Water: The Most Essential Compound

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    Lil Kai

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    Loving this thread, water is totally overlooked by some!

    stnr420 Well-Known Member

    Ive been using recycled dehumidifier water for years...7 ppm 6.8-7 ph

    jensenbeach1 Well-Known Member

    I have some plants in soil that I have been giving nothing but RO water to. I will be moving outside in next week or two using well water with a ppm of about 450. I was curious as if there were such a thing as hardening off a plant to a water, say I start using tap water 200-250 (after 24 hours of course) to get the plant used to heavy metals or excess stuff it may not need. Not sure if this is necessary or im thinking too much into it. I just like to gradually ease them into a change i feel 0 to 450 is a major jump, especially if i start adding nutrients
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    Swims_GD Well-Known Member

    jensen.... u think far too into this. lol

    couple years, you'll leave them to do there thing. ;)
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    jensenbeach1 Well-Known Member

    Lmao just thinking of all the possibilities throwing it out there for someone for reassurance/answer any doubts. I have another question its been almost a week no watering no wilt and droop i didnt overwater in the beginning havent seen any sign of overwatering. Im wondering if im going too long in between waterings still regardless of how the plant looks ive been lifting the pots for weight and they seem to have some weight still. Ive just get small spells of thin yellow leaves seems to me then goes away. Could this be from "underwatering" though plant s have yet to ask for water?
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    jensenbeach1 Well-Known Member

    I see growth and roots at the bottom it doesnt seem stunted at all

    Swims_GD Well-Known Member

    recurring yellowing sounds like your on your nitrogen threshold.

    try and water less more often, the top half of your soil takes the water and nutrients first, i would figure if your pots are taking a while to dry out your top half of soil is gonna be really dry by the time you water next.

    if its bone dry your plant isn't taking up any nutrients from the top half, so any nitrogen is unavailable. i would imagine that not very good for the bacteria and micro organisms either. once you find the style your plants love, stick to it.

    if you have any problems after that, or you've changed it up a bit, you have a 'base regime' to go back too that you know your plants will thrive on.

    imo. up the N/ just slightly to stop the recurring yellowing and water with less but more often.

    feeling pretty stoned right now so im hoping this all makes sense because i feel like im rambling a lot
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    jensenbeach1 Well-Known Member

    No it does, and it youre right it gets bone dry on the top sometimes i add very little to the top just to moisten it up. Ive heard microorganisms only live on 2 inches and it needs to stay moist been trying to figure out how people keep that possible. I agree I need to water more often and less I am shocked they are lasting this long w.o more water especially w.o showing signs of overwatering. I think the issue was I usually soak the soil before i transplant and it was the first watering since then probably wasnt dried fully then i fully saturated again. With the roots just starting in the pot taking awhile for it to get used up. I was told its good to presoak to prevent dry pockets in the soil. I think youre right with the drying out and nute issue its probably why I keep think im having a recurring issue, just everytime it reaches that threshhhold. The roots looked great no brown or anything nice and full thats why I was curious if theres such a thing as underwatering while no signs of actual underwater actually occur(drooping anyways). Im going to get them on a less water more often starting this next watering. Im doing 1 dixie and 1/2 cup dixie water per 1 gallon pot pouring slowly and I typically then dont see any run off. May have just went too gung ho early on the first watering since transplant fully saturated it

    Swims_GD Well-Known Member

    as long as your plants are looking healthy you've usually nothing to worry about. just little tweaks here and there.

    When your making your changes do them gradually and 1 at a time so you know if it starts to go wrong where to go back to that works.

    treat each change like a restoration point on your computer. :)

    PhenoMenal Well-Known Member

    I have a Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 question ... I know it has a lot of good uses, antimicrobial etc just to name one so Im not debating its usefulness, but I'm just confused about how it "provides extra oxygen" to the plant, when 99% of a hydro res is water/H2O? Especially when adding such a tiny amount which is typically just a few milliliters. (plus the roots already have good aeration in clay pebbles, coco, aeroponics etc, plus the res probably also has an air bubbler)

    Rrog Well-Known Member

    Your intuition is correct. It's a meaningless claim. Meaningless, in that it doesn't affect the plant's metabolism
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    splitopenmelt Member

    I've been using this lately with mixed results. Some plants show signs of cal/mag def. or nute lockout, not sure which. I give them aloe and coconut water every third watering and they all get the same compost tea so I'm not sure which factor I could be overlooking. I haven't tested my water, I have a meter on the way.

    Any tips or tricks you can offer on treatment of recycled dehu water?

    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    Aloe and coconut water lolol

    splitopenmelt Member

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    stnr420 Well-Known Member

    Well its pretty much like r/o water there is nothing in it....so i always ad 3-5 ml of cal mag per gallon of water to remineralize it along with my base nutes...but im in promix which is inert so your situation may be different...and the ph of your water is critical so that meter is a necessity imo....
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    Queefsniffer Member

    Man, so much to think about when growing, it's a little overwhelming really
    John Levy

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    Great post.

    SureThing New Member

    This thread has some wonderful information in it!

    SureThing New Member

    Great question!!!

    Kerovan Well-Known Member

    It's easy to overthink also. If you are growing in a good soil like Fox Farms don't worry about the water. If you are hydro, then you may want to think of your water, but it's not necessary in a decent soil.
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