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    I keep reading that you haven't been able to order internationally with pre-paid cards from the U.S. since some law was passed in 2012. Has this changed? Every post that I've read about using pre-paid Credit Cards have been prior to 2012. If I'm mistaken, please clue me in, because this is how I'd like to order if it still works. Sending cash through the mail is kind of nerve racking, especially when money is so tight.

    420newbieg Well-Known Member

    yes bro all you need is a green dot master or visa. but keep in mind what they have done is created a fee for overseas ordering.

    So you can use a green dot overseas but its gonna cost a couple bucks so you have to figure that in I think it was 5 or 7 bucks .

    Like I found out you have to pay a 10 $ monthly fee to use those cards. So you cant just use one of those cards like a vanilla gift card and throw it out.

    I know it sounds dumb but the only way is to buy a green dot card and load it up but every month there is a 10$ fee or they like shut it off.

    So basicly I used it once got a letter saying something about waving a 10$ monthly this first time after a month was up then by the next month it was off.

    Kinda shitty if you ask me you cant just put money on a card use it and throw it away you hae to pay all these extra lil fees. You could also try bitcoin major seed banks accept that aswell never tried it
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    OldSchoolBud Active Member

    Well this is awesome, it seems that I've been misinformed. Thanks so much for the correct information, you've made my day! I really appreciate it.

    Wehugheog Member

    Did not get a repsonse somehwere else.

    holiseeds . com is selling Nirvana seeds at rock bottom pricing, some special. IS this legit?
    Want to place order, and they have ad on grasscity an stuff.
    Any1 know?

    OldSchoolBud Active Member

    If I wanted to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, I'd either call or email Nirvana. Holiseeds claims to be in a business relationship with Nirvana, and I can think of no one better to ask about it than the party in question. Nirvana should be glad to tell you if Holiseeds is legit or not, it's in their best interest because if Holiseeds is shady, it will also make Nirvana look bad too.
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    jcommerce Well-Known Member

    FWIW, I thought Herbies was kind of cheesy and I was very sick of looking at their stoner mascot, but I've been 2 for 2 in the States with a Visa. Nice assortment of free seeds and stealth packaging as well.
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    Wehugheog Member

    Good one, and I just called nirvana, holiseeds is a premium reseller, so placed my order :) haha Bubblelicious fem auto 5 seeds for EUR 17,50 lol that's 30% cheaper than nirvanashop
    Hop they get here fast. :P

    My fist seeds!!! gettin nervous now
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    Being on the business end of the transaction with our site, we see a lot of things as the merchant that the person ordering doesn't. The main reason your US card (prepaid or otherwise) won't go through, is because the majority of people in the US never need to buy anything outside of the US (lucky bastards!). The minute you attempt a transaction with a UK merchant, using a UK processor on a UK IP (ha ... UKIP) it hits their fraud filter and the transaction is denied.

    9/10 times you can get the block lifted by calling the card company and we've found that usually goes through second time around.


    Wehugheog Member

    Had that too, but I used my SKRILL MasterCard and it wen fine, cheap as well :)

    coloradolivin Well-Known Member

    a lot of sites accept bitcoin now, thats how I did it with barneys

    Wehugheog Member

    Aye I used bitcoins a few days ago at www.holiseeds.com worked well. Had to try it, never done btc before.

    Red1966 Well-Known Member

    You have to give ID and SS number to use GreenDot internationally. People keep saying you don't here, but that's the response I got when trying to purchase them. Maybe there is somewhere that can be done, but I haven't found one.

    Red1966 Well-Known Member

    No, you weren't misinformed. Don't believe something just because you want it to be true.

    mrhaze420 Active Member

    The best from my experience is the single seed Centre aka worldwide marijuana order came in like 6 days and the have seeds from everyone seed bank you can think of and decent prices if you find the on Facebook they even have a 20% off code
    Weed _Stu

    Weed _Stu New Member

    My rule is to try to not cross borders in order to avoid customs poking their nose in my envelope.
    If you look carefully enough you often find a local distributor carrying several seedbanks,
    Here in Italy npk-seeds is a safe choice.

    laubs Active Member

    Good thread good info thanks. Grow on!

    Red1966 Well-Known Member

    No, you weren't misinformed. GreenDot doesn't work overseas unless you give them a real CC number from a bank that has your social security number and ID or provide them directly yourself.

    strainbank Active Member

    try to look for local seedbanks that are domestic.

    Izzyx New Member

    Hi I'm new to the forum, I read that herbies was safe to buy from, i live in new zealand, anyone from n.z here that can give me some piece of mind on the process,
    It would be much appreciated,

    laubs Active Member

    I've used bonza seeds had good luck.I'm in the U. S. Took about 8 days to arrive great selection.

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