Nut deficiency or russet mite Damage - Forum stomper & banana daddy

So a few weeks back I noticed what appeared to be tiny worm larva looking insects/mites on my girls. Originally the damage looked like spider mites and on one of the girls in the last harvest I found a small amount of web on a lower bud.

This is my first time dealing with mites and insects, so I went down the rabbit hole. I ordered - purecrop1 for the girls in flower and a sulfer powder for the girls in veg.

I’ve also been misting the girls directly outside hoping to knock some off.

question I have for this chat is, are these showing signs of deficiencies or damage and age setting in? They are due for harvest in 2-5 weeks.

5x10 space - well ventilated and circulated. 2x450w lights. Humidity averaging 60%. Feeding jacks 321 and recharge.


Shit- I think I might have a lock out then. They were fed, two days ago and ones with yellowing upper fan leaves have progressively gotten worse over the past day