Trying something new.


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Hi y'all, GR865 back with another Coco grow. Not sure what method I will grow this round, Vertical or Horizontal, will determine that once everything is started in the solo cups.
Started the seeds in a solution of H2O, Cal/Mag and a touch of Rapid Start, 12hrs and the seeds have sunk to the bottom of the jar, 24 hrs more and then put them in paper towels. Cups ready for seeds, 1/2 filled with coco/perlite, 70/30 and flushed with a solution of H2O, Cal/Mag and Great White. Will add the Rapid start at first sign of emergence.


Starting 10 seeds, 5 Mimosa EVO for my assistant and 5 Wedding Cake for me. Seeds are still in damp paper towels till tomorrow when I will plant them in the Solo's.
As you can see I filled the Solo's about half full and plan as the plants sprout and begin to stretch of topdressing to fill the cups. This was when they are ready for the larger SmartPots will not need to bury the plants too deep.
I am so ready to rock this grow. Still have about 1.25 lbs to dried buds to make more FECO and Cannabutter.


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19 days since I started seed soak. 12 days since emergence, and one day since transplant.
7 days after emergence, had 3 of the Wedding Cake germ and emerge and all 5 of the Mimosa EVO emerged. I kept one of the Mimosa and all three of the Wedding Cake, so we both will be growing 4 plants.
20200807_201417 (2).jpg

Transplanted yesterday to 2 gallon Smart Pots with 70/30, coco/perlite. Critical time now, getting the roots of fill the SP and begin the veg.
20200811_122936 (2).jpg

This is going to be a horizontal grow and now for something a bit different, I will be building a 42 inch round screen mounted to a Lazy Susan on wheels, I will be able to move the forward and back plus rotate on the LS about 180 degrees to work on them. Pics when I finish construction.


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Built my SCrog screen this week. Put it in the tent only to see how it should work. 9.6 square feet, 42" circle frame, with Jute string runners, 3.5 to 4 inch squares.
20200816_134228 (2).jpg20200816_154655 (2).jpg20200816_154724 (2).jpg20200816_155448 (2).jpg

When I do some topping and the plants get a bit more growth I will install it and fasten it to the base of the Lazy Susan (LS). I will be able to rotate the plant 180 plus degrees to work on them and at present the height is 18 inches from the base of the LS. I built this Lazy Susan for my LSD Monster Crop grow, and it's really nice not having to crawl under the plants to work on them.

The LS is on rollers that fit into the groves of the drain tray allowing me to move the screen about 12 inches toward the front of the tent, again making it easier to work on the plants.
20200813_151232 (2).jpg

20200813_151252 (2).jpg

Plants on the LS.
20200813_151305 (2).jpg
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Getting some good growth, roots are beginning to fill the pots. This are 6 days from last pics and day 26 since emergence. Hope to put the SCrog screen on in the near future. Not really sure how to start the SCrog. Anyone have a good tutorial on SCrogging.
Here they were 11 days ago.
20200811_122936 (2).jpg
And today
20200822_104948 (2).jpg20200822_105017.jpg

May try to put the SCrog screen in place this week.


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Topped the ladies on the 22nd.

Here they were three days later on the 25th.
20200825_093400 (2).jpg

So today I added the SCrog screen, fastened it down and put screws in the fittings to hold everything in place. Do not use glue so I can take it apart after the grow for storage. Irrigation setup and tested.
20200827_105208 (2).jpg

20200827_122705 (2).jpg

These last two pics where taken on the 27th, the plants have reached the screen except one and is lagging behind the others some. I have started laying them down in a circular position. Just don't have any idea when to begin flowering, I am thinking very soon.
Does anyone have any suggestion on when to start flower?


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Well then does anyone know of a website where I can find the info I need to begin flower?


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Hey gr you frickin' rocket scientist. Looking at the size of your screen and the 8 plants under it I'd start soon. You are already at 50% full and I know you understand stretch. The common rule is 60% to 70% full but with fewer plants for your size screen.
Really nice to see you haven't given up the exploring attitude. Hey due to covid I am trying an organic outdoor grow, it's really cool to see 9' plants again.


