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    The question: Is it feasible to intentionally seed auto-flowering strains to use as my consecutive planting stock?

    Follow-up question: Are there any particular brands/strains that may be more stable/suitable to do this with?

    Basically I want to purchase seeds once and then practically never ever again. It's bad enough having to bring attention to myself once, let alone over and over again. Don't even say 'stock up', because that will make it worse, making me look like I want to start the biggest farm in the country or something if it does get intercepted.

    I have no room for indoor and outdoor will be interfered with by porch and other lights. That's why I'm going with Auto. It has to be something that will flower no matter what lights are on or off at random times. As already mentioned though, I don't want to keep buying seeds. As far as I know, it's not feasible to take cuttings from an Auto. So my current idea in mind is to buy maybe 30 seeds to stock up, then intentionally let some plants go to seed along the way. I'll keep the males and females somewhat separated, so maybe can then intentionally fertilse only some of the females and keep the strains breeding separately.

    However my concern is if this second generation of seed (the seed I buy being the first, of course) reverts back to it's grandparent lineage. For some strains, this could possibly mean ending up with a bunch of seed which is only sparingly Auto? Or maybe it could end up being Auto, but being too heavily Ruderalis and as such being just hemp?

    One idea I had in mind to help keep things on track, is to back cross a few times back to the original seed stocks. Like breed the 2nd gen, then take a good female from that gen and cross it back to gen 1 (the seed I'm buying). Then take that 3rd gen and again breed it back to gen 1. Maybe by that stage it will be several generations deep in auto-flowering, but will also have the other traits (such as it's potency, etc) injected back in along the way, so hence forth can be used to make a gen 4 (when needed) our of gen 3 + gen 3 (as I will be out of bought stock by then).

    So does anyone have any insight for me with this situation? General impressions of this will work out and etc. Also maybe some people know some strains which are already a few generations of Auto deep or otherwise solid on the trait. For example I saw one Skunk auto which said only 50% of the seeds are auto! That's the opposite of what I want, and is actually a good example of how I don't want the randomness and uncertainty of breeding to make it all go wrong.

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    If you cross and auto with a auto all the seeds will be auto. I crossed a small Apollo 13 auto with flash seeds mi6 super auto which gets big. Just wait until the seeds almost start to fall out of the pods before harvesting.
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    JDMase Well-Known Member

    I am trying Rodelization on one of my autos to see if it yields viable seeds. Haven't read much info on changing sex late with autos had a mare of a time with CS.. Which is the Other option.. but you have to do it early on with autos, pretty much as soon as you see sex showing.

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    End of October I grew out a couple small auto flowers, northern lights, and early miss from crop king seeds. I harvested all the top bud's that were done and let the lower larf live on and bud out. I had space in the tent, so I just watered until the larfy calyxes fox tailed. Ended up with 5 grams of tiny but shiny buds, and 2 beans I popped the past couple days. Hopefully those seeds put out.

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    rodelization is a surefire way to keep intersex traits in your lines and breed hermies, highly recommend you not use them unless its just for a personal smoke run or something.

    not true, you can do it whenever just as long as you give the plant enough time to develop the male parts 3-5 weeks
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    I was thinking that CS wasn't working and Rodelization was a last resort. I thought that if I at least got some seeds, I could CS the females and that might iron out the intersex issue but I have no idea if that's correct.

    Thanks for getting back to me though, I'll continue with the CS :)
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    I know what you mean, CS can take forever sometimes itll work eventually tho lol
    Yeah definitely not a good way to go man, only plants with intersex in the genes will put off the late flowers and if you use it for breeding you are basically guaranteeing that intersex traits will be present (and probably to a greater degree) in the line.

    JDMase Well-Known Member

    I only considered it due to hearing some breeders used it, after researching apparently people here think that, as you do, it's a bad idea.
    My buds are pretty dry and limp and crispy now but I'm just gonna keep spraying ive got like a gallon of CS now, may as well use it.

    bf80255 Well-Known Member

    i feel you, I was of the same mindset for a while (soma advocates rodelization and I figured a breeder that big wouldnt steer me wrong.... boy was I ignorant lol)

    lol is the plant still alive? dry and crispy sounds like maybe shes already went through her annual life cycle :)

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