please help

  1. D

    About to give up

    I began growing my first plant Jan 7 2021. 2 beans sprouted, 1 died a week later (don't know why). The one that sprouted got about 20" tall then all of it's limbs dropped and it began to wilt (first picture is how it looks today). I then purchased some seeds planted 3 with Taproot, only 1...
  2. J

    PLEASE HELP! New grower and im running into problems with one of my plants!

    I'm growing 2 x Royal Queens Green gelato from seed in biobizz all mix. Using an LED light off of amazon that's hanging 3 foot above. I have a small fan circulating air in the tent and I let air out atleast once a day. Both girls are around 3 and a half weeks old and I've had problems with one...
  3. H

    Anyone know what this is. Tops fold up only at night..?

    So I’ve posted about this before while I had another issue. I got one issue resolved but I’m still wondering what the cause of this is. During the day, my plants seem in normal health , nothing out of the ordinary. But as the day goes on the tops start to slightly taco and then eventually just...
  4. Campbelljay2

    5 day old seedling under a 150 watt LED.

    Honestly I'm just wondering if I looks like it's growing at the right pace. It's a purple hindu kush seed.
  5. O

    Autoflower Problems. Help!

    Hello, maybe somebody can help me and knows what could be going wrong with my 2week old bluematic autoflower plant. The most similar problem to this one I could find was potassium deficiency , but I'm not so sure. The soil its growing in is just ordinary soil for plants bought in near gardening...
  6. WeedIsNotLifeJustSmoke

    Help! Why is my feminized seed making buds.. 18 /6 light cycle

    So i was casually starting a new collection had one of my lights lose alot of its leds so i removed it. And then added replaced light with same model light. I noticed i was getting white pistils, so i cut them all off hoping for a different growth and then i noticed my leaves changing texture...
  7. T

    Light interruption please HELP!!

    My light in normally on my flowering plant from 10 am till 10pm but I accidentally left it on from 10 am till 3 am (15hrs) am I fucked? I’m planning on putting it back on at 10 am and pretending nothing happened or would you recommend I put it in darkness for 24hra? strain unknown
  8. T

    Is it normal that my buds have RED pistols in week 2/3 of flower?

    I’m not sure if you can see it very well in the picture there but I have some red pistols on my bud that I was sceptical about just wondering if it was norma?Also while I’m here is it normal for the leafs to be twisted like that too?? Cheersin advance
  9. W

    Wrinkled leaves on some parts of one plant?

    Not my first grow, but first time this has happened to me. I’m sure it’s some sort of deficiency problem, I just don’t know what. The leaves aren’t really “taco-ing” but they are super wrinkled and only on some leaves? There’s also I think some nutriant burn? I don’t know I just couldn’t find...
  10. F

    Stigmas turning red in preflower??

    Hello all, I am a first time grower theses are my first plants. I have an autoflower growing now at about 4 weeks. I purchased the seeds online from “growers choice seeds” everything’s been going great until about 3 days ago I notice the stigmas on the very lowest site turning red/brown and...
  11. Fibromyoucha

    Winter problems please help!

    My landlord decided to replace a perfectly good furnace today.. Now. I have no heat my plants are asleep.. Its now. 59 degrees in my house.. Its 9 pm they dont wake up till. 3 am . Should i pop open the door i have a infared heater i could through in there.. Will the infared interupt...
  12. M

    PLEASE HELP,IM IN A BATTLE for my plants life...

    What's up everyone,can someone please lead in the right direction, I'm getting terrible spots on some of plants... I'm in coco,and my ph meter for soil is reading 6.7 to 7.0 and I thought it might be a lack of something ,or maybe excess, or maybe light burn ,I'm running a mars hydro ts-2000,and...
  13. P

    PLEASE HELP ME!! I took a UA

    I took a UA and as I was in the bathroom the clips to the belt I was using came undone so a good amount of fake piss just ran down my leg but i still had enoughto fill about 95% of the amount needed but the othere 5% I used my piss.... oh and its going to a fucking lab... :/ will the fake piss...
  14. I

    Not sure what it is but I think it’s nute Burn

    hey guys I’m having some trouble with my grow I’m not sure what it is but I think it’s nutrient burn but I’m not sure what’s it’s getting to much of or too little or how to fix it. It’s under 2 100w full spectrum led lights in dwc and I’m using canna aqua Vega for nutes and the foam like thing...
  15. BMJ

    Can I save this plant?

    I was wondering if there was any way to save my plant. I think I may have put it outside too soon. It still had its cotyledons and only two leaves. I think ants may have eaten the leaves because when I checked on it the next day they were gone. Now the new leaves are badly misshapen and...
  16. Abacus420

    Any ideas?????

    So this white widow is about 6 1/2 weeks into flower and around a week ago I noticed it was turning yellow and had copper spots on it.. I PH my water to 6 and feed once a week in a peat based soiless soil. Is this just showing its "fall color's" or something else completely?
  17. GoldNugget23

    Candy cane Auto flowering question from a noob!

    Hi. I’m very new to growing. I started some candy cane seeds from crop king seeds and it’s been 40 days since seed. I was wondering what you guys think of the growth. Being a noob I didn’t know that I wasn’t supposed to transplant AF to bigger pots. As it stunts the growth. Little white pistils...
  18. WeedBae

    First Grow: What's wrong with the plant in the pink pot ?

    These plants are a little over a week old (Day Eight). They were germinated indoors and placed outdoors (on a patio) receiving its light source from the sun. *The plant in the purple pot looks heathy compared to the plant in the pink pot, does anyone know what happened to the plant in the pink...
  19. GimmieThe Loot

    How many?

    how many led watts would be adequate for a 20plant Auto flower grow? Im using viparspectra leds by the way...
  20. Kevinpi

    strange automatic AK ...SHE'S GONE CRAZY!!!!!

    hey so I'm 2 and halve weeks from when these girls broke soil and the growth has been crazy I'm running a light scedule or 18 To 6 and just started using fox farm nuits growing in fox farm ocean soil and using a mars hydro 600 in my 2 x 2 x 5 tent now my question is this normal, the very bushy...