What's For Dinner Tonight?


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I'm pure predator. Meat with a side of meat topped with meat drippings. Baked potato to wipe my chin thing. LMAO. Trying to get healthy. I minimize my input unless fresh water fish.
I'm a meatatarian.. but when that gout starts creeping up.. gotta run back to the chicken .


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Best charcoal sold. This stuff doesn't have sand added to the briquettes. The occasional rock, yes. But hey, at least they don't hide it.

Propane torch started. No nasty tasting lighter fluid.


The brake disc heats up like a big heat sink. I'll add more charcoal here in a bit. I gotta water muh' damn plants. Chicken quarters will take about 40 minutes. Plain seasoning. Garlic powder, salt and pepper. Left alone until the fire is ready. Covered in bbq sauce and then stuck on the grill.



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Tonight, sweet n sour alligator bites over rice with sweet corn.

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Not sure on gator if real. Fishy if not properly cleaned and prepared. LOL.

16hour brioche apple cinnamon rolls with condensed sweetened milk caramel glaze yesterday.

And a crazy Asian inspired pork loin dish. Tired of chops and rolls. And was brought 8.4 pounder from honest home raised. 001.jpg002.jpg003.jpg006.jpg007.jpg



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We've got a store here with really good exotic meats on occasion.
First time I've ever seen spiny (Florida) lobster for sale outside of the state + frog legs -n- such.

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And your abundance of free fresh crabs??? I got the best jumbo frogs legs you want to catch all summer. With a fishing pole in one hand and beverage in the other. I'd trade 20lbs for one live king crab variety. LOL.