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  6. Urihalton

    Spider Farmer SE7000-730w vs. SE1000w

    hello guys, im trying to upgrade my lights. trying to decide between these two lights for my 10x10 grow room. if you have any experience with the lights, please let me know which is the best option. money wise :)
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  8. T

    8 x 8 grow room. 1 light 1000watt or 2 lights 480 watt.

    Hello guys, I have a room around 8 x 8. Not sure for a light set up. Should i go with Se1000w from Spider farmer 1light or se5000 or fc4800 mars with 2 lights? In my grow room. Thanks this series he use se7000 1 light in a 10*10 grow room. Got me thinking a lot!!
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    VIVOSUN survey - your opinion matters to us

    Hi farmers, Are you an indoor grower? How long have you been growing indoors? What kind of growing products do you want? In order to provide our customers with better products. We hope you can fill out the survey form: VIVOSUN survey - your opinion matters to us And then we will also select...
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    VIVOSUN New Product--AeroLight

    Total airflow and lighting control in one device. The AeroLight is the first-ever fully automatable LED grow light system that integrates a circulation fan so your plants always get cool, fresh air. Powerful, programmable, and perfect for your plants.
  11. Urihalton

    Grow light recommendations

    Hey guys, so currently I’m running a sf4000 in a corner of my 10x10 room because that’s all I could afford earlier. But I want to upgrade my grow room, and was thinking which LED lights I should go for. My choice so far is spider farmer se1000. I’ve also checked out luxx lighting. I need a...
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    VIVOSUN Givaway is coming

    Hi everyone, We provide VS2000 LED grow light for the winner. Come and join us soon.
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    VS4000 LED Grow Light Review

    VS4000 LED grow light is powerful, dimmable, excellent hanging apparatus and the diming option for the brightness is really a bonus.
  19. VIVOSUN Official

    VIVOSUN LED Grow Light--VS1000

    VIVOSUN VS1000 Grow light Unboxing and Hanging The Latest LED Plant Light Technology - Using Samsung LM301H Diodes, super durable Lower Cost & Higher Efficiency - High-energy efficiency for 2.75 umol/J only consumes 100W of electricity. More efficient than traditional HID lamps. Dimmable...
  20. G

    A suggestion for a light, what do you think?

    Hi lads! I was thinking about buying this light for my plants and I am not sure it is a good idea in terms of costs, efficiency, number of plants to grow under one of these, and the rest of questions I might have in this crazy detailed and confusing importance and complexity of grow lights for...