A How to from Mane**(How To order seeds the best way)***

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    plantking1 Member

    sending cash with an order form at Hempdepot is my go to..
    i dont really play with too high prices in the end of the day what you want is quality bud and that is guaranteed if you pick a good strain and 10+ seeds and picking the best pheno.

    Beanhoarder at hempdepot 100% recommended
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    thebonzaseedbank Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone, I'm back as the rep. Sorry I was gone for awhile. If you have any questions or can help you out, just inbox me.

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    rshackleferd Well-Known Member

    Bitcoin and snail male cash is untraceable, the only way i pay. A visa gift or pre paid card is still a risk because the card must be registered for overseas transactions.
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    baronvonbud Active Member

    whats the best BTC friendly site comming tru NY not IL or even better USA based?
    used singleseeds but they seem shady about what u get

    maxamus1 Well-Known Member

    So is there any seed banks in the US that ship to every state? Or do I still have to order from international sellers?

    greendiamond9 Well-Known Member

    U.S. Seed Banks


    Great Lakes Genetics
    Cash or money order

    Green Line Organics
    CC cash

    Green Point Seeds
    CC cash

    James Bean Co
    CC and other options

    Lumberjack Seed Source

    Neptune Seed Bank
    Money order or Google wallet

    Oregon Elite Seeds
    Cash money order gift card cc

    Oregon Green Seeds
    Cash or money order

    Ript Genetics
    CC Paypal

    Seeds Here Now
    CC cash or money order

    Seed Vault Of California
    Cash gift cards or money orders

    CC cash or money order

    Southern Oregon Seeds
    Money Order's, Cashier's Check, Certified Check are the current methods of payment
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    maxamus1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your reply, though I must apologize for my lack of effort of research on my end before asking.
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    SanchoOG1 Member

    Have you guys ever paid with cash at Neptunes ?

    bamboofarmer Active Member

    Just putting this out there...
    A few years ago, i ordered various seeds from india. Sandalwood, Frankincense, and Moso bamboo. The seeds were delivered to my house, and about a month later, a USDA agent showed up at my house to confiscate my order. The bamboo was already about two feet tall in my front yard, but apparently the agent didn't know what it was, because he did not destroy the plants. My point is, I would imagine that customs does indeed keep an eye on people who purchase seeds.

    I want to order marijuana seeds, but because of my experience, am too damn paranoid. I figure I'm on some sort of list now. Whatever you do, don't get them sent to the address where you will be growing.
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    growone Well-Known Member

    very interesting post bamboofarmer
    i think it's mostly understood a record is kept of such things, it's government after all
    but apparently some kinds of bamboo are now considered a greater menace than cannabis
    i guess that's progress, for cannabis anyways
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    bamboofarmer Active Member

    I guess that's one way to look at it.
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    Blaze_420 Member

    So, what is this issue with bamboo? I am sorry man, that sucks big time. I find it funny bamboo is being tracked. I am going to try to read up about why that is.

    Many years ago the English forced people living in the colonies here to grow hemp and cannabis for it's fiber and such. I am sure many know that. So we can blame(or thank) Europe for the "scourge" of cannabis in the US. I find it interesting with legalization in now 8 us states they have legalized cannabis use BEFORE hemp. Probably because they know how useful and versitle hemp is and big businesses don't want a better option out there to what they offer. Bleh.

