what are you running now ?

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    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

    Changed out the bulb, and thought I try my hand at light off pics - looks like I'll need more practice. These clone buds are at 4 wk 12/12. Moms have shown that they'll all be frosty and done @< 60 days, except for the cherry white, which the mom took 70.

    chernobyl - TGA

    grape smuggler 1 - Archive

    grape smuggler 2

    cherry white - Cabin Fever
    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    The girls look great.
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    King Arthur

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    Footgolf, just got done running 18 holes... well if by running I mean go carting all over the whole course, hitting the sand traps like it was a dune buggy. Shit was so funny almost had to walk home cuz the wife lol

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    this is why im fucking broke as shit! testing maybes when im backburner guaranteed $$$....and im in that same mode. but i couldnt help myself, i cracked some shit lol
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    professor KIND

    professor KIND Well-Known Member

    im better today.
    sat down to make a new germination & seedling protocol.

    feeling like this ewc (from foxfarm grow big) sprtiz i did last night had a great effect.

    think, i saved the rest of my blueberry.
    that worm poop is some amazing amazing.

    my new planting / transplant plan & cause i recycle my coco : or even fresh coco with seedlings

    1) pot coco & drench with h202 solution
    2) wait 24 hours , fluff coco , & crack seeds
    3) while seeds germ , hit medium with the ghetto ewc tea i make
    4) plant germd seed direct into coco soon as they ready

    im thinking this gonna be the ticket.

    for now, i'll keep rocking clones. i need a break from seeds.

    took some cuts last night in fact... dog , cream caramel, jtr .
    professor KIND

    professor KIND Well-Known Member

    rest in peace ! one of the greatest 76ers ever.

    with dr j , barkley, wilt, and iverson , the whole reason im a 76ers fan :


    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    that grow big isnt the ewc mix, you mean big bloom? that shit is def awesome...

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    i just gotta say kgp is a good ass dude.:peace:
    professor KIND

    professor KIND Well-Known Member

    they're both made from castings. tiger bloom is the flowering version. big bloom is an ew poop based "micro nute".

    "Big Bloom .03 -.1 -.7 Big Bloom is Alive! A microbially active, water soluble plant food specifically formulated to promote and emphasize the blooming characteristics of all flowering and fruiting plants.
    Big Bloom is an 100% natural and organic biologically active instant plant food. Big Bloom promotes strong, extra large, and multiple blooms while dramatically enhancing the flavor of fruits and vegetables.
    Big Bloom can be applied out of a watering can, through a foliar sprayer, drip irrigation and hydroponic systems. It's gentle nutrition will not burn tender young plants. May be used in combination with Grow Big, to customize the nutritional requirements of all plants."
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    professor KIND

    professor KIND Well-Known Member

    im sure your boy is a good dude.

    but i dont have to like who you like , bro.

    im a grown up too.
    with my own very valid position.
    if he blessed you or someone u know, thats great to hear.

    & if i said it, meant it.
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    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    he has told me no, i dont hate on him for that. should i? lol fuck your clients? for real?
    professor KIND

    professor KIND Well-Known Member

    i never asked dude for anything, if you're implying.
    nor would i.

    they didnt buy my house , i did.
    they dont pay my bills , i do.
    they didnt buy this gear , i did.
    they have zero knowhow, i do.

    the little paper they put in my hand isnt shit compared to what i make at work.

    & their pez dispenser mentality... please.
    you dont do all this to satisfy a few peoples desire for baggies, do you?

    not me. especially since im contemplating keeping whole runs.

    im doing the city a favor, open up a little more market share.
    the minute i make a certain $ at work, im done selling period.

    & ill still keep the weed flow same same. like to stack elbows. just produce & cure & stack.

    let these folk take care of themselves. see how long that lasts.
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    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    im not imlying anything. just trying to understand. i do this because i love it. i sell to my friends/fam so i couldnt say fuck them lol
    professor KIND

    professor KIND Well-Known Member

    pink cheese : the ill mind cut

    big time big top 005.jpg
    professor KIND

    professor KIND Well-Known Member

    norstar's midnight fire looking good.
    soon as they sex we'll show some pics.

    was on the fence about these but not anymore.

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    yea norstar got some nice lookin shit.
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    professor KIND

    professor KIND Well-Known Member

    the norstar look so sexy.
    with maturity , they're looking fabulous.

    you can see it in the leaves, something about that cross... & i got 4 for 4 on my seeds w/ them.

    i pulled my blueberry from their containers... how many days in coco? not one root through the riot cube.

    im sowing directly into coco now... following the idea i laid out in post #2867

    the wifi x bcp look very good.
    sown direct into coco.

    im hopeful.

    norstar , midnite fire
    big time big top 013.jpg

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    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    yea im gonna be trying direct sown. looking thru the fridge see what i feel like cracking tonight...seven for seven on ght1 and 5/5 with looks like a runt on cindy ninetynine

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    just noticed the professors gone, he get banned?

    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    Yep. Damn shame. All the trolls on this site and they ban the cat that dare say something to Sunni. :roll:

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