What's For Dinner Tonight?


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This is my lunch at work for the last 2 years every day lol

Two oven roasted turkey deli meat with some mustard sandwiches on whole wheat bread and Ritz cheese crackers. Sometimes I bring a couple 3-4 apples to snack on thru the day


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I made some ham and pinto bean soup just now this morning in my 3qt instant pot. My first time using an instant pot, I just got it yesterday.

I don't know, I think it turned out pretty decent, I took a few nibbles before putting it in the fridge. So ham and bean soup is what I'll have for dinner tonight and tomorrow night.

Here's what I used

Here's what it looks like done


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Was watching a show on burgers the other day and wanted to try this. Smashed thin patties with salt n pepper, fried in oil.....little tricky flipping them and there's a trick melting the cheese. But damn when they said no condiments needed.....they where right. I tried but it was best naked. Also rosemary roasted potato wedges.


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Crap - no picture.

We wanted to get STONED and go for a walk after dinner.

Skirt Steak top - .5 tsp canna-butter topped after grilling.
Chimi Churri sauce - 1tsp canna-oil (olive), 1 Tbsp chopped leaves substituted for parsley to regular recipe.
Appx. 100mg THC each.

Sweet Potato & grilled asparagus for sides.

I cook dishes as normal, then add oil/butter as dressing / topping / sauce for precise dosing.
We made pancakes one morning and just cooked with it per the recipe (a couple Tbsp IIRC). The pancakes came out green. --- Really fun, completely wasted day. So now we meter our doses more closely.
For sauces & toppings - chimi churri or pesto - I mixed it all together that morning and put it in the fridge for the day.

The chopped leaves aren't psychoactive, but add a really cool twist to the recipe - just use moderation, it's a strong flavor and easy to overuse.