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    Ive been a green dot card holder forbover 3 years. Its just like a bank acount, they will need your ss# to register it to, but ive never been charged a monthly fee to use them,

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    Got a pre paid visa worked great was a small fee for overseas, like 5 bucks

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    i am in Oregon, so it is legal here, but i have used southern Oregon seeds and had great experiences. they are low on seeds right now until harvest is finished. takes a money order, but they answer emails and phone promptly. i am very pleased with the service.

    there are several more domestics that i haven't tried yet, but i plan to try them all, but just like mane has said, start with a small order just to make sure they deliver. i am lucky it is legal here so i don't really worry about getting seized. just regular mail (3.99).

    i would be real interested to hear from others that have tried these banks or others. any others domestic sites to list?

    these are the domestics that i will try in the future:

    https://www.jamesbeancompany.com/ Denver area i think
    http://www.greatlakesgenetics.com/ somewhere in michigan
    http://rockymountainseedbank.com/ Denver area
    http://www.californiapotseeds.com/ you actually order from AMS
    http://seedsherenow.com/ in Kenmore Washington
    http://www.greenlifeseeds.com/ i think this group is out of Oregon as well. right now it like they are having web site issues.
    http://www.centennialseeds.com/ from lafyette Colorado.

    please chime in on your domestic seed orders and service.

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    Neat. It looks like some of these places will ship domestically.
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    I tried to place an order at Rocky Mountain Seed Bank but this was on the checkout page :(

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    Bonza seeds got my second order in 5 days.first order doing well

    ferment Active Member

    i see that at check out as well. did you go all the way through the order process? if you didn't, try going through the whole order process. there is an opportunity for payment with google wallet or you can use a money order. i am in a legal state. i would check with Dana, the owner.

    i have only placed one order with Rocky Mountain. i placed my order and it was accepted. after an initial email response from Dana, i didn't hear any thing. i emailed him and he apologized and explained what had happened. my order arrived three days later with a lot of quality freebies for my inconvenience. i will order from them again next month.
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    10/20/15 update
    i removed green life seeds as they are not a domestic seed company.
    i removed california pots seeds .com as you order from AMS.

    domestic orders
    i have made now made two orders from Southern Oregon Seeds (SOS), freebies not listed - 1st order; SOS - Alaskan Tundra; Barney's - Pineapple Chunk; Sweet Seeds - Snow Fruit; 2nd order; SOS - Oregon Purple Bud; Barney's - Night Shade; Sweet Seeds - S.A.D., Sour Seeds - Sour Tahoe
    Jodi provides fast, excellent service using a money order. very satisfied. if you don't see what you want, ask, they will see if it is something they can get for you. Jodi has been great at responding to emails. they sent freebies both times.

    i made an order with Rocky Mountain Seeds (RMS), freebies not listed - Dynasty - Huckleberry Kush
    i had a small issue to start with, but Dana responded quickly and sent way more freebies than seeds that i ordered as an apology. very happy with the fast service and the google wallet payment option. Dana was great at responding to emails.

    i made an order with Oregon Green Seed (OSG), freebies not listed - Mastodon
    Deb sends her seeds three days per week. it is important to note that Deb is the breeder and only sells her genetics. so it isn't a seed distributing company, rather, breeder direct seed sales. i communicated with her via email and didn't enjoy my interaction with her. learning that customer questions are never bad will go along way especially if you are a first time customer who just sent a blank money order to someone you don't know. this is the slowest service that i received but i did get my order within a week and i am happy with the service. no freebies. i haven't used any of my souvenirs yet but the genetics that Deb has developed intrigue me. i will order again from Deb.

    *all seeds were sent to me via usps.
    * these are my first ever seed orders. i have never used an overseas seed distributor.
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    laubs Active Member

    Will ship to all states or only where its legal?

    ferment Active Member

    yes, many will ship to all states. check out the websites and read their shipping page. the three that i have tried do.
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    questiondj42 Well-Known Member

    Looks like thedankteam (formerly Nature's Green Remedies) ships anywhere. Based out of Michigan.

    wifey48 Active Member

    What about Herbies Seeds r they good
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    laubs Active Member

    Used bonza 3 times good results. They ship stealth. Also freebies
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    doowmd Well-Known Member

    Have ordered from Herbie's more than once and never had an issue.

    thebonzaseedbank Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    We are one of the best with shipping and prices. We are currently running our promo now - http://bonzaseeds.com/pages.php?pageid=5
    Also, I have discount codes. Just PM me your favorite strain and I'll send you codes.

    Exciting news coming to the page so stay tuned!

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    herbies worked for me,so did seedmasters ,and just put order in with mountaininceptions.com ill let you know how that works out

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    Just got my first Bonza order , delivered as ordered. No freebies . ordered during the 50% off deal, which in the end their half off price and shipping was not really as good a deal as it sounded. still spent $160 for two and a half packs of beans. Got the beans but not a deal.

    example Bodhi strains have two prices depending on strain.

    $9.03 per bean is the Bonza price which brings a pack of 11 to $99.33.
    $11.55 per bean is the Bonza price which brings a pack of 11 to $127.05. Plus shipping.

    Not good when I can buy any bodhi strain for $77 from GLG AND get quality freebies.
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  19. What do you think the risk of having a follow through mail box in the states to send to Australia as nirvana won't send to Aussie

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    I used Seedsman and paid by bitcoin. It's a little extra effort and expense but the payment goes through fast and is untraceable.
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