1. Qwertypops

    Qwerty's Merlin's Beard (and auto's!)

    Haven't popped the beans yet, but am setting up for a new grow. Putting 5 seeds of my cross and 5 auto freebies I received from Attitude and Nirvana about 5 years ago. This line-up is: 5x Merlin's Beard 3x Jock Horror AF (Nirvana) 1x Kush AF (Attitude freebie) 1x Diesel AF (Attitude freebie)...
  2. Budman42069

    Flower time

    First off I'm going to reposition the humidifier and relocate fans and remove cratesafter work today. Switched to flower yesterday 600w hps 4x4 tent 2 gorilla glue 3 sour diesel SCROG netting in place Foxfarm ocean forest General hydroponics nutes Anything I should take care of. Hoping to...
  3. Budman42069

    Updated post

    today these ladies have been in veg for 1 month. 4x4 tent Under 1 400w mh and 2 full spectrum led (cheap amazon ones) Full intake and exhaust setup General hydroponics nutes at half strength Netting just put up Switching to flower in a couple days (can't go to high due to ceiling height in...
  4. Budman42069

    How they look?

    Nets going up tomorrow sometime. Will be in veg for a month on the 7th 3 sour diesel 2 gg4 5 gal fabric pots Currently under 2 cheap Amazon led full spectrum lights and a 400w mh. Any input is welcomed, mind you this is only my 2nd time growing
  5. Budman42069

    Round 2

    Round 2 under way Day 1 3 sour diesel 2 gorilla glue 4 Foxfarm ocean forest 5 gal fabric pots (next transplant) Currently under 2 full spectrum led lights Soon to be under a 400w mh Netting will be going up very soon General hydroponics nutes Going to flower under 1000w hps for roughly 9 weeks
  6. DET—PDX

    Oregon Diesel, TimberGLVeroV7, Co2, Scrog

    Live from Portland Oregon Strain: Tardis (OregonDieselxTimeWreck) 5 seeds sprouted and are Regular. According to the local farm, regular seeds are more hardy in their genetic line compared to feminised, which may stand to reason. Let’s wait and see. Light: Timber Grow Lights Vero v7 redwood...
  7. XirumBuds

    White Widow, Sour Diesel, & American Pie - Auto Fem Data Journal

    Here we go again. After my first grow to Harvest I’m excited to start my next grow. I’m going with White Widow, Sour Diesle. And American Pie all autos. I learn a lot from my first grow so I hope to have this one go more smoothly. I also got some good smoke from my last grow to get me through to...
  8. J

    Do my plants look ok?

    My plants are about 15 days old and I’m wondering if they look ok. The seem to be growing slow to me. The strain is a blue Himalayan diesel auto flower. The plants are being grow in a grow tent under a 300 watt led.
  9. Solaipraveen

    PLS HELP!!!!!!!Diesel fem .5weeks from seed.whats wrong with this plant??

    Growing medium: cocopeat,perlite,vermiculite Nutrients:Gh trio series ,rapid start Ppm:300 ppm (is it enough??) under MH 400watts. Ph:6
  10. Solaipraveen

    PLS HELP!!!!!!!Diesel fem &amnaesia haze auto .this is my first grow in coco

    Plant growth is not affected.new leaves are growing and popping in the top but the lower leaves are turning yellow and dying..what could be the cause??..i overwatered the medium in the beginning but i reduced it.
  11. SwankyDank

    Midweek Song, Diesel

    Genetics NYC Diesel Sex Feminized Flowering Time 9-10 weeks Seed Bank Midweek Song 30” x 30” x 60” tent Coco/Soil Mix, amended with Lime, Green Sand, and Growstone. (16) 23w CFL, Mix of 5000K and 6500k DIY Reflectors Buddha Grow, Silica, CalMag, Age Old Root Assist
  12. J

    Has anyone grown out HSO's Raspberry Diesel??

    Can't seem to find a grow report anywhere, does anyone have any experience with this strain? Thanks!
  13. SickSickWorld

    POLL - Speed Seeds - Which to grow next?

    So.... I currently have in my possession the following seeds from Speed Seeds, effectively their entire Autoflower range minus the AK47, which was out of stock when I ordered. This is gonna be a little experiment into this breeder, as there's not a mass of information or grow journals out...
  14. KeizerSoze

    Midweek Song Freebies

    I recently ordered seeds for this year's outdoor crop. I got a bunch of freebies and can't really find much info on some of them. Does anyone have any experience with the following? DNA Cannalope Haze Midweek Song C99 Midweek Song Diesel Midweek Song Super Citrus Haze Midweek Song Velvet Bud...
  15. Dr Gruber

    East Coast Sour Diesel-Greenthumb Seeds by Dr Gruber

    6 years ago I did my first official journal for Dr Greenthumb. It was ECSD. It is with great pleasure that I will now take my second run at Doc's ECSD. Photo's from day 1 and day 3.......