Anyone know what this is. Tops fold up only at night..?


So I’ve posted about this before while I had another issue. I got one issue resolved but I’m still wondering what the cause of this is. During the day, my plants seem in normal health , nothing out of the ordinary. But as the day goes on the tops start to slightly taco and then eventually just fold completely and stick straight up. I still can’t understand what is causing this as all of my environment is on check, input / output levels are in check. The plants are still growing at what I can tell is a regular pace. I have three tents, this one being my budget light tent, but it is happening in all 3 of my grows, where I had never had this happen to me before. I’m afraid of flipping them and my yield being affected so I want to get a grasp on what’s causing it.
I was told it was my vpd being off, corrected that.
then light stress. Not true because room is 76, leaf temp 72 and my lights are ~20 inches from the canopy. Then I was told nute burn, but my input ec is 1.1 and the output was .9-1.2 on most the garden, so regular output levels. Ph been stable never lower than 5.8 and never higher than 6.2.
growing in promix hp no additives.
Sorry for the bad pics, I hate blurples but this tent is my biggest plants at the moment and it’s a better example of the effect. First pic is during the morning hours, last two are from later part in the day. But these are the same day.
please help!!



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I have had some strains do that a couple hours before lights out and they just seem tired. Always come out of it when lights back on.


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My Orkles always do it. Freaked me out the first time or two I ran it, but I don't even worry about it now. They always droop about an hour before lights out. Always praying at lights on. None of my other varieties do it nearly as bad or as consistently, but I don't think its super rare. If there are other signs of a problem then you should take it more seriously.