Water: The Most Essential Compound

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    GroDank101 Well-Known Member

    Is R/O water or Carbon Filtered water best?

    cobshopgrow Member

    RO Water, as that is 0ppm (or near to), carbon filtered should be just the ion exchange, CA , MG ions exhanged to something else, mostly NA.
    But there is one type filter who do CA to MG.

    Edit: Carbon filter is just , filter, no ion exchange)
    Wrong info from me!

    RO is still 0 ppm :-)
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    squirt1961 Well-Known Member

    RO is the best since closest to 0 ppms
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    Rrog Well-Known Member

    RO is most like (unpolluted) rainwater
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    Flowki Well-Known Member

    Natural rain water is 0ppm?

    Douglas.Curtis Well-Known Member

    The further away you get from people/manufacturing, the cleaner the rain water is. Lots of places have chemicals in the rain water.

    Flowki Well-Known Member

    I see thnx

    Rrog Well-Known Member

    Rain and RO are close. Neither are truly pure, and have miscellaneous insignificant ions in there. Both are pH neutral.

    Flowki Well-Known Member

    Right, I dunno why but I always assumed water had a little but of X minerals in it, aLmost like it's raining calmag ;p. I feel dumb now ^^.

    On a side question. Collecting rain water with a barrel hooked upto a drain pipe etc. how safe is this type of water to use?, I'd imagine the rain water would pick up certain things when running off the roof or through the gutter system and also would it not stagnate if left in a barrel for too long?.
    Have been meaning to get around to collecting some rain water but that's what puts me off.

    Rrog Well-Known Member

    Any water with organic material in it will start to decompose and grow algae. But fresh rainwater would only be limited by air pollution in your area.
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    Flowki Well-Known Member

    So would keeping it in the dark and using within a week be fool proof?.
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    Rrog Well-Known Member

    I think you'll be fine if it's a clean pail / drum and dark, as you said.
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    monty thiessen

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    Thanks for this informational and detailed post . ı ejoy reading

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    What effect does flouride have?

    Rrog Well-Known Member

    It sucks
    Jacobson Wyatt

    Jacobson Wyatt Member

    I trust that the three most critical components that exist are nitrogen, carbon and oxygen. Nitrogen is to a great degree significant in light of the fact that it is such a huge piece of the nourishment web. Carbon is essential since it is additionally some portion of the sustenance web because of the way that it assumes such an imperative part in the structure of every living thing and numerous nonliving things. Carbon additionally gives our common fuel. Oxygen is critical in light of the fact that it is basic in many procedures that empower life and in the change of vitality. Oxygen can likewise consolidate with such a variety of various components to shape various mixes.

    Nitrogen is indispensable in our reality. Around four fifths of the air we inhale is nitrogen. In particular, nitrogen is a standout amongst the most essential components since it is the base of the sustenance web and it is included in a principal cycle. Free nitrogen noticeable all around is consumed by plants and changed over to plant proteins. It is then eaten by creatures that change over it to creature proteins and return it to the dirt as nitrogen waste. At that point bacterial activity causes the nitrogen mixes to end up noticeably free nitrogen once more. Subsequently, plants require nitrogen to survive, the creatures require the plant proteins to survive, and we thusly require creatures and plants to survive.

    spankysmith87 New Member

    Hello Everyone

    True said , water plays very important role in everyone life . Without water no one can live on this earth as well as plants too.

    Great Post !

    Graz Active Member

    I wish our good Dr111 well. I have noticed that he has not posted in a while. I just completed all 697 posts i this thread. Very good information. I believe I will be mixing my R/O and tap water for my girls

    TheHeat Member

    What is the TLDR version of the first posts?

    JanieWilliams New Member

    Water is the really very essential element in human life.

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