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  • man you heard about those fema camps the gov is setting up to round us up in like hitler did the jews back in the day???
    A month away is not far. I am looking at 7-8 days on the NL and the Diesel 2 weeks away or so, last and favorite is the Violater Kush, coming down on the day the America celebrates the slaughter of Native Americans.

    Little Bean is growing like a weed huh.
    I used a regular heat mat on low, work ok. Just make sure your medium does not dry out.
    Speaking of drying out, I am drying out a branch of Northern Lights. Just flushed it yesterday.
    Dam Dude I feel like I should send you flowers or something. That's alot. Oh well grow and learn.
    I just planted my LA woman and Blue widow. Waiting on Super Lemon Haze (just sprouted today) and LA con.
    I'm Going to have to keep an eye on your LA woman, keep a heads up.

    My Freebie La woman and Blue widow sprouted big time in just 48 hrs.
    LOL My bad, but in my defense you typed started not stared.
    I love my wife so much that I catch myself staring at her out of the blue and when she looks back and smiles at me, it just feels right.
    1. irie to be at total peace with your current state of being. The way you feel when you have no worries.
    Everyting is irie mon

    2. irie Irie \I ' -ree\ adj Rasta/Jamaican 1: powerful and pleasing
    2: excellent, highest n 3: the state of feeling great.
    RESPECT man live life irie and you will lead a happy life.

    Yeah i was using the fo snl avi.... but now i got the real sean con from rising son... its a great movie..... So much for being sam jackson....
    Suck it trebeck!
    Hey Bro. Yeah after harvest I kinda faded away and just enjoying the fruits of my labor. Great smoke, better than anything around here. I am staying busy with 2nd set in (5 weeks) 12/12 and my Veg set.
    Planing on expanding my operation as I have hungry med users who are loving my Meds....
    What about you whats new?
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