quantum board

  1. S

    quantum boards setup opinions

    I'm planing to setup a new grow tent, 80X80X200cm (2.6x2.6). which I'll use for growing two photoperiod plants in coco coir. I want to grow short plants , I'm not necessarily aiming for high yield but of course for quality yield. I want to go for QB and i have two options from two local shops...
  2. Blossom21

    How far to keep your LED's / Quantum Boards from the canopy?

    This question about lights is probably as old as the first people who started to grow weed with electricity, and has been asked tons of times here too without end in sight. I didn't see a "real dedicated" topic about it either so decided to make one. Maybe some official or unofficial infotopic...
  3. B

    DIY multi LED grow light

    I want to built an LED grow light from scratch but I'm not sure what to look for when wiring in series and parallel on the same board. I want it to have different types of LEDs with different wavelength, like the Spider Farmer SF4000 or the SSK-272-RR-V2 for example, so I have to deal with...
  4. B

    2x spiderfarmer SF1000 in a 2x2ft - hanging height

    If i would use 2x spiderfarmer SF1000 in my 2x2ft box, would the hanging height still be 12-18" for flowering? I wanna up my total watts in there for flowering to maximize yield pr. harvest, not yield/watt ofc. So i am actually planning to do 2x spiderfarmer SF1000 dimmed to 75% (about 150watts...
  5. aBoog21

    Should I sacrifice watts for UV?

    So I’m growing in a 2x3 tent for a closet grow and just recently completed my first harvest, yielded 50g/plant (3 plants, 5gal pots) and grew under a 150w Qb and a 110w blurple. I bought another 200w qb to pair with the 150w qb to increase wattage for flowering (and still would like to increase...
  6. notillnospill

    DIY HLG 550 Build Help! Not Lighting UP :(

    Hey RIU, I rigged up my 4 quantum boards accordingly to the HLG - 480H-48B Driver w wagos and have not been able to get the boards to power on. Been troubleshooting and would appreciate all I can get on my first build. Want to get this baby running asap! Heres some pics, and thank to everyone...
  7. R

    Light burn? Recently switched to quantum board

    Switched from 600hps to 600w quantum board in a 4x4 tent. 2.25ml per litre canna a and b, 2ml boost Water is taken from 0ec to 0.4 ec with calmag. Ph 5.9/6 Light is around 24 inches from plant tops Some brown spots have appeared and it looks like the outer part of the leave is lighter.
  8. L

    Quantum board led still on with timer off

    Hi guys, Here's the problem: I got a brand new qb 120w working really fine, but when the timer switches off, it still makes a very small light. When I pull the plug, the light turns off immediately. The problem appears anyway with 3 different timers, 2 analogs and 1 digital. It's so...
  9. M

    F strips or HLG QB132?

    I'm torn between doing a build with samsung F strips and the HLG QB132. At first I thought it would be cheaper to go with F strips, but the heatsinks are making that not the case. I'd get 48 more diodes with the F strip build but the QB v2 have the newer chips... Seems like it makes more sense...
  10. Mikenike

    Round 2! HLG Saber vs Amare SB800 RDWC

    Took awhile but I’m back to hydro. Got 8 cuts nicely rooted and they’re all pretty even. Same setup as before with the addition of 4 UVB bulbs. Last run I didn’t post exact weights because I feel I neglected HLG’s side a little more. But Amare won that round by about .5lbs and with the whole...
  11. Yesyes3000

    Looking for advice on plants in flowering tent please

    Hello all. I have a tent with multiple strains and am on day 19 of 12&12. I’m looking for advice on what to do with these girls!! Should I clean up more of the bottoms of the plants ? Also should I do some defoliation ? Any other suggestions are welcome !!! Thank you so much for your time and...
  12. Yesyes3000

    HLG quantum boards 288v1 for $29

    Hello I’m wondering how I could run the 288v1 boards from HLG without heatsink. If I were to run them at 60watts a piece does anyone know what the least expensive driver would be for that scenario? So a 240watt driver. Kinda of looking for the qb132’s LRS-350 driver equivalent to the 288v1...
  13. kaktus jak


    Sorry fellas. Figured out my problem. Wrong package sent by amazon.
  14. D

    3000k vs 3500k board

    sup Bros, is a 3500k quantum bored as good as a 3000k Board as I wanted to purchase one but they only have 3500k ones left but I was ideally looking for a 3000k one does this matter? I plan on growing in a 2x4 with 4 of of these boards. :blsmoke:bongsmilie
  15. ThatBoyZooted

    MarsHydro TS1000??

    Im looking into upgrading my LED grow light from a 600w vivosun to a TS1000 from mars hydro. It only pulls 150 watts from the wall (about half of what the vivosun pulls) and is running a quantum board. It gets waaaay better coverage and would be almost half the cost in electricity and better...
  16. Cookie-Monster

    R-Spec? No... B-SPEC!!!!!

    These things are absurdly awesome! Here's my vid review with half-assed PAR readings.
  17. G

    First grow, organic led quantumboard

    Hello to all happy growers. First of all shout out to the roll it up community. Especially to @Rocket Soul, @Dougs Nugs, @wietefras and @WeedSexWeightsShakes who gave this newbie the guidance regarding his light set-up (my apologies for the ones I forgot to mention). I'm a medical patient who...
  18. Chiefbongwater

    Looking into new led lighting, what should i be looking for?

    Im so confused looking at lighting options and specs of output. im growing in a 2x4 tent and im just now realizing my lighting output is off. I mistakenly bought two blurple lights from amazon and have been using them for a while and wondering why my yields are low. My 600 watt is out putting...
  19. Yesyes3000

    What yield do you pull from a 4x4 ?????

    Hello all ! Me and a friend are looking at different t options for tents and thinking of useing 4x4 tents in different rooms. Be that as it may .... could people share what they have gotten for yields from 4x4 ? Please include what type of light, how many plants, and growing medium please ...
  20. Yesyes3000

    Seedlings look off...?

    Hello I’m wondering/worried about my seedlings. They seem to look a little off. Just not as perky as I’m used to. I’m thinking that maybe the soil does not have enough perlite maybe and the roots aren’t getting enough oxygen. I have them in a mix of pro-mix and Roots Organics soil. Maybe it’s...