what are the highest end names in LED Lighting?


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Second this.. I built my own and they are incredible. And it was easy
Did you add an IR/Red/Deep Red strips to yours? That's the only thing I haven't decided on yet- I know I need some to boost flower production but I don't know which to go with and I haven't found any good threads yet.

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HLG is damn nice BUT! DAMN expensive!

You can get better for 1/2 the price. Samsung H chip sets over the B sets too.

Hand built and I just ran 2 complete runs with 1 HLG board, 3 of my guys hand built boards and 3 1K watt HPS in Jupiter 6 hoods that deliver 20% more light then a "normal" hood.

I just replaced the Hooded HPS units and moved the HLG to reserve use....

Guess what? I went with the custom built units!

If it's in some box like frame with advertised UV features.......YOUR PAYING TOO MUCH FOR LESS!
The UV will be UVA - which ain't doing shit - need UVB!

Far reds and IR bands are not really proving to do much in my eye's....Not in the long term, nor to my run cost vs yields.


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as the post says, if price was to be no issue what are the best lamps out there. I'm currently running (3) marshydro sp150 and (1) spider farmer 2000 in my cab. I've been thrilled with them so far, about 12 months of constant use now and no problems and wonderful rock hard frosty buds. That being said, I realize that I have "price point" lights. Just curious what the higher end lights are and what they are going for for a 4x4.
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There's quite a few that you can add for high end lights.. fohse, fotonica eva3 is pry one of thee best lights in the game right now but also most expensive...g2v optics, valoya, hortibloom, lumigrow,lumitek, specgrade, heliospectra, ...All of those need to be added to the list i believe thanks


Here is what I did (I have 2 in my 4x4 space)

$279 (great deal!)


$6 2 of these, one for each corner
$7 For the AC side (Need your Wago Connectors)
$13 Chop one of these cords for needed wire on the DC side and cord run outside tent to the driver

Total $376 shipped


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Don’t forget about photontek. Their existing 600w was one of the best Migrow ever tested and the 1000w versions they’re working on will set a new standard.
Regardless of which fixture you choose, the AgroMax UV idea is spot on. Existing UV diodes has very poor useful life so a 4’ T5 bulb on a light mover at the top of the tent seems like the way to go
Check out solacure their uv is better than agromax is even and has killer options built in reflectors too


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Growers Choice ROI-E720 is showing me some gorgeous results in bloom AutoPot system. 4 XL Plants.

Day 14 of flower:
View attachment 4715427

View attachment 4715426
Quoting myself a couple weeks later the plants are looking even better under that Growers Choice ROI-E720. Plants are nearing the end of week 5. I will be buying more of these fixtures.. I'm about to hit them with my Ripening formula for week 6 through 8 and then flush for 2 weeks. It'll be righteous.


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Week six of flowering under a d.i.y. led from Samsung F series gen 3.

Niiiiice growth bro!!! Samsung fseris gen 3for the wins!!! I'm hating Coco rn with deficiencys and shit.. would love to grow something under these in good quality soil. What medium are you using?