1. meangreengrowinmachine

    Roor 17 inch inline storage

    So I'm getting this beast delivered soon... I'm looking to get something to store it in. preferably something with foam on the inside for protection... but it's got this crazy peice on the bottom... anyone have any experience with these and what to store them in during down time to make sure to...
  2. Millo

    Best of the Worst?

    Hi people. I've got around 20 seeds I need to store. I use about 2-3 seeds per grow so in total those seeds need to still be viable after about 2-3 years. I am planning on buying a vacuum machine ( to store them in the fridge ) but untill I do, I need a decent alternative. Now, there are 2...
  3. FormlineSupply

    Hi! We are Formline Supply. Home of the Top Shelf Smell Proof Bags.

    Hi Rollitup! My name is Mike and I own a company called Formline Smell Proof Bags. We are a family business based out of Southern California and are happy to now be a part of the forums. We love doing giveaways so you should expect some from us very soon. We have solutions for all your smell...
  4. Ali Bongo

    Storage Solutions, Curing, Smell Suppression | C Vaults

    Hey Rollitup, how's things? It's getting to one of those times of year where gardeners are gonna' start looking at storage solutions for curing and hiding those tantalising smells too. As I'm sure everybody here knows (way better than I do), curing is a make-or-break for your crop and it goes...
  5. M

    Long Term Storage

    Hey does anyone have any experience storing cannabis in the ground, for a year or more? Like a large harvest
  6. NewEnglandFarmer

    Shelf life

    Looking for advice on maximizing shelf life of the harvest this fall. I'm thinking about pint-size mason jars stored in a cool dark place. Any advantage to freezer or frig.? I hear conflicting things on that. If properly stored is 2 years possible? Or will it deteriorate even under the best of...
  7. shattascam

    Storing in mason jar help

    I have some bud i'm trying to store in a 4 oz mason jar (the little baby food ones) for a period of time, not sure how long, but possibly 6 months. The method I have usually used is to heat the jar in the oven, then take it out and put the bud in and screw on the ring and lid until it pops...
  8. Weouthere

    Seed Storage?

    Hey guys! I just have a few questions on seed storage (obviously) So I keep finding seeds in my dispensary weed. I throw em in those little drug baggies and sharpie the strain on it. I have probably 12 of these baggies in a little wood box sitting on my grow box (which isn’t warm on the...
  9. Home Grow Hype-Girl

    Boveda Technology for Humid Months ...

    Hey friends! A few weeks ago I was able to visit a large outdoor Cannabis market where bottles of beautiful bud sat in the sun fogging up the glass. Luckily, I had a jar of Boveda 58% RH in the car & handed a few out. Boveda is known to rehydrate Cannabis flowers but the osmosis technology...
  10. ChiefRunningPhist

    Store Cannabis in the Freezer

    Study says freezing weed is the best way to keep it from breaking down, better than fridge, better than dark room...
  11. OfTheNewJerseyMeatwads?

    Harvesting for CO2 Extraction

    Good Naben I seem to be having a hard time finding some solid research and information in regards to the best methods to harvest and store cannabis if the end game is to: A: Harvest the cannabis onsite and storage within there (Where it's been grown) ? B: And finally transport the final...
  12. S

    Pollen collection & storage

    Hi guys...first post but long time reader. Can anyone advise on the best methods for collection and storage of pollen. Enjoying the hobby of growing and learning all i can. I am growing some clones to produce feminised seeds using colloidal silver and am looking for some tips on collecting and...
  13. T

    Vacuum packing, thoughts plz?

    I'm toying with vacpac,any thoughts
  14. smokebros

    $50 DIY RO Water Reservoir Guide

    Hi RIU. Just completed a DIY water reservoir build yesterday, figured I’d share the idea with others incase they’re interested in building something similar. I’ll provide links to the parts I used below. The harsh reality of growing is that lugging heavy jugs of water around can be quite...
  15. charface

    Rosin, long term storage.

    Im just trying to be ready for when I get setup. Looking for storage requirements. The first issue I see is how to deal With first and second pressings. Assuming Im working with a single strain throughout a series of 1oz flower pressings. When Im done I would have a stack of firsts and...
  16. Invisighost

    Seed storage using desiccant pack

    I have some seeds that I will not be using for at least 6mnths to a year and wondering if I should use a desiccant pack in the container. Attached is the jar that I'm using as well as the desiccant pack I got out of a tylenol bottle.
  17. JustDreamin

    Question about curing process.

    im just starting to flower some bag seed. So it's gonna be a while before I even start to cure anything. But I can only get to my grow spot once a day. This is also where I will be keeping the jars. Would it be ok to burp the jars only once a day? And if long. It would be every night...
  18. SirLoweed

    Gathering premium genetics, need storage container/box tips...

    As my collection of seeds grows, I envision a small chest like box that is filled with upright standing seed vials. Small engraving for keepers in my collection, replaceable labels for the trials, one offs.... Any one know of or have built something like this or am I off to DIY land...
  19. D

    Air tight storage

    I have been storing my cannabis in vacuum-sealed 1-pint glass Mason jars in a cooler. Several days after putting them into the cooler I went to check on them and as soon as I opened the cooler lid I could smell the weed. This signals to me that the jars could not be completely air tight even...