    We'll, glad you made it through that bamboofarmer! They don't cut down poppies but are stopping bamboo...alrighty then. :confused:
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    rshackleferd Well-Known Member

    Stealth is a joke, I never had my beans confiscated when I unchecked that expensive option. My order always arrives in a small inconspicuous envelope inside breeders packs. Stealth option is nothing but a huge red flag, most of the time its some cd or shirt which im sure sets off bells and whistles when it arrives at customs. If you were a customs officer which would look through, a bunch of small envelopes or some package that contains the usual cd or shirt?
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    bamboofarmer Active Member

    I think the main reason is because it is illegal to bring any seeds or plants into the US without proper permission. The funny thing is, all I had to do was tell the agent that i tried to germinate some of the seeds and they were not viable, and he took my word for it. I met him at a hamburger joint and gave him a few of the seeds and said that was all I had left, and he got in his car and went back to wherever he came from.
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    Blaze_420 Member

    Yeah it is interesting. Makes sense I suppose. I don't and never will understand this government we have. They call it the land of the free yet there's thousands of basic things you can be arrested for. Crazy.
    Yeah apparently it's some sort of crazy control thing. Started in new York it seems but maybe started earlier. http://wpdh.com/its-now-illegal-in-the-hudson-valley-to-grow-these-69-plants-in-your-backyard/

    It's interesting what the DEC decides and why they do it. Like I said land of the free my ass. We keep loosing shitloads of rights constantly. It's nuts that any part of nature can be considered illegal. It's good you complied @bamboofarmer but I can't say I'd give in so easy to any of those pricks. I'm sorry ya lost those beans for those plants. Their reasoning is control but eradication isn't control. Why not outlaw belladonna while we are at it? That can kill u if ingested, Or dandelions perhaps as they are used to make wine or just "plague" yards. Nothing in nature should be illegal imo. Many may agree or disagree so have at it.

    Anyway, im glad u still have your plant and you keep growing man! Its nuts what this place decides to ban tomorrow that was fine today. Its just their way of tightening control over us. Keep up the garden man! That was smart meeting them and keeping some and giving them just a few. Fuck them. Apparently old plants were "grandfathered" in so if they we're already growing they can't touch em but now u can't plant them. Maybe that's why they didn't notice your plant outside. Anyway, be good everyone!

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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    Little dust on this thread but thats ok!
    Just wanted to say hi and let the people know there is another way..
    The Jah Earth Collective is one doing things a bit different.. Not only releasing sick monthly menu's packed with exclusives from RM3 (CTF, Fr_sted Flakes) and TheDons (PinkGravy) but also got more than just cannabis seeds, (artwork, garden inserts, exotic fruits, companions coming, etc!)

    Few super solid cats already on board, like RM3, of course, BigWorm, StrayFox, Doc, DonGravy and more.. so stay tuned! Check out their IG and they got sick giveways every couple weeks!

    Free shipping worldwide right now while they launch the site, free shipping for Canadians, they have free priority mail for USA too rn.. Oh and Jah got a dude in Canada and a dude in US so no borders, no mutts!

    They have been shipping out packages to ppl worldwide before they even receive their donation.
    Really spreading the good vibes and fire!!!

    Feel free to email and say hi!
    Test their shipping times with some free stickers or art!
    See you on the up and up,
    Stay blessed,

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    El Stinko

    El Stinko Well-Known Member

    Some bamboos are EXTREMELY invasive and once established nearly impossible to remove.

    Blaze_420 Member

    Yeah I remember reading that some species u can dig like say 20 ft and still it'll regenerate. I can understand disliking something hard to get rid of but just because somethings frustrating doesn't mean it should be eradicated IMO. I read neighbors and people paying to have their yards dug up from running bamboo I think it was and it kept coming back. People IMO are way to uptight these days. But that's my opinion.

    Regardless ima end this here as I'm tired. Happy gardening everyone!
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    El Stinko

    El Stinko Well-Known Member


    The previous owner of my last house put in some bamboo. It looked nice until it started spreading. Good luck digging it out as the roots form a mass that you can't slice a shovel through and then if you leave a chunk of root that will grow. I spot sprayed it repeatedly with the worst weed killers I could find and it still would not die. Runners would pop up 40 feet away from the main clump in all directions and then in like two days a 15 foot tall growth would pop up.
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    I've been in cane breaks that have a deep mat under them that is constantly and slowly shutting down the competing plants and you can't see a snake when you need to.

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