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Just a couple of pics from this morning, day 54. Thinking I will harvest the upper buds of the Wedding Cake this next week and the Mimosa EVO still needs more time.

Frosty, sticky and stinky.
20201107_085850 (2).jpg20201107_085924 (2).jpg

This shit is going to make some fine FECO!
20201107_085910 (2).jpg
20201107_085933 (2).jpg


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Update: Day 56

The Wedding Cake is getting close, says it's a 56 to 63 day flowering period. Most are cloudy, some are partially cloudy, I am thinking maybe mid week harvest. Will harvest the top buds first leaving the lower buds for a few more days.

The ladies as a group.
20201109_083000 (2).jpg

Wedding Cake, this one is just about ready
20201109_082939 (2).jpg
20201109_082745 (3).jpg
20201109_085852 (2).jpg
20201104_210011 (2).jpg

Mimosa EVO, mostly clear trichs and seeing mostly white pistils. Thinking next week of longer. Once the WC is harvested will give me more room to spread them and get some good like inside.
20201109_082905 (2).jpg
20201109_082841 (2).jpg

Both are very sticky and the fragrance on both is extreme, with the Wedding Cake having a fuel smell and the Mimosa EVO is very sweet smelling.



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Just a couple of post harvest pics. The Mimosa is still in the tent along with the stumps, going to leave it for a bit longer. Trichs are clear an smoky, some cloudiness.
After all the Wedding Cake was harvested, sort of spreading the Mimosa branches.
20201114_212353 (2).jpg

After spreading the Mimosa.

Laid out for height control.
20201115_163242 (2).jpg

Random bud shots of the Mimosa.
20201115_163133 (2).jpg20201114_231557.jpg20201114_231748.jpg20201114_231757.jpg20201114_231658.jpg

The fragrance is great!


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Put Saturdays harvest in jars today. A little quicker than normal but we had a cold front blew in on Saturday and the humidity dropped to 19%, my normal humidity is around 70 to 80%.
This this after 3 days days hanging and about 36 hours in plastic bags then another days plus on the drying screen.
20201119_111433 (2).jpg

This is the size of buds that went into the jars.
20201119_171331 (2).jpg

7 jars at 32 gram, 2 jars at 42 grams, one jar at 41 grams and 1 jar at 47 grams. 15.1 zips of dried, trimmed and in jars,

About an oz short of what I thought it would be but still a good haul. Still have the Mimosa EVO in the tent for a Sat or Sun harvest, expect more off this plant than any of the three Wedding Cakes.

I will say these buds are tighter and harder than any of my last few grows, so changing the bulbs may have been the right choice.
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Ok today I set up the new grow, 6 Mimosa EVO on rectangle screen.
The original round setup, and the new setup. Will start flower before the plant reach the screen.
20200827_122705 (2).jpg

20201123_172155 (2).jpg

Will be able to pull the plants about two feet to the front of the tent to work on them. That will be great for this old man's back.
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Day 3 of veg under the two 315's.

Normal position in the tent.

Today, pulled the plant stand all the way to the front of the tent and tied down the plants again. Position when pulled forward on the rollers, can move the stand about 1.5 to 2 feet. Gives me ample movement to get to the back plants.
20201124_102134 (2).jpg

Will be able to pull the plants about two feet to the front of the tent to work on them.
Thinking of topping all buds, mains and side branching, one more time. That would allow the plants to go into flower around the middle of December. Looking like there are around ten buds pre plant now and would like to get the bud count to around 20.
These pics taken today.
20201124_104839 (2).jpg

20201124_104850 (2).jpg

20201124_104857 (2).jpg

20201124_104903 (2).jpg

20201124_104910 (2).jpg

20201124_110321 (2).jpg

Do not have labels on the plants because my buddy who started these clones did not label the phenos. My first run this fall was the Wedding Cake and his was the Mimosa EVO and we exchanged clones. He has only been growing for a couple of years, he is lazy and does not check ppm's or pH on a regular bases. The clones I got from him were very in need of additional Calimagic and Epsom.
20201112_120554 (2).jpg

This last pic, taken on 11/12 shows the deficiencies. Got them from him on 11/6 in Solo's and put into the 2 gallon Smart pots on 11/7. Was able to get the problem resolved in my favor in about 4 days. Have 4 irrigation cycles set at 30 seconds each. You can see in today's pics that the Cal/Mag issue is resolved, took over a week but it's under control now. Strong root system being developed so now under the 315's they should begin to flourish.
Gave him 6 clones of the Wedding Cake in Solos that were about 10 inches tall and very healthy. He said wow your clones are so much nicer than the ones I gave you, so we had the Cal/Mag discussion again for about the 5th time, :) like I said he is lazy.

20201124_110308 (2).jpg