colloidal silver

  1. Medi-Farmer

    I call it “Black Pineapple”.

    Self breed crossing Pineapple Express w/ Black Mamba by reversing a female P.X with femal B.M. 2 months old & just flipped to 12/12. One having lockout issues I need to address otherwise robust plants. Dr. Earth & liquid kelp turned out to be quite salty & combined with not consistently watering...
  2. Mr in'n'out

    CS (colloidal silver) low ppm success.

    I just had my first attempt at making CS and changing the sex of my regular strain (A true lady). I couldn't get a batch over 12-18ppm and I was told there was no chance of success. Once rooted, I gave the cuttings a couple of days to recover after throwing their roots, and adapt to the 250w MH...
  3. K

    Feminized seed genetic variation

    I'd like to make some feminized seeds for the strains I have in case my clones ever fail, or if I wanna give a strain a break without loosing the genetics. I'd use colloidal silver on a portion of the plant to produce pollen and then fertilize the rest of the plant... My question is: will the...
  4. K

    Colloidal silver feminisation

    So I’ve been treating three of my plants with colloidal silver and I’m one week in since flip. I’ve been noticing some Male pre-flowering signs on the branches of my velvet bud that I haven’t been treating with silver, I’ve only sprayed it on one low down branch. I’m treating a fire og and white...
  5. JimmyNuggs

    CS or sts experienced growers.

    OK so BG: Year in grower and I decided to give myself another task - sort my own seeds out! Acquired some colloidal silver and treated a single cola of Godberry to it following usual prescribed details. About 15 days into flower my cola starts producing pollen sacs, small for sure but they're...
  6. NewbyGrower77

    Revegging After Harvest - No Seeds To Start

    Hello Rollitup brothers. Today i am come up with new issues. Now i have 6 ready to harvest photo period feminized plants. Since i don't have any seeds and i am scared to buy online with my country current postal situation i have to RE VEG aka Re vegging my plants after harvest. Since i am new...
  7. C

    colloidal silver solution too strong?

    hey everyone, following guides here, I have been making colloidal silver. Initially I ran it overnight using a 9v battery but using a tds meter it only gave me 15ppm reading so I let it run again, and it's been 24 hours give or take. My tds meter reads 30ppm now but the solution is too dark...
  8. H

    Pollination Question

    i have a plan to pollinate 3 different strains to produce seeds on some of the bud sites by using silver spray to make pollen sacs on 3 clones of different strains. I plan on flowering 3 of the clones first to collect pollen and store it until I flower the larger plants. I understand that you...
  9. Big Perm

    My Colloidal Silver

    I used 14 gauge 99.99% silver. I'm using a current of 6VDC @ 200mA, and distilled water. My TDS meter showed a ppm of 1. I also am using a laser. I got a few of these rods. I can cut these in half and use them in a smaller container. I'm only making small batches at a time for foliage spraying...
  10. C

    Female pollen from a feminized plant

    Hi. Gonna attempt making feminized seeds using colloidal silver. Is it OK to use this technique on a feminized plant to get the pollen, or is it only advisable to force regular females to grow them nut sacks?
  11. S

    Genes/traits passed on via breeding with colloidal silver

    I was curious about making feminised seeds using colloidal silver. How do the genes carry on? For example if I self pollinate a purple plant using pollen from a branch treated with colloidal silver. Will the subsequent seeds carry on the purple trait? Or if the strain is 50/50 (half go...
  12. mockasin

    Creating cloned seeds (anyone with strong knowledge in genetics?)

    I'm planning on a bit of an endeavor right now... I only have one seed to work with, and I want to create offspring from this single plant alone (it is a feminized autoflower). I understand this could prove to be difficult and I may end up killing one or all of my plants, but I'm mostly doing...
  13. redzi

    Regular vs. Feminized

    I overheard a conversation where someone said to the other "why would you ever want to buy regular?" I thought to myself what a f'n idiot. Then I tossed a question to people I know personally and all though they didn't have a strong opinion about the subject didn't really know how fems are...
  14. D

    Feminized seeds with one plant

    Hey guys, Been searching for a while now with no answer. I currently have one feminized northern lights growing, I was wondering if I stressed it and forced it to hermie(either with colloidal silver or messing with light patterns) would this plant then pollinate itself and produce feminized seeds?