1. O

    First post - need help, hermie?!?

    Hey all, first post! Could someone give this a look? Have 12 ladies and no signs of bananas or balls yet. About 2 weeks out. Thoughts? The calyxs are swollen imo...
  2. N


    Has anyone ever heard of a salt buildup or over feeding causing a girl to throw seeds at the end of flower? I appreciate any input!
  3. Snoopy36

    Is this Elmer’s Glue a Hermie?? :(

    Hey all, 1. Is this plant a hermie? I found about 8 seeds on this specific plant and 3 more on other various plants. No nanners anywhere. 2. If this is a hermie, can my veg plants be affected also if I was cross-contaminating from room to room? They’re in week 5. Should I harvest...
  4. D

    Light went off emergency i think? Please help

    I'm in 7th week of flower and my light some how went off for 6 hrs but I have another light about 4ft from it so it wasn't in complete darkness. Will it be harmful to my plants? Will it herm? Please help with your thoughts!
  5. L

    Silver Hermie

    Now that Michigan is legal to grow and I have enough to satisfy my needs, I have begun experimenting.. Decided to add a strain I like (Agent Orange) to my favorite strain (blue haze) ... I figure I will just add whatever I come across that I like to my strain... So, I attempted to use Coloidal...
  6. Yabooya

    How much time till these bananas pop?

    Gentlemen. I've always been lucky. Never ever had a hermie before. But I've got a new strain and I don't know much about it. I'm just about done flowering...waiting for a little more change in color. But today I notice a brighter yellow color of what I thought were new hairs. But with my...
  7. C

    Normal or hermie?

    Hey guys I know this question has been asked a million times. I'm at day 40 in flowering og kush. Just the last few days I've noticed a huge increase in swollen calyxs, just wanted to know if it's normal to have this many or is my plant has gone hermie. Any help.would be greatly appreciated! And...
  8. Lonlon

    Think this is a hermie?

    Hi all! Noticed something on one of my Bubblelicious plants this morning, I'm pretty new to this so just wanted to get some advice :) Do you think it's a hermie or is this normal for a female plant? We're about 1.5 weeks into flowering and all 3 have lots of pistils all over, but one plant on...
  9. Yam

    Sexing in veg before the flip.. Is my plant male or female..

    I started with 5 plants..one got tossed bc it wasnt growing well and i thot it was a male possibly. They are all 6.5 weeks old and just starting to showbsex withinnthe last 3 days. 1 of the four plants has multiple pistols and im confident shes a female. 2 of the 4 plants have 1 set of hairs...
  10. Bh711

    One pistil what does it mean?

    Had “her” for a little while now ,not exactly sure on the weeks but over a month. Just started showing one pistil at a lot of the nodes a few days ago I’ve just never seen this or read about it. Not sure what seed it is either was in a plain bag that I put away a while ago and forgot about...
  11. D4x69

    Female pollen = feminized seeds?

    So I had a hermie pollinate herself and 2 other plants in my closet. It's been awhile since I've researched feminization so it's pretty cloudy.. or rather smokey xD I know the selfed plant will throw hermie seeds (is this correct?) but I'm wondering if the seeds from the other 2 plants will be...
  12. IvcusLongDankus


    Hello, so I've been having a problem with my plant. She's showing nanners & she's almost finished. I kinda have a idea of harvest date but would like some help. Should I chop or leave it be. I'm not one of those" oh no a seed! Chop it". Just worried about my other girls.
  13. OnlyOnCloud9

    Canadian Outdoor strain showing signs of hermie sexing at 5 weeks?

    Hello everyone! First time poster here. I am currently growing out 4 plants from some seeds that I got from a friend. There are two different Canadian Outdoor strains 2 of the plants are something purple and the other are something pine as far as he knows haha. The purples are are showing...
  14. R

    Hermie or not really confused by my budding plant

    Hiya I use this site for help wen I need it n I need help again lol. I was given a seed few month back n thought I'd give a go. As it was growing it looked like a female but now it budded I confused the top of the bud has hairs but at bottom it looks like pollen sacs which have opened ? It been...
  15. D

    Second grow - found a hermaphrodite

    My second grow went soooo much better, than the first time. Really healthy looking plants. I used the biotabs.eu starter package to give nutrients to my CBD Euphoria and CBD Kush. That was a real success, up until today (after 4 weeks vegging and 4 weeks flowering). Today I noticed something I...
  16. M

    Is this a nanner? Or a seed in my bud?

    Hey guys, kinda new to growing here.. This is my 4th run, and my first time running into a hermie. I can't tell if this is a seed developing, or if it's a nanner, but I've only noticed one on one plant and I noticed it yesterday.. what do you guys recommend I do about it? I don't want to cut the...
  17. Brendan2007

    Early pollination?! NEED INPUT!

    Hey all, I have a few plants going in my flower room, three of which have been in 12/12 for just about two weeks. Pre flowers are showing and they are all female. Upon inspection today I noticed a few of the tips of the pistils were orange!!!! I know this is not good. I wanted to see what some...
  18. Y

    2 grows with nanners/hermies - could it be my light??

    Hi, in my last 2 grows both ended up with seeds, basically the plants hermied or developed nanners - first time i suspect it was the timer, was a cheap analogue style one where you push in the buttons for whatever hours - i noticed the light was on after hours when it should have been long off...
  19. Y

    My plant buds are seeded...

    I don't see any male flowers anywhere, nor did i have any male plants in my tent - so does this mean the plant has hermied because of genetics?
  20. S

    Hermied at 5 weeks

    Hey new here and first post. I have 4 small plants max 30 inch tall in one reservoir, now in 5th week flower, and starting to get frosty. Just discovered a few balls on 3 of them and looks like only 2 may have opened the rest have not. I picked off the ones I could find and I found a banana on...