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    They are 52V boards. At 1400 mA they are only going to be using a little over 71W each. If you want more power, you need a driver with a higher current rating. The 1750 mA driver will get you about 95W per board.

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    So you believe LED light-burn is a myth?
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    Quantum board running at half power will never burn you plants at 16in I promise you that
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    Light bleaching and burning are two different things. Grower talent will teach you what when and where to put the lights and how much power to put into them. Everyone grows differently and there grow spaces are diffrent, hell the genetics being run is diffrent. There is a lot more that goes into great grows you see on here than turning on a light and a clip on fan.

    Grow results are only going to be as good as your weakest link in the grow room, and you know what they are.
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    The QB 304 sure as hell does put out enough to burn them! depends how hard you drive them. I have a single 304 on an HLG185H-C1050b and I guarantee you won't get it closer than 16" max

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    who said anything about 1/2 power? at 50 watts, your right. at 85 watts no, at 100+ watts good luck getting closer than 18" and yes, even at 50 watts you can burn a plant if you get too close. And giving your plants more nutes doesn't do shit to prevent it.

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    no one ever said anything about 1/2 power, and even then, what do you consider 1/2 power? Which board? 1/2 power on a QB120 would be about 30 watts so no, you could get pretty close. A QB 304 at 75 watts? Not going to happen.

    So how long you been using QB lights? I've been using them since they were first released. I think I have enough
    grows with them to know what I'm talking about.

    And this argument could go on endlessly. Put your proof where your mouth is. Drop a QB 304 or 288 light running at 75 watts to what ever height you like. Show me because I think your full of shit.


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    Thank you

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    My cheap Chinese driver ( here's a lesson for everyone... ) bit the dust this morning. it was severely over heating and then started acting like a strobe light lol. Having nothing else, I decided that running the boards in series on an HLG80H-54 to see if it would work. Being a cv driver, I figured it would be fine. I hooked them up and YES! working just fine. I adjusted the wattage to 85 watts, plenty for this little cab. Just for giggles, I turn it all the way up and hit 118 watts! I think I'll just get another of these for my QB 288.

    Now, I'm probably also doing a no no... I have a 4000k and a 3000k in series on the same driver. Seems to be working just fine. I have a lux meter and I'm getting 24000 lux at the top of the plant. I put a piece of black tape in the center of the board and got readings of 37.4 C on both boards.

    Two QB120 in a small cab. Yes at LOW power they can be run close to the plants. Mine are running at 42.5 watts each. The plant is withing 9" of the light. So yes, with the qualification that wasn't included in the original comment... they can be run close at low power. another 20 watts in there and that plant would be in trouble.

    Breeding Cab with QB 120.jpg Watts on QB120.jpg
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    @robincnn when are the slate 6 quad heatsinks going to be in stock ?
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    Haha no need to try an go off topic we we're talking about the 305 you said you run at 800ma that's about half power...I have an s5 bin from the first run I probably started using them before you that's why I know your wrong. They CAN run at 12-16 in without burn or bleaching I know that for a fact.

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    Im running them at 18" now and so far so good. Im running 520w driven at 1050ma non dimmed over a 4x4 with 72F room temps.

    I probably wont move them closer. Maybe to 16" but thats once I reposition the light cause moving closer definitely affected the spread.
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    Holiday Time sucks .........

    Had to drop down a couple tents for arriving company in the next week for turkey time ... So the Bat Wing Quantum AND the 4 panel / COB RIGS had to be removed from prying eyes.

    image.jpg image.jpg

    Crumbcrunchers , old people and a dog are not what my quantums need so I have to make " ROOM " for them. I am left with the infinity room ( Mylar ) so far my plants - 4 of the flowering plants - Auto Blue Dream / Godfather OG are loving the QB 288 rig.

    The 3000k is pulling the weight ..... No problemo

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    I have another OG in veg mode still that will have to bring in that will have to get some fringe lighting but am curious how well it may do without getting full quantum.

    Damn you turkey day !

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    The other point is cal/mag and other nutrient issues come to fruition more with the increased LED light intensity. Especially with QB's, strips and COBS which throw more photons at multi-dimensions at the plants. Have found added cal/mag often needed.

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    Because I have to run RO water, I add 120-150 ppms of cal/mag to every gallon of water I make. The QBs are the first LED I've used that caused me to up it beyond 120 ppms. And also, because I run organic, I incorporate epsom salts and Dolomite lime.


    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

    Only running 1.35EC around Day 30 on my RDWC and so far no light stress
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    Those are some great pics!

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    Bet that chinese driver didnt like running them in series but i bet the meanwell does it for ten years+, ive mixed spectrum bin batches boards, broke all the rules still have not broke a board or driver, i ran a 304 on a hlg-185 1400a turned up to 200 watts for whole grow, plants loved it board got to 95 degrees with slate 2 with active cooling no thermal failure probably not the most efficable. Im also running two qb120s at 75 watts each on a heatsink just to torcher test them and one little plant tried to touch the sun and got burned, keep on pioneering popp

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