DIY with Quantum Boards

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    pop22 Well-Known Member

    I figured with a heatsink, 75 watts was doable lol. The chinese driver was a 24volt, 5 amp, was running in parallel I think the driver had thermal runaway lol! Ohh well, it got my by a couple weeks...

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    619kt619 Well-Known Member

    Constant Voltage is the way to go. It is more expensive, but it is awesome to use with parallel wiring.
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    Philip-O Well-Known Member

    Why favor parallel wiring if it leads to more expensive drivers (for constant voltage, as per your post?).
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    nfhiggs Well-Known Member

    Its not more expensive. CV drivers tend to be less expensive. Not sure why OP says its more expensive.
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    pop22 Well-Known Member

    No, its favoring a good driver over a piece of'm glad mine failed with me present. I opened the case and shit was melting inside! I had only planed to use it a month till I had money for a better ( Meanwell ) driver.............. it didn't cooperate.......

    I'll take higher price for greater reliability. It just annoys me there's no middle ground on drivers, that and the fact that middlemen control pricing, there is no such thing as a sale price etc. Use findchips, you'll notice the price are exactly the same for several resellers, and maybe a dollar or two on others. That's price fixing. This industry gets away with it because there is no competition or regulation.

    The computer business was the same way at one time. Just TWO middlemen controlled all the parts channels, until companies like Newegg came along. I ran a computer shop and trying to get prices on parts to be competitive was difficult. This industry doesn't give a damn about the DIY community, we are a drop in the bucket to them. I salute the people behind Cobkits and HLG for finding a way to do business in such a hostile market!


    Philip-O Well-Known Member

    So, what about those using HLG Meanwells? Why would one choose parrallel over series wiring?

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    pop22 Well-Known Member

    Why would one choose series over parallel? Both have pros and cons, and one is no better than the other IMO. I use parallel wiring to keep line voltage down, but that's merely my preference. I also have lights wired in series. And for all the talk of thermal runaway, I've yet to see anyone having that issue. Its been said the disparity in voltage across cobs/boards in minimal and unlikely to cause an issue. Also, after seeing LED gardener fail to fry a board, and my experience of a wiring connection failure, leading to have 2800ma run through a single QB304 without ruining it, I'm confident in my lights reliability! Parallel wiring keeps things simple, and KISS is my guiding philosophy lol!


    InTheValley Well-Known Member

    yeah, its definitely not more expensive. I run strips, got a cheap driver for $16 12V CV adjustable, 360watts. Till i can find deal on Meanwell. ( only need 300 ( 15watts x 20pc ) but then, i only run them at 210ish watts total. Just now, i scored a Meanwell HLG-320-15B for $30 new, included shipping. Mouser has them for $95=shipping

    total score for me,
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    619kt619 Well-Known Member

    Sorry guys for the misinformation. I have not purchased constant voltage drivers and was under the assumption that they cost more. but constant voltage is good for parallel wiring to combat things like thermal runaway and other "cautions" that may arise from wiring schematics

    nfhiggs Well-Known Member

    Yup - Constant Voltage = Parallel, Constant Current = Series.

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    A little Quantum porn ....

    Blue Glue ( blue dream X GG4 ) crossed a humboldt auto with that GSG pollen ( FEMMY ) - didn't give me many beans but at least I can try to save this mix.

    nug ( grenade ) - cut this a couple months back - 100% perlite 1 gallon Hempy.

    QB 288 rig :
    DYNAGRO Nutes
    1 gallon grow - 99¢ store sand bucket .... Lol
    4 week veg , LST , 1 topping
    12/12 DYNAGRO bloom and HYDROPLEX during water only
    6.0 ph ...

    It threw a little dark leaves but was a pistil heavy bitch. Got 2 1/2ish jars ... Not bad for personal use and stupid kids bucket.

    Smell - woody / sweet
    Not gonna make e juice got some RAW papers just screaming for it.
    But if I could deep fry it .... I would eat it.



    pop22 Well-Known Member

    Fine looking bud!

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    Discreetdigrowman Well-Known Member

    Thats why i love the hbg series by meanwell they have dual mode constant current and constant voltage, great for various led arrays in series or parallel
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    Dave455 Well-Known Member

    Any word on next QB 120 stocking ? Thought some coming in this week..?
    Black Thumb

    Black Thumb Well-Known Member

    Order just came in... YOU GUYS FUCKING ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You guys are great to begin with your customer service is wonderful and to top it off opening that box and seeing that extra stuff just made my day!!

    I am thankful for you guys @hlglighting
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    Humple Well-Known Member

    Holy fucking shit. 130 boards? Are you trying to put the sun out of business or something?
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    Black Thumb

    Black Thumb Well-Known Member

    Lol. Nah that was a typo I edited it but it’s close.

    For example 9 board to light up a 3x3
    And I’m might use 12 per 3x3.
    I’m packing them tight like a cob user might do.

    So a 6x6 space for me might have 36-48 boards. I like to run soft and the spread

    SensiPuff Well-Known Member

    2700k or 3000k for flower only tent?? Need help before ordering. It's my understanding 3000k qb is equal to 3500k cob cxb3590.
    Does 2700k qb have sufficient blue?
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    Sickomindo Active Member

    I dont know im in my first best run with these QB and Cob setup I got/made. My QB is 3000k 260w+ 300w 3500k Cobs.

    Got 2-3 more weeks to go.

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    Black Thumb

    Black Thumb Well-Known Member

    They look good and dense :)
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