Water: The Most Essential Compound

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    Chlorine is the old way. They found Chloramine preserves the water longer because it doesn't do what chlorine does...evaporate

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    What city are you in?

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    So much fuss... obviously the better the water the better you can grow your plants... at the same time, like all other aspects of growing... cannabis is very forgiving.

    Yes, severe problems with your water can have truly terrible effects on your plants, as it can on your body (even showering in really "hard" water dries up the skin, much less drinking it), but small level of contaminants is "ok."

    I use straight city water, I don't even wait for the chlorine to evaporate. I know I have a significant mineral/salt content in my water because I've put a cup of it on my heater and seen the residue. I know there's chlorine and flourine... not sure what else might be added plus in the pipes... my plants are doing well (considering all the other issues they've faced,,, like temps in the 50s-60s).

    So far the one plant I harvested was great (despite being harvested early, only 6 weeks veg, 4 weeks flowers... got almost 1/2 oz)... no harsh taste or anything like that (despite a quick dry/no cure and slight Nitrogen burn from my last feeding).

    Certainly use the best resources that you can... it never hurts (except it seems people who try too hard can spend A LOT more money and encounter more problems), and though I would agree that the best resources will get you the best product... you can grow great bud even with less than ideal conditions.

    For my next grow I plan to use rain/collected fog water as much as possible, as my area gets a lot, both for plant health and because it'll save me a few bucks.

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    Rainwater in Chicago... Hard to say

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    I hear it can be high in Lead.

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    I've used reverse osmosis water in hydroponics for 15+ years. I cook with it, drink it and use it for drinking water for my pets.

    It's the only water I'll use with hydro due to it being clean and not affecting pH. Clean hydro starts with r/o clean water.
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    Is rain a good source of water?

    My tap water is 7.6 and my rain barrel water is 6.8 to 7.0. Now misting and watering with rain and wonder if it is best source?

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    Whats good ?
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    Hi, I am looking to buy a 2-stage water deionizer that pushes my water through a carbon filter and then some "resin" filter.
    The seller says the water comes out at around 6.8 pH, that I can get up to 10L/h (2.64 gal/h) from the filter, and that the deionizing filter can handle up to 350L of water before needing to be replaced.

    My city's tap water isn't really that hard (never measured the EC/TDS, but I don't have a lot/any mineral deposits in my sinks/shower).
    Would this be a worthy investment (for $34.40 + shipping) for watering plants in coco-coir? Would I have to give the plants a CalMag supplement at some point? Would I have to give them CalMag regardless of deionization?

    Thanks in advance for helpin' out a noob!
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    Okay, I live in an apartment with a 4'/5' deep balcony, so I could theoretically put a big 200L (or a 50L) plastic drum out there and create a rainwater collecting system, but what about when it doesn't rain?
    The upcoming summer months here are very wet, but that still doesn't assure me a water supply during the drier winter months.

    Edit: thanks for the tip.

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    If you can't use your municipal water, get a simple RO system.
    A.K.A. Overgrowem

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    That is when I fill in with $.25 a gal. RO. water from a machine
    I grow in soil, that said. I use good ferts and depending on strain often do not have to supplement with cal.-mag.. Using RO. water with brand X Fertz. I would say needing to supplement is more probable than not (watch your plants closely). Untested tap water can fool U, tap water leaves no build up in my area, yet tests out at above 380 ppm. I collect all the rain water I can/need for my 2 plant grow, at any storm. I store it in larger dark wine bottles with corks ( I got from a resteraunt ) in dark under kitchen counter. Good luck.
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    I've looked into that, but I can't find a new RO system for under $250 or even used for under $188 where I live. Plus, my budget can't really accommodate one. :/

    Once I get an EC/TDS meter + pH meter, I'll collect some rainwater and see what I'm working with. I live in a very polluted city, so let's see..
    And I'll test the tap water, evidently.
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    All the crap comes down in the first 10 mins. of a rain. Wait a bit then put out your buckets.
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    Oh yeah, good point. Thanks :)

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    ΑΝΥΟΝΕ.... i have 4 ladies in flowering mode...i transplanted to smartpots...and i started feeding nutrients....i need help... do i feed them instead of watering...or do it water with tap water and then feed and then tap water??? i mean is there a schedule?? or can i feed every day like i water???

    I also would like to know if i mix the nutrients with tap water or distilled one??? thanks in advance...
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    Read, read, read, You have a long way to go.
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    And start a new thread instead of hijacking this one. You'll get more help
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