1. S

    A Solid LED to check out! dont sleep on this
  2. Backwoodz_94

    Induction Grow lighting

    I have this induction light and I don’t know what kind of end this cord is. The light itself has no labeling of any kind even on the bulb there is no writing. I’ve came to think it is meant for an adapter and plugged straight to the wall outlet. The green end has
  3. A

    Challenging & Limited gadget for growing Delahaze by Paradise Seeds! Excited!! Please Help this newbie..

    Hello fellow Growers, this will be my second thread and will be my second grow since few years ago. Since this global pandemic I have more time to be at home, I have germinated my Delahaze strain from Paradise Seeds few days ago:hump: I will only grow 1 plant because my space and resource is...
  4. A

    Optimal Spacing for LED Strips

    I am creating a bridgelux eb gen 2 strip build, and I was wondering what the optimal spacing in between the strips should be. I would have 2ft strips and run them at 1 AMP each. Could I put them side by side or would that make the light too intense?
  5. G

    LED Grow Light

    So I have a LED grow light I got at Home Depot. Has three switches to turn on and off whatever lights you want. There’s a Blue light switch, a red one and a white one. I know that Red and white would be great for flowering. But should I just turn them all on? It’s past the stretch phase. I’ll...
  6. S

    Are these weird AC COB LEDs from Aliexpress any good?

    Hey there, random rollitup dweller! I found these LEDs while browsing AliExpress for my diy grow lights. Reviews are pretty good, but I can't really believe that you can buy 50w cobs for a couple of bucks (especially knowing how much they like to exaggerate specs on the Aliexpress). So the...
  7. J

    Grow box - which light do I use?

    Hey guys I just ordered northern lights auto flower seeds from seedsman. And I am planning on building a grow box with styrofoam/thermocol. Wanted to know if the heat from the light would burn the styrofoam? The following are the lights I can afford. Please tell me the best one to choose. I am...
  8. Cannaprentice

    Let's raise awareness about screw-in led bulbs! Budget friendly growlight

    Hi! :mrgreen: Usually household led bulbs are regarded as a really poor lighting option. Some go as far to say CFL's are better than those! But I did a healthy amount of research and experimentation and y'all might be surprised with the outcome of it all! So here we go: let's raise awareness...
  9. Y

    Compare Grow Lights

    HI folks. I'm planning on my first grow withi the month and I'm at the stage where I need to buy a light. I've narrowed it down to two options: Timber Model 4VS Optic LED Optic 4 If anyone has any experience with either of these, bad or good it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. C

    Grow light

    so was wonder if I should grow 3-4 plants in my 3x3x6 using a 600w LED VIVOSUN // or just grow one big plant and just growing with one I was going to use this light(photo below) Optic 1 XL COB LED Grow Light .. so what would you guys recommend ?
  11. mauro88

    Best led for 2x2,5?

    I am growing 4 autoflowers in a 2x2.5 tent. I need the best led light available (probably fullspectrum?) How do you guys think about the next light mini? And what do you think of the Optic 1 XL? If there are better lights that I should buy please let me know! And tell me why :) The light is...
  12. Cannaprentice

    A few unrelated noobie questions about light distance, damping off and a growlight

    Hello! Sorry for the long ass post but I wanted to get me started asap without spamming this poor forum too much, so here we go! I will try to make it nice to read. So I popped two seeds 4weeks ago and as one of them died to damping off one week ago I started another one. I was initially...
  13. Roche Mars

    Big Big day tomorrow

    Ahh the great indoors! Lol, hey everyone! I've learned so much more from my second grow it's crazy, like I got a male again this time but also a female at long last!!! Finally! This is a huge accomplishment for me. All the work I put in and my experience with actually growing a plant on my own...
  14. C

    Long time toker, first time grower - advice on growlights

    Howdy folks. First time here so go easy on me please ;) I've been reading up on various growlights but I'm getting bogged down in the techhie stuff. So far I'm looking at one called Migrolight which seems to explain their efficency and extra yield easily enough. I know there are cheaper out...
  15. GoGroww

    Growing With LED Growing Lights

    LED growing lights are basically lights which are used for the fast track growth of various crops and substances. It speeds up the growing process because it can generate lighting conditions with an electromagnetic spectrum that make it perfect for photosynthesis. The amount of exposure provided...
  16. hybridcheef

    what type of wire for remote ballast

    if i wanted to make my ballast remote what type of wire should i use. i was told 14 gauge. wire like this and i would have my ballast mounted on...
  17. Ytka888

    Overwhelmed by all of this Info.

    Hey fellas, do pardon if my post won't be anything new to you, and if you already know where this q. have been answered please point me that way. I'm quite a virgin to growing, not when it comes to tomatoes or cucumbers, and right now a bit overwhelmed with all of the info to process, yet I...
  18. blacspiral

    DE HPS light fixtures.. Yield lab, Nanolux, or gavita???

    been looking at adding a 1000 wt de hps light to my grow room for added yield hopefully... any thoughts on the brand to go with? I was under the impression gavita was the trade standard.. but just watched a video by Growace that kinda made it seem as if yield lab was a much better choice...
  19. mr_red

    New Member 2nd Grow

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to drop a little line here for my grow. I am pretty new to the grow game. I recently just harvested my harvest. I have lots of questions and like I said I'm new so any advice is greatly appreciated. Current set up is: 60x60x80 grow Tent Apollo 2x 600W HPS/MH...
  20. C

    What light is better? I need help.

    Is a 250w 2700k stronger than a 400w HPS or MH? And if not is the 600w better