 3G plastic pots

    53 days ago I decided to try 7g. I just started to flush (52)
    So no numbers on weights etc , but the buds look and seem to be 15-20% smaller .

    Running the 7g is better for me because it easier for maintenance etc. but it's not worth it at the 10-20% loss

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Great title to sell a book! I'm writing on called 40% THC, how to grow strong bud. It will only cost $499.95.......
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