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Hey gr you frickin' rocket scientist. Looking at the size of your screen and the 8 plants under it I'd start soon. You are already at 50% full and I know you understand stretch. The common rule is 60% to 70% full but with fewer plants for your size screen.
Really nice to see you haven't given up the exploring attitude. Hey due to covid I am trying an organic outdoor grow, it's really cool to see 9' plants again.
Only running 4 plants, and yes I flipped today. I really like this set up and it makes it so easy to work on the plants. Only thing is when I grow vertical I have about 30 sqft and with this method I only have about 10 sqft.
Good luck on your outdoor grow, I would sure like to give it a try.


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So I changed my mind of beginning flower, going to give them a few more days.

Guess you have to be here, I have gotten flowering recommendations from everyone but DJT, :)
Some have said I need to wait while others have told me I have waited too long.
So today, I did a the major defo prior to starting flower, going to give them around a week to recover and then flip. The screen is about 70% filled.
So yesterday I started defo and retie to getting them ready to flower.

And today after completion of the defo.

Don't like the way the twine is not ridgid, so I am going to the wire store and getting me some 48" wide wire, on 3" center and cut it to fit if this run comes out okay.
Not sure how the return will be, when I run vertical I have about 30 sqft of grow space and with the method I have less than 10 sqft. If I do just a screen to support the plant I can get 12 sqft out of the tent. Will see how it goes, With my vertical grow and my horizontal grows I have been getting 22 to 26 zips per grow so if this one does not match those grows I will go back to vertical.
This has been a fun experiment and building the screen was a hoot.

So I read today where the House is going to take up decrim. this week and I know they want to advance something but the GOP has already said it will not make it to the Senate floor, figures!


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Just a couple of pics from today, day two of 12/12.
Top, should totally fill during stretch.

Got a good even canopy.

And have the undergrowth cleaned up.

Went to the city today, went to the Hydro store and get a ballast replaced, under warranty, died on my last week, have a loaner from the store but need to take my old one in to get it replaced.


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Filling the screen, 90% full

The ladies are starting to stretch.

For you SCrog pro's, what is next? Do I continue to tie stuff down just to maintain height or should I worry about that?
Going to only remove fans that are covering bud sites until the 21th day defo. And will keep tieing down the branches to maintain height.
Got very good growth, good color, low nutes and just began the addition of bloom nutes.


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I maintain height for as long as possible. The more you do, the better the end result, but the difference isn't huge.


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One weeks growth, I am amazed!
This was taken last Sunday, 9/13, the day of the heavy pretrim. Started flower with lights out that night.
20200913_181606 (2).jpg

Here we are last night,one week later, right before the lights came on.

I always do a 21 day defo but unsure if I can wait that long.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I have only been removing large fans that have enough undergrowth to support that stem.


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Sunday 9/13
20200913_181606 (2).jpg

Today 9/25

9 days ago

Tied them down to the screen for the first week of flower, they have stretched over 16 inches. Have the lamps raised to the top of the tent, so I have around 22 inches left between the lamps and the plants. I have just over 9 days of stretch left, not sure how much of that space I will need to complete stretch.

I am also wondering if I don't need to add a second screen. Any thoughts on this?


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lookin great! love that lazy susan idea. looks like another massive haul too when done.

i finally decided to try Uncle Ben's topping for 4 cola technique. just flipped them into bloom yesterday. so far so good.

got a 3rd one in the veg tent waiting to catch up to the other 2.


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Hey gr looks great. You've only got a few problem branches, and you can pull them over to keep them in check and out of the light.


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Kind of got a Freak On, thinking I missed the start flower date and they are getting away from me.
Day 14/15 of 12/12 and running out of room.
This being my first true SCrog I am unsure how to manage it.
The laterals have outgrown the mainstems and are a lot thinner than the mainstems.
What the Fuck!
Way to early to do a defo, don't want to remove many fans yet, got 6 days to major defo but the plants are going ape!
With and without the lamps on.
Defo is going to be a motherfucker. But I love the way the buds look at this point in the game!